Second BJJ lesson

Thanks to everyone for your comments, advice and encouragement with my last post on my first lesson, which can be found here:

Second lesson after the jump.

Tonight's training was at a different location to my first lesson. This area had much less mat space and was run by one of the club's purple belts but with only about 12 people attending it wasn't too squashed. We started again with a basic warm-up including this time, to my horror...front rolls. I mean, really?! I haven't willingly gone head over heels since I was 6. So that was interesting.

What I learned.

We started drilling standing up from an opponent's guard. The method we were shown was to get one foot flat down by their side and sort of roll up from the toes of the other foot. I found this pretty difficult - I don't think my posture was great because I was pushing down on the guy below me to stand which I was told is a very bad idea, balance-wise. We added to this a move whereby we'd capture the arm of the guy who had us in guard, stand and lift him off the ground with their arm tucked under an elbow. Once I felt vaguely competant with this we also included a few ways to scrape the guy's legs out from around us while standing.

I found this knackering. I'd never trained with a gi before so I wasn't used to using any grips like that. I also didn't realise how strenuous and difficult it is to keep someone in your guard! I found it easier to creep my hips a little higher on someone to start with when I wanted to hold them in guard. I also realised that a lingering injury from Catch Wrestling to my toe (very David Haye, I know) made the standing motion really painful for me even when my legs weren't gassed - I'll soon toughen up, I hope. I know my feet are getting torn to shreds on the mats at the minute.

We were then split into 3 groups and groups 1, 2 and 3 would be called out alternatively - when your number was called you'd lie on the mat and take people in turn into your guard. If you were the guy on his back your objective was to keep them in guard, if you were kneeling in your opponent's guard you just had to stand. I sucked at this - the guy in guard was free to use any subs and not knowing any gi subs I got choked out almost immediately by someone crossing my collars around my throat. I also kept getting tripped down easily from the stacked position but after a while I figured out how to kind of balance my weight on them a bit. I also learned that sub-consciously going easy on a girl in training can almost get you choked - lesson learned, full equality next time I see you on the mat!

On to rolling. I don't think I got a single sub this time but again managed to roll constantly for a good 15 minutes before my arms stopped working. I surprised the first guy I rolled with (and myself!) by throwing up an arm-bar but I didn't have the experience or skill to finish the sub, even with a gi. I took a few guy's backs and tried a few things but I spent the most of my time on the mat under a crushing side control or half-guard. I was happy that I got a few reversals and the escape from side control I'd been taught (post forearms under opponent's neck and on the line of their groin, buck upwards) worked for me under pressure and I'd remembered it. One advantage to training 2 days in a row when you're starting out, I guess.

There's another session tomorrow night I'm going to go to as much to check out the club's third location as much as anything else and then rest, rest my weary bones. The guy running this lesson was kind enough to lend me a gi to roll with until I buy one as well so feast your eyes on the next Abu Dhabi absolute champion:



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