My hour with Ace






Earlier today, I had the opportunity to meet a fighter that I've always enjoyed watching, 

but never considered one of my favorites.  I am an avid fan of all things MMA, but don't

take anything too personally. By this I mean, I enjoy watching most any fight where the

participants stay active.  Win or lose, Rich Franklin always fits that description.


I'd heard he was one of the nicest guys around, but I never would have guessed how cool

and laid back he really is.  I entered a contest sponsored by Boost a couple months ago 

(a fanshot was posted about it on this very website and promptly skewered in the comment

section). Surprisingly I won, and today Rich came into the pawn shop where I work. I was 

comfortable right away, and asked him immediately if the Tito fight was indeed going to 

happen. With all the Diaz drama going on, I had missed the news about his shoulder injury.


He was very open to all my questions. I asked about Gustafsson, dropping to middleweight,

his fights with AS, and if he wanted to rematch Dangerous Dan.  He spent about an hour with

us today, talking with my co-workers and messing with some of the customers. They made me

film a really cheesy bit about how people listened to me now thanks to Rich and Boost mobile,

but I really committed to it and it was pretty funny.


What's my point, you may ask. Rich Franklin is a pretty kick ass guy. I'm not star struck,

by any means, but it was great to see someone who has achieved quite a bit of success, being

a regular guy who took time out to spend with some fans, and seemed really genuine.


please forgive any errors. I stumbled through my first attempt at writing anything, and I doubt I

even inserted the picture correctly 

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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