How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 1st Week of September


A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twitterverse



"The Ultimate fighter has Strike Force, Pride & a Dream. But if u are a Bellator in times of Sengoku it can really be a Shark fight. #puns"  -Kenny Florian

"Title defense? I'm looking at it more like a title attack.. I be the hunter"  -Jon Jones

"I think I'm gonna throw out my whole sock drawer and start fresh."  -Frankie Edgar

"One thing I love so much about fighting is the truth always comes out in the cage. There is no lying about how many hours of training and sacrifice you put in. There is no lying about the years of hard work and dedication. It all shows when its time to perform. Win or lose the truth always come out in a fight. Fighting to me is one of the most genuine/ real/ true things left on this earth!"  -Phillipe Nover



"I will be doing a seminar at Team Quest in Redding, Ca. on Sept 11th at 9:30 am. All are welcome. Join in or just watch."  -Chael Sonnen

" you will show how to get out of a triangle?"  -Antonio Silva, zing.

", I want to tell you a joke so funny it will make your head grow. It goes like this..Oh wait, I see you have already heard it."  -Chael Sonnen


There's a ton of tweets after the jump, but first, don't forget to follow me on twitter: @antontabuena

Oh, and these guys are probably worth following as well: The Official BloodyElbow Twitter Account, Luke ThomasKid NateBrent BrookhouseMike Fagan, Leland RolingRichard Wade, Jonathan Snowden, Chris Barton, Damon O, Scott Broussard, Tim Burke, Matt Bishop, Fraser Coffeen, Dallas Winston, KJ Gould


"just spoke to NSAC, there on our side for changn my KO to :04sec. NSAC is talkn to the attorney general about it."  -Duane Ludwig

":) got a fight in 21 days bitches........ Oh ya 19 days then or something like that!!!! Either way it looks like I am in to fight matt Hugh if he takes it????"  -Josh Koscheck

"Still waiting to hear back from the UFC. I have said "yes" to facing either Koscheck or Fitch at UFC 135. I should know more later... I just got off the phone with DW and it looks like Josh for the 24th."  -Matt Hughes, made a new twitter account for this announcement.

"Diego broke his hand so Hughes will now fight Koscheck."  -Dana White

"UFC 136 roulette: Grispi vs. Grice became Nam Phan vs. Grice when Grispi fell off the card; now Grice is injured, new opponent for Phan TBD"  -UFC

"The Guida vs Henderson promo will pretty much look like an Herbal Essence commercial "  -Cub Swanson

"Heavyweight history happening here - signing his contract with "  -UFC

"I think will win in november. And Brock wins against Overeen in december. Then we ll have vs Brock next year!"  -Demian Maia, I'm a huge Overeem fan, but Lesnar is showing a ton of heart by asking for the best of the best each and every time out, so I'm hoping Mr. Maia is right.

"New (again) Zuffa employee @ knocks out some Q&As while he's in the building"  - UFC




"Hey did you know about this!?! and training together!?!"  -Pat Barry

"UFC JAPAN picture"  -Riki Fukuda


"Proper way to hold a baby?"  -Forrest Griffin


"U gotta admire 's work ethic & dedication. Here he is working on his footwork on a Sunday night."  -Kenny Florian

"Sorry were you looking for video of a pie-eating pushup contest? It's right here.."  -UFC

"Woo hoo! promo during beisbol game!"  -UFC

"C’mon Son! Jones or Rampage? LOL you are the best"  -Dana White

"1:05 minutes run, sprinting on stairs 20 times and the heart rate does not go up. Scary thing. Not for me self (British accent) but 4 my foe...The finishing of the run on some steps ;-)"  -Renzo Gracie, working out in Singapore.Scaled_php_medium

"I miss shingapore… I miss EVOLVE…Thank you very much EVOLVEMMA!!! I bring victory EVOLVE TEAM!!! Thank you very much Chatri!!"  -Shinya Aoki, who is back in Japan to finish up camp for DREAM 17.


"Oh my god, it's the back of a dishwasher! Never seen that before.."  -Ronda Rousey


"Thank you @FIGHTCHIX for the free gear"  -Ronda Rousey




"#freakyfriday :) thanks for the #ffs!"  -Arianny Celeste


"Shooting Ultimate insider...and no I'm not naked. LOL"  -Arianny Celeste


"Everybody else was doing it so I felt like I should too ;) Loving Hawaii... Pololu Valley....spent the afty playing in the waves with my sis :)"  -Natasha Wicks



"Yup, I sure can ;) RT @ @ are you able to take a bad pic?"  -Natasha Wicks


"RT @babesofmma Sweet new shoot"  -Logan Stanton





"even after a couple of drinks im still sick over my performance, 2 my fans family im sorry... one fc was a huge show and a great stage. i f*cked up. guys forgive me, ill come back stronger... just watched my fight on fought like sh*t. deserved 2 lose. i apologize to me fans."  -Phil Baroni

"im f*cking pissed i was a wrestler and got beat by a judo fag sh*t! bullsh*t. i need 2 fight. its nota boxing fight...i f*cking fought like sh*t! f*ck me ! its straight bullsh*t. i fight like like sh*t! im better than that... i f*cking blew it tonight. im really frustrated. i ll be back. this is what i do."  -Phil Baroni

"the guy ran. i chased and got taken doen and dry humped. i need to just get on top wrestle and hury thses guys... guys thanks for the support! i feel better. thankl you... im in singapore and very upset about my performance. i had a horrible showing. im not sure whats next.possible surgery. im discusted"  -Phil Baroni

"i want to thank everyone for the support. any suggestions? im open to any advice. what im doing is not working? thanks again for the support... im really upset about this loss. I have not felt this bad in a long time. im frustrated about my performance. im better than i fought... i was way to focused on a KO. I should have fought to win. I have such a sick feeling. Im going to train hard 2day..."  -Phil Baroni

"My career is like a movie, Im rewriting the ending,I keep believing,I keep pretending,getting ready for take14.Ill get it right... Guys thanks 4 the support an great advice.Ill get back 2 wrestling,not try 2 force KO's.UR right Im a wrestler first.Wrestlers dominate MMA..."  -Phil Baroni

"MY Man thanks so much 4 babysitting. I owe you big time! next time RNC throw in cab with note ha ha"  -Phil Baroni

" Always a pleasure champ we never leave no one behind ;-) the only bad part was the Mc Donald lol 2 years I kept that out my diet"  -

" thank you sir. Mc Donalds? I dont remember. ha ha"  -Phil Baroni

"I have Identifed my problems its time 2 give my power and energy to finding solutions. And you guys been on the money, Thanks... sitting at Starbucks in Singapore nothing really changes lol About 2 get ready for training session #2 ThankYou ...Time 2 get a refil and head 2 the gym. Learn from history, but do not identify it as the limits of reality. or become extinct"  -Phil Baroni

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