No talk of TUF?

Did I miss the TUF post for this week's episode?  If it's in the archives I must be overlooking it.

Anyways, here's my 2 cents. I still DVR TUF, (I know this a double negative) but I just can't NOT watch it. Obviously, the talent level has been declining steadily for the last 5 seasons. While I would be psyched to see higher level talent, that isn’t reason enough for me to not watch it.  I still record MFC and Titan fighting shows even though there aren't really any world beaters in those either.  I guess I like to watch those kind of shows to scout for some young prospect that will come out of left field and end up as a star.  Perhaps that's what I hope to see each season I tune into TUF.

So here are the teams:

Team Bisping picks:

1. Louis Gaudinot
2. TJ Dillashaw
3. John Albert
4. Josh Ferguson

1. Diego Brandao
2. Akira Corassani
3. Marcus Brimage
4. Stephen Bass

Team Miller picks:

1. John Dodson
2. Johnny Bedford
3. Dustin Pague
4. Roland Delorme

1. Dennis Bermudez
2. Bryan Caraway
3. Dustin Neace
4. Steve Siler

Who do you guys think has the better team?  While Bisping talked smack about Miller's picks, I think he might have some sleepers on his team.

As for the rest of the episode, I found it hard to watch Bryan Caraway.  I guess Miesha Tate isn't the kind of girl who goes for the guy with the most confidence.  I found myself cheering for Marcus Brimage.  He was inspired by DBZ to become a fighter.  I guess that won me over.  (On a side note I was disappointed when someone on here swore that Okami was going to dye his hair blonde and go Super Saiyan for his next fight. He totally would have won.)  But it turned out that even training in 10x earth's normal gravity couldn't help Marcus defeat Caraworry. If I was Bisping I would have sat Marcus down and made him watch tapes of Jon Fitch taking people down and laying on them and tell him "that's what he's gonna do to you!"  As it turned out, Bryan was not like Fitch because he was able to finish Marcus.

Here's the fight breakdown for those who missed it.  In Round 1, Caraway took Marcus down and locked him up in a body triangle.  Then they played handsies for 4 minutes while Caraway tried to put the choke on Marcus and Marcus tried to prevent that from happening.  In Round 2, it was pretty much the same thing except Marcus landed a nasty knee on a tired looking Caraway.   Caraway survived and then managed to take Marcus down and eventually lock in the choke.  To me, it looked like Marcus got frustrated and kind of gave up.  I also got the impression Dana White was probably silently rooting against Caraway.  I can't really blame him, Caraway made it into the house in a lay-n-pray performance that the master himself would have been proud of.

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