Due to Bloody Elbow's shocking neglegence of a live thread for last night's episode of The Ultimate Fighter (I expected this after a while but ALREADY?!) I have taken it upon myself to create this fanpost for fellow TUF junkies to share their thoughts. But first I shall set the scene a little. Its 10.19am I have class in 10 minutes. I've still got a buzz on from last night and I am dying for a shit but here I am spending time with you lovely folks on BE. Episode review after the jump.

Overall I really enjoyed this episode and am encouraged by this season so far. The talent looks legit for a change and the chemistry between Bisping and Miller works well.

The episode started off showing the fighters moving into the house and going through the usual 'initial excitment leads gradually to realising you are stuck in this house for whatever length of time with no contact to the outside world' shtick.

When that died down we had the coin toss to decide who got first pick of the contestants and who got to pick the first fighter. Bisping won the toss and decided to pick first fighter. I always think it's interesting to hear the coache's views on which is better and Miller made a good point that styles win fights so even if you have the best people, I can pick someone with a good skill set to defeat them thus keeping control.

Bisping's first choice was the guy with the green hair and although he looked impressive in his fight he's not who I would have chosen. I was very impressed with Jonny Bedford and he is my early pick to win (based on one fight...yep). Once all the fighters were chosen the first fight was picked and it was Bryan Caraway against Marcus Brimage. Brimage looked good in his fight showing knockout power in his hands which is unusual for a Bantamweight. During the weigh ins team Bisping came out with a really lame chant/song about how Brimage was going to beat Caraway and 'leave his body in a ditch'. Nice

Carway seemed really nervous and a little bit unstable mentally which will be something to watch for in the future. The fight started and Carway looked really uncomfortable standing so took Brimage down early. He eventually took his back and locked on the body triangle. (Miller seemed impressed with this implying it was an advanced technique or something?) He kept the back for bascially 4 out of the 5 minutes of the first round but was unable to lock in the choke despite the fact that Brimage kept throwing punches instead of fighting the hands like Bisping was yelling at him to do.

In his corner at the break, Bisping was then telling him to let his hands go but don't get carried away. While this was good advice I would have chosen to focus on the fact that he had your back for 4 minutes and never really came close to finishing. In the second round Brimage did a better job of avoiding the takedown as Caraway looked tired but could have done a better job of breaking away from the clinch and letting Caraway back to his feet quicker when he was on the ground.

Despite Carway looking tired however he was able to get Brimage down again and take his back pretty quickly. This time he was able to get the RNC and the win. I should add that when Brimage tapped he flailed his legs around for a bit and it was funny. The fight was pretty entertaining in the sense that Brimage was able to fight off the choke for so long once he had his back taken in the first.

After the fight Bisping semed a little awkward in the dressing room trying to comfort Brimage. If it was me (am I saying that too much?) I would be trying to use Brimage's defeat to try and motivate the rest of the team. It will be interesting to see how Bisping does as a coach this season. At times in the first episode it felt that Bisping was learning things from watching the fights and listening to Miller's advice during them.

The show ended with a preview of next weeks episode where a fight nearly breaks out between two team Bisping fighters during a training session. There is also some tension in the house as one dude puts some stuff in some other dudes bed and he gets pissed off so it looks as if there is some drama to come which will probably not be as exciting as it seemed here.

This is my first real fanpost so any feedback... keep it to yourself. I dont want to hear it. Just kidding

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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