Chris Lytle's Senate Bid Picks Up Coverage on MSN Front Page



MMA being in the headlines of everyday activity is to be taken with a grain of salt. Often, you get the grandiose stories of lunacy and crime in the headlines, like some nut who likely took a few too many cardio kickboxing classes tripping out on mushroom tea and ripping out his roommate's heart . You can also hear of irresponsible promoters putting on a child's submission grappling bout in a cage, which doesn't couple well with uninformed, uncompromising journalists. However, like most negative situations, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In this case, it is brought to us by a fighter many fans know and love as "Lights Out." has the story:


The name Chris Lytle probably isn’t foreign to fans of UFC and mixed martial arts. Between his first fight in 1999 and his last fight, a victory against Dan Hardy last month, he compiled a record of 31-18 with 5 draws. 22 of his wins came by way of submission, 6 by decision, and 3 via TKO. Lytle was also 13-1-1 as a boxer. If his next venture works according to plan he will be fighting for the citizens of Indiana.

“I’ve decided that I can no longer let our government run with the same attitude that it has been for years. Our politicians worry about themselves more than the people they represent. That needs to change. Therefore, I’m running for state senate in Indiana. I know times are tough, but I would greatly appreciate campaign donations through my website,” Lytle wrote. ”I don’t care if it’s $10, $20, or $50. It all helps. I’m running against someone who has been in there for 23 years and is well funded. Once again thanks and please watch how I start fighting in a new way.”

On his decision to retire from UFC Lytle had this to say when he spoke with NBC Sports.

“I have a great time fighting, and I love fighting — I want to do it all the time — but I think that sometimes it’s time for me to not think about what I want and start thinking about what’s best for other people.”

Lytle is a proud husband, father of 4 children, as well as a full-time firefighter with the Indianapolis Fire Department so he certainly has enough to keep himself occupied away from fighting. Between what he posted on’s Underground forum and his wanting to do what’s best for other people it sounds like Lytle might be the right person help look out for the people of Indiana. Good luck on the campaign trail.

State Senate elections will be held November 6, 2012.


Bringing to light the political aspirations of a mixed martial artist is certainly a big step-up from the bruises the sport often takes from the collective media. Showing the less brutal side of these athletes is a road less taken, as there are many success stories to be taken from many fighters. Lytle's everyman approach and personality will be something prospective voters could be drawn towards, as it is something that many fans of the sport have come to love and appreciate of the gutsy fighter.

Lytle completely changed his style of fighting since his TUF 4 Finale loss to Matt Serra, vowing to never have a "boring fight" again. Lytle put his sleek submission game on the backburner for a stand and bang style, garnering him a UFC record ten bonus awards. With six Fight of the Night bonuses, one Knockout of the Night bonus, and three Submission of the Night honors, Lytle has respectably bowed out of mixed martial arts on his own terms, something so rare to see these days.

Here is wishing good luck to Chris Lytle and a thanks to him for bringing a positive spotlight onto the sport.

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