Things I know (And you should too!)

Back again maddafuckaass for another exclusive look into my thoughts translated into the written word for all my BE compadres. Love it or hate it, I win either way because I'll get reccd or bombarded with hilariously entertaining gifs/memes. But I digress, awesomeness to follow after the jump...

Regardless of how delicately I put this someone will inevitably label me sexist so I'm just going to come out and say it. I don't particularly give a damn about women beating each others heads in. Of course, they have every right to do so but for me personally there is no way I would ever pay for a PPV of exclusively female fighters. What makes the newest steroid issue interesting is that Cyborg was the only "lady" that gave me mild entertainment in her fights. Specifically that she fights like a man. Oh well, now that shes been outed it really looks like a dim future for WMMA with Carano out of the spotlight. I really cannot see and entire division of women fighters to go hand in hand with the UFC, but it would appear that having an odd WMMA title fight here and there would go along with Strikeforce's slowly dying carcass of a league. But seriously. Its like the WNBA up in here, nobody get there hopes up that WMMA is going anywhere anytime soon.

Hendo as the GOAT?

First off, Dan Henderson is a god. Albeit one fueled by TRT and secret united states H Bomb funding leftover from World War II, but never the less he has been on an absolute tear lately. And thats when i realized. He is in the perfect position to solidify himself as the Greatest Of All Time. In general, that discussion mainly comprises of 3 names: Fedor, Anderson Silva, and GSP. Now, Hendo can't exactly drop to WW to give Georges a run for his money, however he does have a shot at fighting Anderson again. So lets see here. If he does indeed get a shot at the LHW title, and if he does manage to take out Jones with the overhand right of doom I think his list of accomplishments at that weight class would be unparalleled. Now, imagine he then defended against Rashad, and dropped to 185 to fight Anderson. Say he wins. That would mean he has beaten the consensus top 2 P4P fighters of all time in addition to his already impressive list of accolades at MW, LHW, and HW in his career. GOAT status? I think so. Again, an incredibly tricky list of opponents, however it is worth mentioning because I can't say I have ever heard anyone put Hendo's name up for the greatest fighter of all time. Not to mention the fashion he always wins in is far from a GSP decision victory, but rather a glorious ode to the destruction of men's consciousness through the hammer of Thor hidden in his right hand.

Nick Diaz will win AND defend the WW belt

Going into his upcoming title fight against Condit I would give Diaz the slight edge. He is just a little bit better in pretty much every aspect of this fight, and should be able to secure a tko victory in the championship rounds as well as FOTY. But what about GSP you might ask? I've said it once and I'll say it again, Diaz has the tools to beat the current champion. Point is, GSP will be coming off almost a year long time on the sidelines, and without a tune up fight hes going to get stomped on by Stockton's finest. I will be accepting sig bets.

Jon Jones

Something that's been bugging me for awhile is people's inability to put their finger on why we don't seem to care that much for the current champ. And then I realized what it was. To put it simply, he's never been in a war. Every fight he has been in he's absolutely clowned his opponents. As fans of violence, this irks us to no end. We want to get behind a fighter who pulls off stunning upset victories, who battles in the trenches and can grasp victory from the jaws of defeat. The fighters we love, like Shogun and Rampage, have all been in wars of attrition and have shown what they're truly made of. It's not really Jone's fault he hasn't been pushed to that level yet. But it's irritating to see an overconfident, occasionally arrogant young fighter to come into the sport and thrash our favorite fighters without "paying his dues" so to speak. He makes it look so easy, coupled with the attitude that it is indeed just that easy, and this is frustrating to no end. (please, please knock him out Hendo, he needs a reality check)

Yea. basically all I've got right meow, and a majority of that was the alcohol talking. Still, hope ya'll enjoy or that it at least sparks some lively debates. Peace!

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