UFC 142 In Review

Between the missed weight and the crazy finishes, there was plenty to enjoy about UFC 142. The card may have seen the birth of a few new contenders and certainly helped to re-establish some names that might have been fading in the eyes of the fans. Check out the stand out thoughts of the night after the break.

I was happy to see Mike Pyle get a win, and in the form of a finish as well, as opposed to a decision. I'm simply a fan of the guy. He's 36, arguably past his prime and doesn't seem capable of putting more than a few wins together at a time, but he brings it. I always like to see guys like that put as many wins together as they can.

Ricardo Funch won UFC 142s 'Brazilian who lost to a foreign fighter' award. I am told previous winner Luiz Cane presented him the award in person.

Yuri Alcantara has got some potential. He's on a 13 fight win streak with a 27-3 overall record and just put a beating on a guy solidly ranked in the top 25. I'm very glad to see young, talented, up and coming featherweights in the UFC...the division is one of the most fractured across the various MMA promotions and I'm glad new blood like Alcantara, Jimy Hettes, and Chan Sung Jung are all surging under the same umbrella.

I was very happy to see Gabriel Gonzaga come to his senses and realize that he'd have a lot more success and take a lot less punishment if he focused on getting fights to the ground and using his BJJ instead of standing with everyone.

I loved getting 4 fights on the FX broadcast instead of just 2 like we got on Spike. I don't care what anyone says, watching fights on a television is just more interesting and engaging than watching them on a computer screen. It was like we got a miniature fight night preceding the Pay Per View, I hope this trend continues for all PPV cards.

Speaking of the PPV, this card will have a horrible buyrate...they should be happy with anything over 200K. Even people I knew who were addicted to MMA and bought virtually every card skipped this card. I think it's a bit of a vicious cycle and a 'chicken or the egg' scenario where overseas cards are covered less, promoted less, get bought less, and get fewer huge matchups with everything feeding into the others.

Edson Barboza is awesome. To be more specific, his Wheel Kick KO of Terry Etim was awesome. There is something satisfying about seeing British fighters lose, and even more satisfying when they are brutally KO'd. Barboza has a very cool name(Argh!) and has won a total of 300K in bonuses in his last 3 UFC fights. Good for him.

Silva's seem to have a knack in this sport for losing via DQ...but I expect Erick's will be overturned to a no-contest.

I believe that Rousimar Palhares, a focused non-brain farting Rousimar Palhares, could heel-hook and kneebar his way right to the UFC Middleweight Championship. He is such a specialist that I could see him doing it to anybody...including Chael Sonnen and even Anderson Silva. The hardest thing will be winning enough fights to get there.

After being Blue-Balled by Jose Aldo in his first two UFC fights, it was nice to see him return to his vicious form. This guy is simply impressive. With 5 title defenses between the WEC and the UFC and a 21-1 record with a 14 fight winning streak...this guy is becoming Anderson Silva-like in his reign of dominance and he is only 25.

All in all a very solid night of fights and a great way to kick off 5 straight weeks/weekends of UFC cards.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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