Let's Make Clay Guida vs. Ben Henderson a Locks of Love Match!!!


Alright, Bloody Elbow, I've seen multiple people throw out the idea that the match between Clay Guida and Ben Henderson at UFC on Fox 1 should be a "locks of love" match, and it's time to rally the troops and make this happen.  What does this mean?  The loser would cut their hair, and donate it to the Locks of Love organization.  It's like an old school barber shop pro wrestling match, but with more benefit than just watching someone get their head shaved.

There's multiple benefits to making this official.  Let me break it down real quick:

  • Good PR for the UFC going into their debut on Fox.  Mainstream media scared of cage fighting?  This co-main event has a charity stipulation added on to it, and both fighters are charismatic and media friendly.  This would be a big win, I think.
  • A great way to plug to the new audience.  New viewers will most certainly be clueless to the existence of, and all of it's features.  How can the UFC easily translate these new eyeballs into traffic and revenue?  Tell us that we can watch the inevitable hair cut on after the show.  
  • Bring more attention to a good cause.  

These points are magnified significantly if the undercard gets shown on FX.  That's still up in the air as the plans for the undercard have yet to be officially announced.

So, how can we ask these fighters, and the UFC to do this?  It's quite simple.  Twitter!  Dana White is open about how he loves Twitter, and how the UFC listens to the fans.  The fighters, their managers, and the company itself are all on twitter, and it's a great, quick way to catch their attention.  Here are the people we need to tweet:

Dana White: @danawhite
Clay Guida:  @clayguida
Ben Henderson: @SMOOTHone155
UFC: @ufc
UFC on Fox:  @UFCONFOXSports
Malki Kawa: @malkikawa
Joe Rogan: @joerogan

I know twitter isn't for everyone, so if you choose not to participate on twitter, you can still help out by taking this post around the internet, and linking it on MMA forums, or wherever.  If you're not sure what to say, here's some copypasta for you, just copy, paste, and tweet!  

Hey @UFC @danawhite let's make @clayguida vs. @SMOOTHone155 a "Locks of Love" match!  Loser donates their hair! #LocksOnFox

Alright friends, let's do this!  If you like this idea, rec the post so it stays visible.  If the powers that BE see fit, maybe we can get this on the front page and really get it out there and seen!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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