BE Civil War: UFC 142 Results



Poor Terry Etim. He came to Brazil as a chic underdog pick and British LW on the rise. He left with a nasty case of rigor mortis and New Meme-itis. I've seen some people suggest that because he isn't as hated as Bisping, the images of him returning to his childhood to sing "I'm a little teapot..." in the middle of a cagefight will not receive the photoshop treatment. These people are clueless. That pose and subsequent fall were too hilarious not to be mocked for eternity. As are zakkree and krcampbell's (sorry cap'n) performances in the first 2 events. Jeez guys- you're supposed to at least look like you know what you're doing! Oh- and Horselover Fat- don't think I didn't notice that little (_very_ little) score you managed to put up- how Ulf Murphy-esque of you!

In terms of those who did well, Hardysinyourface took home his first event win of the season and 10th best score on the overall site (his second career top 10 site finish). SteeveevaD had his best PG finish and dribblebib (R) had an excellent second ever showing.

OK- I don't want to keep you guys waiting for results any longer, so I'll just post the tables of that strange, Danish NCAA and NFL football fan statistician/INEPT captain wonderfulspam. Next up is UFC on F/X 1, which makes 142 look easier than getting a writing gig at HKL.

Note: I'm not as tech saavy as spam, and SBNation still has issues with pasting text from other sources and having it format correctly in it's fanposts, so I'm manually copying the results from spam's sources to here. As a result, I don't have time to do all the tables, but I'll post a link to a webpage with the all stats at the end of the post.

UFC 142 Team Results:

1) The Voices in Paul Harris' Head

POW- 64

alicks- 61

JDH- 54

skeebop- 54

manch1ld- 50

KGNLuc- 50

fightinghistorian- 47

pookie_gnome- 44

Sam Cupitt- 40

krcampbell- 38


szanpan- 27


Event Score: 502


2) Filipino Recc'ing Machines

pistonhyundai- 67

Some_Guy - 52

HurricaneHeron- 44

sday420- 54

Fedorable- 40

mlzybaby- 52

LYHL- 51

DreamingOfFighting- 40

nitecastle- 50

sMendo7- 45


marc1055- 35


Event Score: 495

3) Brock Lesnar's Cruelty Free Pest Control

dribblebib- 73

Snatchl_BE- 61

slimdigg- 60

gugabe- 57

Jeffigatame- 49

dgonz- 44

StevenGiles- 36

doctorjekyll- 34

zakkree- 33

nickagisawesome- 33


cmons- 30


Event Score- 480

4) Trainyard Sleepers (aka: Worst Team Name EVER)

hardysinyourface- 79

SteveevaD- 75

KatGirl - 60

IRodC- 52

bodytriangle- 51

duck- 45

diazhomiez- 42

PelvicThrust- 33

inadvertentgroinstrike- 24

theworldismine27- 16


RolloTomasi- 7


Event Score- 477


Unabomberman- 60

chicubs23- 57

tokitok- 52

kingofthedogs- 48

wonderfulspam- 44

PDG27- 44

LukeNelson- 43

MrMazz- 42

FightingFighting- 36

Fullcircle- 34


afrotikiman- 28


Event Score- 460

6) Ned Stark's Bastards

Tats- 61

kyfm621- 58

Jeremy_Couturier- 52

memitim - 46

ludakrish- 44

brutalbobbyt- 42

lanky6- 38

IvanIllich- 37

Bookhouse- 34


pridedaze09- 27


Event Score- 447

7) Cecil People's Champs

SethSmiley- 58

StiffJab- 57

Montefisto- 51

Andy_Davis- 48

19miles- 46

OurBovinePublic- 45

luvthehwks- 41

Imaginary_Enemy- 40

jason18- 33

Noahwob- 23


ViolentNewt- 21


Event Score- 442

8) Luke Thomas' Beard (aka 2nd worst name ever)

SSReporters- 67

crazybones- 62

inthepipes- 51

IKilled007- 44

MicahTheCynic- 44

zombie_hobbes- 35

bonesthebaptist- 34

Joben- 34

EmptyThoughts- 33

TomFlynn- 28


Subbevil- 0


Event Total- 432

9)Bus Feeders

LBO- 61

chris81203- 54

TitanFan2K - 49

benten20 - 49

TCEngel- 46

gspmademegay- 45

av1o3- 37

milk217- 30

Horselover_Fat- 26

bcpjkell- 25


Brock_Lesnar- 17


Event Score- 422

Last) Ruining Your Special Night (and by "Your," they really mean "Our")

KJ_ZametovStPierre- 48

Earl Montague- 46

halitosis- 46

AboveThisFire- 44

RobertCowan- 44

sunyue- 43

Farthammer- 42

trice- 38

Rutager- 37

mountaineers101- 27


DirtyML- 21


Event Score- 415

Overall Team Scores After 2 Events:

Overall team scores

1) INEPT 1163
2) The Voices In Rousimar Palhares' Head 1150
3) The Filipino Reccing Machines 1130
4) Cecil People's Champs 1106
5) Bus Feeders 1082
6) Ned Stark's Bastards 1078
7) Trainyard Sleepers 1059
8) Brock Lesnar's Cruelty-Free Pest Control 1045
9) Luke Thomas' Beard 1012
10) Ruining Your Special Night 986

Check out the rest of wonderfulspam's work here:

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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