Dana's Ego Brings Us Fight of the Decade! (Tyson Will Eat Your Children)

Ok, seriously, what the fuckWe all know how excited I am for Diaz/Gsp in October. Excited as fuck. Oh you didn't know? Because I am. 

Or should I say was?

All I feel now is a gaping black hole of infinite sadness; A festering, sucking chest wound where GSP/Diaz used to be, which can now only be filled with one thing.




I have to admit, I am extra pissed mainly because I scrambled to purchase tickets Wedensday morning only to find out hours later that all my drama was for naught: Dana was pulling Diaz from the card because he did not attend 2 press events. I'll say that again: Dana pulled Nick because he didn't show up to talk to the press.

And as a paying customer, putting several G's down to make a sojourn from the frozen tundra into the unholy inferno of the Nevada Desert, I give not a SINGLE fuck that Diaz didn't show for his dates. I was still just as stoked (like a 12 yr old girl going to a fucking Bieber show, is how excited I was. No actually, a 12 yr old girl about to lose her V Card to said Beiber. That's how excited I was) to attend this damn event, and I'm sure I'm not the only chump who bought tickets feeling this way. More on this later.

I'm also taken aback a little at all the people saying this is "such a bad thing" and it's "bad for business" and blah blah bliggity blah blah. Am I the only person who remembers things like this happening at Pressers:


This happened.


Dana told Nick he had to play the Game. Nick didn't, so Dana decides he has to whip his dick out to have a measuring contest with Nick Diaz, Earth's foremost expert in Human Logic and Reasoning.

I remember a time, way back when, many moons ago... When this here fight game was about the fighters, not the organization putting up money for the fights. A guy like Don King would find people to put up millions of dollars in order to entice 2 men to come forward and beat the crap out of each other for said millions. God forbid if anyone did anything to offend Ali, or Tyson, or even Vitali these days. By no means am I comparing Nick Diaz's accomplishments to that of these men, but I feel that the UFC should be more worried about what Nick Diaz thinks than the other way around. Which brings me to my next point, what is it that makes Diaz so popular and successful in the cage?


The good old days?


I went into this in more detail previously, so I'll be brief here. Nick Diaz plain and simply does not give a fuck. It is this exact personality trait that allows him to laugh in the face of Paul Daley and drop his hands, stick out his chin and say "WHAT BITCH" to Daley's vaunted KO DeathStrikes. It's why we love him, it's why he became such a hot commodity and Dana was so horny to scoop him up. However, as many of us who are also afflicted can attest, Notgiveafuckness can bleed into other areas of your life and not carry such positive results. Nick is unapologetic, and while my initial reaction was "Fuck man seriously? Why can't you just PLAY THE GAaaaaaaMEmmmmmmAAAAAH!" the more I watch his awkward, mumbling fuck-laden video response to all this, one thing became abundantly clear: He still doesn't give a fuck. And I can't help but laugh to myself and say that over and over again.

I gotta say after all the times I have defended Dana over and over again over the years I have never been more disappointed in a human being that I have never met (I'm sure that would chill him to the bone if he knew). I find that he is making himself too much a part of the equation here, as the only person who feels disrespected by this and would have a right to is GSP, and only GSP. He did take time off his training to do the dirt and Nick did not, so I will give the villifiers (word? Meh.) that much. The last time I checked it wasn't Dana stepping into the cage to fight, though I kind of feel he is acting like it in this case. He sees himself too much as the BOSS and the Fighters as his employees. I know this is not news by any means, but this is the first time I have been personally affected by it and god damn it IT SUCKS DONKEY BALLS. 

Any time a prominent Fighter gets out of line in the media or otherwise, Dana has his stock response ready to go: "Look, these guys are fuckin' FIGHTERS okay? FIGHTERS act a certain way, like saying crazy things or killing fetus' with their monster trucks and stuff. Fuckin' FIGHTERS BRO. You want to be a fuckin' one? A fuckin' Fighter, I mean?"

Embezzlement and Vehicular Infanticide Good. Missing Media Pressers Bad. Nick no Understand.


I really strongly feel that Dana felt personally dissed by Nick and that is the only reason we now find ourselves in this current stank ass boat. Because you know what? I paid Nick's salary for that night. Me along with every other person who bought tickets for GSP vs DIAZ. Our money, along with all the people who will buy the PPV that night, pay the fighters salaries. Dana is not daddy handing out allowances, he is the middle man that makes sure fighters get the money we are paying to see them do what they do. 

And all of US want to see DIAZ vs GSP, and we don't give a rat's ass if he shows for Pressers or not. We still want to see him show up come the 29th and whup that ass, Stockton Style.

Tell me I'm wrong.

EDIT: Diaz is now fighting BJ Penn. I am now completely ok with all of this, please disregard this entire post, especially you Dana. I apologize for the things I said, come back to me baby.

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