Strikeforce Heavyweights....

It seems that Strikeforce has maybe two or three big shows left before the axe falls, so where does that leave the Heavyweight GP? Here are my random thoughts.

We have two big players left Barnett and Cormier. A step behind is Silva, Werdum and Kharitonov. The UFC is the final goal for all of these men. ( Maybe not Kharitonov. I get the feeling he would be happy doing his own thing and not be tied into a Zuffa contract.) Cormier is hurt and as far as I know a return date for him has not been given. SOOO... here we go.

The GP final should be scheduled ASAP. Take Cormier out due to injury just like they did Overeem. Cormier is riding a huge win over Silva. Let him heal and bring him into the UFC.

Let Silva and Werdum go at it again, the winner goes to the UFC. After his poor showing in the Overeem fight Werdum needs to show he deserves another shot at the UFC by beating a quality opponent. Silva needs to prove that he is a top 10 HW. Even if he lost I think Bigfoot would still get a UFC spot, I don't know about Werdum.

For GP final let Barnett fight Griggs. Griggs is an alternate so there is justification for giving him the shot. Barnett will most likely win. This gives the UFC a ready made contender to challange for the HW title. Also, Griggs will not suffer from losing the fight, and would probably still get a shot at the UFC for stepping up when he was needed.

By going this route the UFC has three top fighters to bring into the mix, and a lower tier guy to keep things fresh.

Here are some potential matchs:

Barnett (as the GP winner ) vs. The Champ. I didnt put a name here because it could be almost anyone. The Overeem v Lesner winner will get the next shot, and then Barnett.

Cormier vs. Carwin. 

Silva vs. Mir.  If Mir beats Big Nog. OR if Nog wins then..

Silva vs. Carwin. and Cormier vs. Nog.

Kharitonov vs. the Kongo/Mitrione winner.

Griggs vs. Hunt.


Just my random thoughts...thanks for reading.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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