ADCC 2011 Finals Live Results and Blog


Join me today at 12 p.m. GT / 7 a.m. ET / 4 a.m. PT for the final day of the Abu Dhabi Combat Club World Submission Grappling Championships.

Broadcasting live from the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham, England, the event can be watched on Pay Per View at for $29.95 with commentary from 2x Pan Ams Bronze Medalist and ADCC Trials Bronze Medalist Shawn Williams along with Caleb and 'Budo' Jake of Budo Videos. Today we see the semin-finals and finals of the mens and womens tournament categories with a superfight between Mario Sperry and Renzo Gracie to cap the day off.

ADCC Absolute Match Ups

Round 4 The Final

Andre Galvao vs Pablo Popovitch

And here we go ... again. You can receive negative points in the final, which basically means don't pull guard or butt scoot.

Galvao arm drags to single and runs the pipe putting Popovitch down int Half Guard. Popovitch lookinf for a sweep but not quite in Deep Half yet. Galvao finds a toehold and taps Popovitch! Galvao wins the Absolute and his own division. Andre Galvao def Pablo Popovitch by toehold. Galvao celebrates by pretending to do a machine gun and then does the Jacare Gator walk. Galvao will face Braulio Estima in the 2013 Superfight Title.

3rd Place Match

Xande Ribeiro vs Murilo Santana

Short feeling out and onto the ground thankfully faster than in previous matches. Ribeiro and Santana are both seated with Ribeiro hugging a leg perhaps waiting for an opening to a leglock. Santana works his way into Deep Half Guard.  Santana goes leg hunting and Ribeiro is able to stand and step out of the attempts to of bounds. Santana works from sit-up guard and gets shin to shin pulling Ribeiro and trying to load him on top for a sweep.

Ribeiro gets a hip throw to outside and out of bounds, reset in the center in the same finishing position but there's debate between the referee, Ribeiro and Santana of how they should restart. In the end it gets stood up as no one could agree on the ground.

Robeiro shoots for a head insided single and switches to a double and does well to turn the corner. Ribeiro's hips on the grounds but no back exposure yet. However it was scored for Ribeiro and Ribeiro wins Bronze on points. Xande Ribeiro def Murilo Santana by points.

Superfight Mario Sperry vs Renzo Gracie

Both legends introduced. Both start hand fighting looking for collar and elbow control, as is tradition. Renzo gets his head inside and is a bit smaller in size than Sperry. Sperry is looking very grey these days. I guess this could count as a Masters match. Sperry attacking Renzo's turtly from the back looking for ankle pick control. Renzo spins back to guard and is reaching for a heel to sweep. Sperry looking for a Toreador pass. Renzo bracing with a forearm while Sperry controls the ankles.

The top game of BTT definitely at work here.Renzo has feet on hips and Sperry looking to pass. Reset in the center. Renzo Gracie has apparently fought in every ADCC except 2009.  Sperry is perspiring heavily already. Sperry nearly gets a pass but Renzo has good hips and gets his legs back between them.

9 minutes into the match and there will be a 5 minute over time after the 10 minute market.

Quick break before over time with mats being mopped.

Handshake before they resume. No Bro Hugs though. Both work from over-under clinch initiated by Sperry. Renzo looks for a drop seionage but slips and Sperry is attacking side-turtle. Sperry has over-under lasso and one hook, Renzo manages to escape and almost reverse. Back to clinch fighting and a break.

Both quite slippery and working the standing clinch with an out of bounds. Renzo tries a snap down then double leg shot but Sperry sprawls and a break back to standing. Pause again for mopping the mat as they're sliding around now.

Both continue to clinch and again out of bounds. Sperry may have been looking for a hip throw but Renzo ws defending his side. Renzo tries to shoot Sperry sprawls with a front headlock. Back to the feet. They go to out of bounds with Renzo losing his footing. Renzo uses Sperry to help himself back up before a center reset.

Final over time. Renzo attempts a throw but is countered and out of bounds. Back in the center. Sperry did get 2 points for the counter and is up 2-0.

Sperry gets a takedown and is in side control and gets 3 points. Back on the feet and Renzo tries for his own single but can't finish in time. Ze Mario Sperry def Renzo Gracie by Points 5-0.

Round 3 Semi Finals

Xande Ribeiro Vs Pablo Popovitch

Very little feeling out and Ribeiro chooses to sit and the hand fighting commences. Popovitch stands briefly then back down in the guard of Ribeiro. Popovitch trying to work past half-guard of Ribeiro. Popovitch back to standing and pushes on Ribeiro's shoulders to get him flat but for naught.

Back to standing and feeling each other out to look for a takedown. Time mercifully runs out and judges and referee give it to Popovitch. I just hope he doesn't stink up the final with Galvao.

Andre Galvao vs Murilo Santana

Galvao looking for a knee pick single leg from clinch. Galvao has been impressive with his takedowns this tournament. Santana working inside Galvao's guard.

Santana looking for a heelhook then toehold as Galvao defends. Time expires as Santana had a negative 2. Andre Galvao def Murilo Santana by Points.


Round 2 Quarter Finals

Victor Estima Vs Pablo Popovitch

Estima pulls guard, Popovitch looking to pass. Estima retains guard. Popovitch looking to control biceps. Estima looks for leglock control to sweep then tries a toehold but Popovitch defends. Popovitch still trying to get past Estima's half guard. Palhares is apparently running around the arena waving to the crowd. The randomness of Treestump continues.

Back to the match ... Estima leg hunting and looking for a sweep but it goes out of bounds. Pause in action as mats get mopped.

Into points scoring time. Victor complains he got poked in the eye and is being given time. Both spend minutes hand fighting from standing. Popovitch must have scored a takedown or pass as he wins on points. Pablo Popovitch def Victor Estima by Points.

Gunnar Nelson vs Xande Ribeiro

Hand fighting for clinch control begins. Ribeiro sits and hand fighting continues. Back to the feet. Nelson scores a good takedown. Ribeiro isn't bothered as no points scored yet in the time period. Ribeiro now looking for a leglock and they're near out of bounds. Nelson not in trouble though. Reset in the middle due to stalemate.

Out of the leg entanglement Ribeiro is on top of Nelson and looking to pass the guard. Nelson looking for a guillotine on Ribeiro and has it tight. Nelson now on side-turtle looking to get a hook in. Back to the feet and Nelson looking to score with a double leg but it goes to out of bounds. Time runs out and Ribeiro wins on points. Xande Ribeiro def Gunnar Nelson by points.

Vinny Magalhaes vs Murilo Santana

Vinny jumps guard and looks to pull a leg high. Murilo in Vinny's half guard. Murilo tries to step over for a leglock but Vinny is on top. Murilo looking for a kneebar now and Vinny inching his way out. Murilo still leg hunting. Vinny trying to get on top with his leg still controlled by Santana who is trying to work Deep Half Guard. Murilo uses it to stand and tries to takedown but drops back down with Vinny still on top kneeling down on a 50/50 in good position.

Both back to standing and looking for collar and wrist control. Santana tries to shoot for 3 seconds but then pulls guard and looks for Deep Half Guard. Murilo trying to go out the back door and take the back with Vinny sitting down on the leg to stop him. Vinny bent forward with all his weight going to the ground. Murilo has one hook in, Vinny might be up on points. Murilo rolls and looking for a second hook but too high. Switches to the arm for an attack and looks to grab the near leg but can't quite reach.

Time expires but no points so over time. Vinny pushing forward looking for a takedown. Murilo instead shoots for the leg and then pulls guard though a bit quick so me might have lost a point.

Vinny looking to pass half-butterfly guard, now looking to pass a regular half guard. Time runs out and there seems to be a lot of discussion at the judges table with the referee. Murilo Santana def Vinny Magalhaes by Referees Decision.

Andre Galvao vs Sergio Moraes

Not much action for first couple of minutes until Moraes tries to shoot in on a single-leg to out of bounds. Reset and Moraes tries again but Galvao defends well. Still holding the leg so Galvao jumps guard looking for a quick triangle but Moraes escapes early. Galvao seated and Moraes kneeling on both knees, hand fighting. Moraes in tight against Galavao's butterfly guard putting Galvao's back on the mat.

Moraes back to standing and tries to snapdown Galvao coming in. Galvao still seated grabs a leg and climbs up for a high single but can't finish as they go out of bounds. Galvao given the leg on the reset, foot sweep against Moraes but pops right back up. Galvao tries to clinch Moares, Moraes tries to throw and Galvao almost carthweels out of it.

Moraes looking to hip throw Galvao but doesn't have him loaded fully. Galvao tries a sweep single and climbs back up to a high single foot sweeps and takes the back with at least one hook in. Near out of bounds reset in the middle with Galvao in same one hook in position on the back. Galvao has a back body triangle (hook scissors). Moraes is standing with Galvao still on his back. If Galvao tries to choke Moraes is allowed to slam from here.

Back on the ground and Moraes is able to get back into Galvao's guard. Time runs out and Galvao goes through. Andre Galvao def Sergio Moraes by Points.


Round 1

Andre Galvao vs Shinzo 'Animal' Anzai

Anzai is wearing a crimson single shoulder singlet. Anzai tries a high single early but doesn't get it. Galvao armdrags and eventually gets Anzai's back with both hooks. Galvao still has the back with one hook in and one hook out but inside the leg. Both hooks, Galvao finally gets the choke and the win. Anzai goes out. Andre Galvao def Shinzo Anzao by Rear Naked Choke.

Antonio Braga Neto vs Sergio Moraes

Moares quickly attacks the legs looking for a heelhook and thena  kneebar but Braga gets out as quick as he can. Moraes tries again and get the tap. Sergio Moraes def Antonio Braga Neto by heelhook

Murillo Santana vs Marko Helen: Santana by decision

Jeff Monson vs Xande Ribeiro

Monson typically starts slow hesistant to engage in Ribeiro's guard. Ribeiro works towards a leglock attempt with Monson defending. Back to guard and Ribeiro looking to triangle-armlock, Monson pulls out. Match is stopped and it's unsure why. Monson is putting a shirt on. Possibly greasing allegations against Monson has given Ribeiro the match but we'll get confirmation later. Xande Ribeiro def Jeff Monson

Vinny Magalhaes vs Bruno Bastos

Bastos tries a flying armlock off the bat but Vinny slides out. Vinny working from the guard trying to break posture. Vinny trying a reverse armdrag to isolate an arm. Bastos trying to pass Vinny's half guard. Vinny looking to get guard back and work Rubber Guard but gets nothing going. Bastos is blocking any omoplata attempts.

Bastos back to standing and Vinny scooting. Vinny looking for a leglock on Bastos. Vinny uses it to sweep and get on top of Bastos. Bastos working half guard. Vinny Magalhaes def Bruno Bastos on points.

Joao Assis Vs Victor Estima

Estima sits down to his guard Assis tries for quick heelhook, a couple of roles and Estima gets his foot back in but is now trying a Calf Slicer on Assis. Assis trying something with the other leg but has nothing. Estima untangles and stays in top half guard. Estima looking to pass and take the back. Estima may be looking for a back triangle choke but has a foot trapped between Assis legs. Victor looking to get his leg out and does, now looking for an armlock and Victor is getting stacked but still has a tight grip. Assis manages to pull out and stays inside Estima's guard.

Estima is working the Shawn Williams Guard tries an omoplata to sweep and gets on top of Assis who stays on his side and is able to get up and face Estima's open guard. Both in the 50/50 but time runs out and Estima wins on points. Victor Estima def Joao Assis by points.

Gunnar Nelson vs Bruno Frazzato

After a bit of work Nelson passes the guard. Frazzato scoots and tries to wrap a leg to attack. Nelson's yet to be able to pass Frazzato who is scooting but looking for leg attack openings. Nelson manages to take the backand get hooks in to out of bounds. Reset still with the back and both hooks. Nelson looking for a choke but hand fighting. Gunna Nelson def Brun Frazzato by Points.

Pablo Popovitch vs Janne-Pekka Pietilainen

Popovitch has spent most of the match in half guard against Pietilainen and has just taken the back. Popovitch wins on points. Pablo Popovitch def Janne-Pekka Pietilainen by points.


Mens Finals -66kg

Rubens 'Cobrinha' Charls vs Rafel Mendes

A little bit of complaint from both that they're both using red tape on their fingers. I think by this point no confusion should arise considering one has a rashguard and the other is bare chested.

After a lot of feeling out it foes to ground and Mendes works for 50/50 creeping his way to Cobrinha's back. Now Mendes has a leg and looking for a lock but Cobrinha defends. Cobrinha looks for a heelhook now and seems to have it in deep but it doesn't appear to be fazing Mendes and stays calm.

Match has turned into a heelhook hunting show from 50/50 with neither wanting to give up. Cobrinha stands but Mendes stays on bottom and looks to thread a leg. Cobrinha is defending against the reap and is able to step over. Mendes still looking for 50/50 and has a figure four grip on the leg. Difficult to score, no advantage system in ADCC scoring. Both may be trying to be more aggressive than the other if it goes to referee's decision.

Mendes underneath with 50/50 and Cobrinha looking for a kneebar that looks tight. Hold is broken and it looks like Mendes has won on points due to a negative point scored against Cobrinha for jumping guard at the beginning. Mendes wins 0 to -1. Rafael Mendes def Rubens 'Cobrinha' Charles by not losing points. Both fought before at the previous ADCC and Mendes feels the experience made the difference as to why the match went into overtime.


Mens Finals -77kg

Marcelo Garcia vs Leo Viera

After some of the usual handfighting  it goes to the mat with Garcia on top of Viera looking to pass half-guard. Garcia pressuring and looking to pass and gets mount and has an arm trapped of Viera. Garcia rolls to triangle choke and gets the tap. Marcelo Garcia def Leo Viera by triangle choke. Garcia asked if anything surprises him, and says Krons guillotine was really tight and surprising. He kept thinking "I'm going to go to sleep, I'm going to go to sleep" but knew his grip wasn't quite fully in. Thanks ADCC his family and wife, and Steven Seagal for his Jiu Jitsu again.

Mens Finals -88kg

Rousimar Palhares vs Andre Galvao

Palhares stalking Galvao, Galvao complaining he's getting slapped around by the treestump. Galvao on his back Palhares leg hunting and he has a leg trying to attack. Galvao slips out but Palhares on it again like a dog on a bone. Out of bounds but it's not been called yet. Palhares really trying to 'bite' down Slight stall and they're being dragged to the center while entangled. Galvao now trying his own heelhook. Galvao breaks free of the leglock battle and stays sitting. Palhares standing Galvao looks to take down and take the back of Palhares but doesn't get it.

Galvao seated and Palhares on his knees, Galvao hiding his feet inside. Commentary calls the match like waving your hand in front of a beartrap and hoping it doesn't go off.

Galvao manages to get a sweep and trying to take the back but goes to out of bounds. Reset with Galvao still on the back with one hook in. Galvao gets both hooks in but then it appears Palhares pulled his thumb back to break a grip and that's illegal. Referee pauses the match to hear Galvao's complaint and warns Palhares. They resume position and Galvao complains again about Palhares while Palhares says he's not going anything wrong.

They get back to their feet and it appears they're in the scoring zone now. Actually against were scored earlier and it's currently 9-2 Galvao. Palhares is now being warned for clubbing Galvao in the clinch but unsure if he's lost a point. Palhares is either a dirty fighter, or he's just Lennie from Of Mice and Men.

Palhares tries for a takedown and go to out of bounds where they slide around on the ice (the arena is an ice hockey rink with BJJ mats on it.) Both Galvao and Palhares have a negative scored against them, with Galvao leading positive 9-4.

Galvao scores a knee pick takedown again and tries to take the back but Palhares excapes. Palhares may be gassing now but it goes to the scorecards and Galvao wins on points. Andre Galvao def Rousimar Palhares on points. Galvao says its great to get his first gold medal at ADCC. Trained hard and trained a lot of wrestling. Palhares is a dangerous fight but knew his Jiu Jitsu would be superior to Palhares'. Says strategy was changing position and be careful with his knees and heels. Says he thinks Palhares has been fighting MMA too much, getting slapped hard that makes him dizzy.



Mens Finals -99kgs

Joao Assis vs Dean Lister

They feel out for a minute and Assis gets a kneetap takedown. Lister working from guard hinting at an omoplata which Assis is blocking. Lister gives up the attempt and goes to half-guard with Assis looking to pass.

Assis has a body lock and is pressuring in trying to pass Lister's half guard. Lister goes back to open guard and is trying to tempt Assis to take a leg on purpose. Assis doesn't buy it. Assis is working inside Lister's guard with not a lot happening.

Lister finally sees an opening and gets a heelhook on Assis forcing the tap! Dean Lister def Joao Assis by Heelhook. Says this is his home, he crossed over to MMA but ADCC is his home as well as grappling tournaments. Shout out to San Diego.

Mens Finals 99kgs+

Fabricio Werdum vs Vinny Magalhaes

Both start standing and looking to hand fight and clinch. Vinny looks noticeably smaller than Werdum so interesting type match up. Both continue to trade grips and hand fight. Out of bounds on one clinch attempt. No work on the ground thus far. Vinny tries to go for a single-leg which is sprawled. Vinny fights for the leg long enough so he can pull guard and is working half guard against Werdum. Referee calls time for points. Vinny goes to full closed guard and Werdum is controlling the biceps.

Vinny goes back to guard, Vinny now looking for rubber guard and has mission control. Vinny clears to go for an omoplata and looks to finish. A lot of rolling by Werdum to escape and Vinny sweeps to top scoring points. Werdum looking to push-pull the arms perhaps to set up a triangle. Werdum pushes Vinny off and forces the fight back to the feet.

Werdum shoots in after a lot of hand fighting that Vinny sprawls. Werdum looks for crucifix from Vinny's turtle but abandons. Vinny gets underneath and is trying to sweep, Vinny looking for a knee bar Werdum counters. Werdum rolls and tries to take the back but can't get hooks in. Werdum clears and arm and is in triangle territory. Werdum switches to an armbar and has it tight but Vinny isn't tapping. Vinny is turned to his side and is struggling to survive. Both are out of bounds but it won't be called during the submission attempt which is in deep. Vinny is sticking to his side and keeping his shoulder high so he can avoid getting his arm broken. Werdum is still looking to crank and this is now a war of attrition. Vinny escapes and the crowd goes nuts!

Out of bounds as a restart, Shawn Williams commentates Vinny has won the crowd at least. Werdum tries to shoot but Werdum gets stuffed. Time runs out and Vinny wins on points after surviving that armbar. Truly legendary performance. Vinny Magalhaes def Fabricio Werdum by Points. Vinny says the armbar was tight but he knew enough to survive. Says his focus had been MMA but wanted to give ADCC a real try.


Womens Finals -60kg

Kyra Gracie vs Michelle Nicolinni

Nicolinni pulls guard and has an overhook on Kyra Gracie keeping her posture broken for the time being. Nicolinni with an aggressive guard making it difficult for Gracie to attempt to pass. Gracie is standing and Nicolinni sitting with both hand fighting. Gracie manages to get a head and tries a guillotine on top half guard.  Gracie nearly uses it to pass but Nicolinni gets half guard back. Gracie tries to pass but Nicolinni gets butterfly guard. Nicolinni tries to sweep, fails and closes guard.

Kyra Gracie is apparently being coached by Roger Gracie. Nicolinni looking for an omoplata and now is looking for an armbar. Nicolinni has got it pretty sight and Gracie is able to roll and step over Nicolinni to pull out. It was tight and antyone else may have tapped. Gracie on top with Nicolinni using a knee shield. Gracie back to her feet with Nicolinni staying seated and scooting. Gracie looking to hand fight and pass.

Gracie now inside the guard and looking to shoulder pressure and pass. Nicolinni manages to nearly catch Gracie in an armbar again, and again Gracie escapes.

Nicolinni gets up and tries to take Gracie down but can't keep her down for 3 seconds. Gracie turtles and Nicolinni is trying to attack. Gracie back to guard and quickly looks for an omoplata. Nicolinni defends but is in some trouble. Gracie manages to get the Omoplata finish! Kyra runs to hug Roger and Renzo Gracie makes an appearance to congratulate. Kyra Gracie def Michelle Nicolinni by Omoplata. Gracie says Nicolinni deserves to be in the final and how they met in the Mundials. Gracie says it comes down to hard work. Gracie also says you can fight and still be a woman, you don't have to act like a man to fight but stay a woman (femininity) .


Womens Finals 60kg+

Gabrielle Garcia vs Hanette Staack.

Garcia yet again with the size and strength advantage but Staack has the experience advantage. Garcia is hand fighting with Staack looking for head space.  Garcia with a heavy single collar tie that makes Staack wobble on her feet.

Staack tries to shoot in but Garcia headlocks and ragdolls her off. Stack looking to work an armbar from guard, Garcia tries to pick up and slam, Staack roates and attacks the leg but Garcia able to power out. Staack is now turtled holding onto a leg with Garcia hold a wasitlock and keeping her weight on Staack's back. Garcia gets her leg free and has more of a wrestling offensive position with an over under and turns Staack onto her back. Staack retains a half guard. Garcia has an arm inside part-cradle looking to open up Staack and pass. Garcia using her head to press into the far arm of Staack.

Garcia using shoulder pressure into Staack's face. Staack looking to lockdown on Garcia but can't get deep enough. Garcia is able to slide a knee through but her foot is still trapped in quarter guard. Staack is able to get half-guard back but Garcia is working towards setting up her Americana.  Staack still looking to lockdown first with an inside scorpion then outside, and then is able to get into deep half guard against Garcia. Garcia is able to use her should to crossface and slide a knee looking to get pass to mount.

We're in the second half of the match and points can score. Staack is able to get half guard and deep half guard again but can't do anything with it. Back to half guard. Garcia again tries to pressure with her shoulder and slide a knee through. I'm guessing no toe holds in Garcia's games as Staack's feet are elevated and inviting. Staack is able to survive the pressure and get full guard back for the first time in many minutes.

Gacia standing and looking to pass, Staack switches to a kneebar and threatens but Garcia is able to bend her knee and escape danger, looking to take the back with over-under lasso from the side. Garcia has a head an arm guilotine and tries to go on top Staack has half guard and is able to get her head out.

Garcia again looks for the Americana but Staack defends, Garcia switches to look to pass Staack but Staack stays on her side and doesn't go to her back. They end up out of bounds for the first time and a reset in the middle.

Garcia has Staack turtled and is working from the side. Garcia perhaps looking for an arm-in guillotine but goes back to controlling the turtle from the side. 2 minutes left on the clock. Still working the turtle but not much going on. 30 seconds left.

After 20 minutes it's 0-0. First overtime of 10 minutes. Both start on the feet and a quick out of bounds as Garcia pushes Staack. Staack tries to get an underhook and clinch and Garcia swings her out of bounds. Garcia grabs a head and powers Staack down who pulls guard and may have conceded points. Garcia inside Staack's closed guard. Garcia stands and tries to pass. Due to length of match two finals are going to go on the mats for the rest of the day. Staack has conceded 2 points from the headlock snapdown earlier.

This match is still going with more of the same happening. I'm pretty sure we can call it now and just say Garcia will win on points. Time thankfully expires in a bit of a stinker of a match. Gabrielle Garcia def Hanette Staack by boredom. Garcia giving interview in portugese, dedicating the match to her brother who passed away just days ago. It's a great honor to be the new champion beating former champion Hanette Staack.


Mens -66kg 3rd Place Match

Robson Moura vs Jeff Glover

Glover drops to his back and Moura engages in his guard. Moura in Glover's half-guard looking to pass with shoulder pressure. Moura nearly gets out and a jump pass but Glover able to get his legs back in. Glover inverts briefly and back to half. Moura now has a body lock and is looking to pass with pressure that way. Moura released though and Glover controlling a bicep.

Glover tries to sweep, Moura nearly takes his back but Glover gets his back to the mat and fends off a hook with his right leg. Back to open guard for Glover. Jeff is able to secure a head almost out of nowhere to lock in a arm-in guilotine and causes Moura to tap! Jeff Glover def Robson Moura by arm-in Guillotine.

Mens -77kg 3rd Place Match

Kron Gracie vs Claudio Calasans.

Calasans sits guard but back to his feet. Calasans tries an Uchi Mata, Gracie counters with a trip but both catch their balance and stay standing. Gracie jumps guard and holds on while Calasans stays standing. Gracie has a guilotine and Calasans still standing manages to clear his head and break. Both on their feet and Gracie jumps guard again. Calasans tries to go down and Gracie sweeps him right overhead but they end up out of bounds.

Calasans on the ground looking to weave a leg and try a lock, Gracie maintains pressure on top to stop Calasans extending. Gracie now in Calasans half guard looking to pass. Calasans is rolling on the ground while Gracie stands, keeping his legs in line to stop a pass. Gracie tries to pressure and Calasns has half guard that Gracie dries to knee drive through. Calasans rolling under not quite for inverted guard perhaps looking to isolate the leg and attack.

Pause in action as mats mopped. Both looking for collar and elbow control in over time. Neither have been able to get anything going, the match could hinge on who gets the first takedown.

No decision yet, second over time. Calasans shoots in for a double, Gracie sprawls and from front headlock pulls guard and sinks in an arm-in guillotine getting Calasans to tap. Kron Gracie def Claudio Calasans by Arm-in guillotine.

Mens -88kg 3rd Place Match

Pablo Popovitch vs Lovato Jr

Lovato has his foot wrapped up from his match with Palhares. Popvitch gets it to the ground and is looking to pass rather than target the injured foot. Popovitch taking his time looking to pass with Lovato keeping a half guard. Quite a less intensive match then both were just in previously. It almost looks like Popovitch is stalling but then he passes and tries to catch an arm for a possible Kimura attempt. Lovato gets back to half guard. Popovitch content to ride the clock down until he wins on 3 points. He may have been gentle on Lovato because of the foot. Pablo Popovitch def Jose Lovato Jr by Points.

Men's -99kg 3rd Place Match

Xande Ribeiro vs Peinado (Rodolfo Viera injured in loss to Dean Lister)

Ribeiro working from the bottom half-guard. Hand fighting as Ribeiro looking for control to pass. Peinado standing looking to pass but Ribeiro locks up half guard and brings him to one knee. Back to standing and Ribeiro tries a bodylock as Peinado trying to guillotine but they end up out of bounds.

Reset and Ribeiro clears his head. Both looking to hand fight and clinch for advantage. Ribeiro finally shoots for a single-leg but near out of bounds. Ribeiro follows through and drives Peindao through some banners on the outside and Ribeiro holds him down until they reset in the middle. Ribeiro tries a single-leg again and has got low, Peinado trying to grab a foot and take away the drive or Ribeiro.

Lots of takedown attempts, lots of going out of bounds. Referee paused match so sweat can be mopped up off the mat.

Double over time period and able to score though it feels really long overdue. Ribeiro manages to score and takes the bout. Xande Ribeiro def Peinado by points.

Mens 99kg+ 3rd Place Match

Cyborg Abreu vs Gerri Rinaldi

Cyborg wastes no times and goes leg hunting and manages to get Rinaldi to tap quickly. Roberto 'Cyborg' Abreu def Gerri Rinaldi by footlock.



Womens 3rd Place Match

-60kg Luanna Alzuguir vs Hasi Takayo

Alzuiguir gets it to the ground fast and kneebars Takayo. Alzuguir def Takayo by kneebar

60kg+ Penny Thomas vs Ida Hansson.

Hansson pulls guard with Thomas, Thomas able to pass, but Hansson able to escape and takes the back with one hook. Hansson still working the back but with one hook in Thomas is able to escape out and they end up out of bounds. Reset and Thomas is in Hansson's guard. Thomas stands looking to pass then takes a toe hold but allows Hanson to get up on top of her. Hansson is able to work to take the back and has outside hooks like a crab ride looking to open up Thomas. Thomas rolls and they end up out of bounds.

Reset and Thomas is now in full closed guard of Hansson. Something's happened with Thomas and the match is paused as she appears injured. Ida Hansson looks to have won the match by default. Shame. Ida Hansson def Penny Thomas (injury).

Mens Semi Finals


Rubens 'Cobrinha' Charles vs Jeff Glover

Glover shoots early but doesn't get a takedown, rolling to try and work half guard. Cobrinha leg drags but Glover keeps his hips mobile and recovers. Cobrinha looking to get past Glover's half guard. Cobrinha passes but Glover on his side. Cobrinha glides over and tries to take the back but Glover just about defends. Glove able to work a sweep from half guard but unable to control fro 3 seconds, Cobrinha manages to get back on top and shoulder pressures Glover.

Cobrinha passes Glover's guard and maintains control. Glover works an escape looking to move to the back but Cobrinha defends and goes back into half-guard which he passes again. Glover retains and looks to go deep but Cobrinha is able to escape out and look for a standing pass. Time runs out. Rubens 'Cobrinha' Charles def Jeff Glover.

Rafael Mendes vs Robson Moura

Mendes goes to the ground early and tries to wrap Moura up in a leglock. Mendes now on top but Moura still has control of his leg also. Mendes looking to pass Moura's guard and nearly gets it but Moura is able to quickly get his leg back inside. Mendes is putting shoulder pressure on and working to pass Moura's half-guard. Mendes gets the pass and during a scramble Mendes nearly locks up an armbar but Moura gets an elbow out. Both are working for 50/50 leglock control with Moura looking for a kneebar and Mendes looking for a toehold.

Some great ground scrambles going on with Moura threatening Mendes leg more. Mendes however is able to pass the guard and take side control. Moura is able to get his guard back and tries for some sweeps, Mendes stands in the guard looking to pass but Moura is showing great movement on the ground. Time runs out. Rafael Mednes def Robson Moura by Points.



Claudio Calasans vs Leo Viera

Claudio teases jumping the guard but it's a fake to make Viera react. Hand fighting while standing. Claudio looks like he's going for a leg to sweep but Viera gets a knee in to block and both get back to their feet. Looking for a clinch advantage, Viera drops but Calasans snags the head and looks to control and mount but can't quite get it. Viera now looking for a leglock on Calasans. Calasans gets out and is butt scooting and tries to enter with an inverted guard but Viera is able to spin him right back around.

Back to the feet in overtime and Calasans tries to take Viera down but Viera showing great balance defends, and continues to defend when Calasans has a front headlock he tries to hip-in and crank to out of bounds. Reset and Calasans is trying to take the back of Viera hanging and nearly falling off. Both back on the feet and trying to throw the other, Calasans has a headlock and tries to roll back with a throw but Viera is able to keep getting back to his feet or get out of bounds.

Reset and Calasans works to take Viera's back with one hook in. Calasans can't score unless he gets both hooks in. A crazy roll and now Viera is on Calasans back and gets both hooks in looking for a choke but time runs out! Viera wins on points in a crazy last ditch move. Leo Viera def Claudio Calasans by Points.

Marcelo Garcia vs Kron Gracie

Hand fighting standing as seems to be the norm today. Gracie pulls guard on Garcia into closed guard. Garcia picks Gracie up to try and shake him off which he does and now Garcia has control of Gracie's feet and passes to Gracie's side but Gracie quickly gets back to half guard. Garcia using shoulder pressure and an underhook in an attempt to pass. Kron Gracie is being coached by his father Rickson Gracie. Kron Gracie has got full guard back.

Gracie working a high guard and keeping Garcia's posture down. Garcia is able to guard break and stand but Gracie is able to get Garcia back down in his guard. Gracie looking to work an omoplata but Garcia shakes it off. Gracie protects his neck and pushes Garcia away and they're back to standing.

Garcia scores a great single-leg takedown against Gracie, Gracie trying to guillotine Garcia! Gracie has it tight and closed guard, Garcia forcing his head to the mat and defending trying to break Gracie's grip. Gracie burns out his arm and Garcia escapes the choke working double biceps briefly  standing in Gracie's guard. Time runs out. Marcelo Garcia def Kron Gracie by Points.


Pablo Popovitch vs Andre Galvao Hand fighting on the feet to start things off. Galvao tries to slide into a guard but Popovitch pushes him off. Galvao attempts a single leg a bit later but Popovitch defends again. Galvao tries to shoot again but not much behind it, but thumbs Popovitch in the eye so a pause in action briefly. Galvao pulls guard and tries to armdrag.

Galvao manages to get a takedown on Popovitch and looks to pass, Popovitch reverses and get up on a single to put Galvao down. Popovitch putting the pressure on trying to pass but Galvao able to kick Popovitch off forcing Popovitch to try again.

Galvao able to grab a leg and stand working to takedown Popovitch but they end up out of bands and through a barrier. Reset and Galvao tries to get Popvitch down, Popovitch wraps up a leg with Galvao blocking and controlling from the back.

Popvitch is still working from his back against Galvao. Galvao nearly gets reversed but then sweeps himself. Time runs out and Galvao defeats Popovitch on points. Andre Galvao def Pablo Popovitch by Points.

Rousimar Palhares vs Rafael Lovato Jr

Both start out looking foran advantage. Lovato drops to seating position and keeping his feet tucked in like a butterfly to protect his feet. Keeping his feet inside Palhares legs Lovato is taking no chances. Palhares continues to hand fight with Lovato and keep his feet safe. Lovato may be running down the clock until he can score points.

Palhares finds an opening and takes a leg getting a heelhook against Lovato. Rousimar Palhares def Rafel Lovato Jr by Heelhook.


Rodolfo Viera vs Dean Lister

Lister drops down to his seated position early. Viera tries to pass but Lister armdrags and is working to take Viera's back. Both roll and Lister has 50/50 and finishes Viera with an inside heelhook QUICK. Dean Lister def Rodolfo Viera by Inside Heelhook.

Xande Ribeiro vs Joao Assis

Assis and Ribeiro just hand fighting looking for collar and elbow grip. Most of the time spent so far looking for a clinch advantage. Both now working on the mat with Ribeiro sitting up and Assis kneeling on both knees. Assis looking to work a guard pass with an arm overhooking and leg and through between Ribeiro's legs. Ribeiro perhaps looking to sweep but Assis has deep half guard. Assis is really deep now and Ribeiro is defending and blocking.

Ribeiro has threaded an arm through to try and break up Assis grip. Ribeiro is able to swing over with Assis and attempts an armbar that Assis is trying to stall out.

Back to standing, Ribeiro tries a throw that Assis blocks and ends getting to mount. Assis now has Ribeiro's back with both hooks. Assis manages to get the Rear Naked Choke and finishes Ribeiro! Joao Assis def Xande Ribeiro by Rear Naked Choke.



Vinny Magalhaes vs Gerardi Rinaldi

Vinny looking to get things going on the ground early dropping to his back and trying to work armdrags and sweeps. Vinny looking for a footlock but Rinaldi defends. Vinny still content to work his open guard and now look for sweeps. Vinny showing off his flexibility and dexteriry from the bottom. Kimura attempt by Vinny but Rinaldi able to escape.

Rinaldi may have scored a takedown and Vinny is still interested in scooting on the mat. I'd have thought points would be scoring against him soon. Vinny trying to work deep half guard. Vinny stands up after grabbing a leg but Rinaldi hops to out of bounds.

Rinaldi trying to work a front headlock and Vinny content to stay on the mat. Rinaldi has a college wrestling background so a stand up by Vinny would put him in immediate danger to have points scored against him.

Now in over time where points are deffinitely a factor. Vinny has to stand and is the one trying to shoot but Rinaldi defends. Vinny gives up and sits. Vinny is able to sneak around and try to get the back from sitting to standing, Rinaldi hip throw attempts and they're out of bounds. Reset and Vinny has the back and is able to eventually get his hooks in and score points.

Rinaldi gets back into Vinny's guard. Stands up out and Vinny has a variation of the De La Riva guard. Rinaldi is trying to untangle his leg and takes a knee with Vinny still looking to work something from sitting guard. Vinny wins on points. Vinny Magalhaes def Gerardi Rinaldi by Points.

Fabricio Werdum vs Roberto 'Cyborg' de Abreu

Cyborg gets things going early with an armdrag to a single-leg attempt but Werdum able to defend and remain standing. After some feeling out Werdum tries his own arm-drag but they go out of bounds.

Neither guy has wanted to pull guard or butt scoot even though no points will score against them as yet. Working very hard for collar and elbow control with a couple of out of bounds occurrences. Lots of takedown attempts with neither scoring on the other due to out of bounds. Werdum looking for a single but Cyborg defends well.

Failed shot by Cybrog, Werdum working front headlock but Cyborg able to work a sweep. Cyborg sits to guard and looks to attack Werdum, some jawing going on from both guys. Cuborg drives into Wrdum to out of bounds and a collission into a barrier that hurts Werdum a little.

Werdum's agression and takedowns appears to have won him the fight on points. Fabricio Werdum def Roberto Cyborg by Points.


Womens Semi Finals

Womens -60kg

Luanna Alzuguir vs Michelle Nicolinni

Nicolinni pulls guard and has an overhook but Alzuguir is able to limp arm out. Leg lock attempt by Alzuguir but defended and out of bounds.

Alzuguir on top in Nicolinni's guard trying to control the wrist and pin it under Nicoliini. Good hand fighting and wrist control from Nicolinni to slow down Alzuguir. Alzuguir lifts up Nicolinni who holds on to guard with an over-under grip. Nicolinni trying to get a triangle on Alzuguir and she manages to clear an arm. Alzuguir tucks her arm and hugs the body to defend. Nicolinni switches to Reverse Triangle to try and finish using her arms to squeeze. Alzuguir stacks and tripods to giver her space to work.

Nicolinni transitions to omoplata looking for a sweep, Alzuguir defends and back to Nicolinni's guard who butterflys and tries to sweep.

Back to their feet and more hand fighting. Nicolinni pulls guard but doesn't appear to concede points. Alzuguir remains standing trying to pass and maintain balance. Nicolinni working 50/50 from the bottom. Trading heelhooks to out of bounds and a reset. Nicolinni manages to take the back from a sweep with hooks and must score 3 points now. Alzuguir able to turn into half guard but Nicolinni retains guard. Alzuguir stands up out of Nicolinni's guard.

Back in guard and Nicollini has cleared Alzuguir head and tryng to pull her leg over for an omoplata.

Nicolnni trying to work butterfly but time runs out and it appears Alzuguir and Nicolinni are going to a decision as Nicolinni has Positive 2 and Negative 1 but Alzuguir has Positive 3 and Negative 2. Referee makes his decision and gives it to Nicolinni. Michelle Nicolinni def Luanna Alzuguir by Referee's decision.

Hashi Takayo vs Kyra Gracie

Gracie and Takayo feeling each other out in the clinch looking for collar and elbow or collar and wrist control. Gracie pulls guard and has a body triangle from guard momentarily then switches back to regular closed guard. Gracie looking to make hip movement with foot on hip but Takayo doing a good job to squash the hips. Gracie momentarily works Shawn Williams Guard but then switches to a body triangle and then back to closed guard.

Gracie looking to omoplata but Takayo defends and stops her head form being cleared by Gracie's forearm. Takayo back in Gracie's closed guard and Gracie still has a right overhook. Gracie switches to a left overhook and tries to get things going. Gracie able to set a triangle up that Takayo tries to stack and pass to the side, Gracie switches to Omoplata and sweeps now Gracie on top in Takayo's guard. Gracie works to pass to mount and on a turnover locks up a Marcelo Garcia style guillotine. Kyra Gracie def Hashi Takayo by Guillotine.

Womens 60kg+

Gabrielle Garcia vs Penny Thomas

Gabi ties up with penny looking for collar and wrist control. Gabi has a significant height and size advantage over Penny. Gabi holds the center and Penny is looking for a way to shoot in. Penny tries and fails going to turtle with Gabi controlling on top and looking for head control. After a turn she's almost got a half nelson from half-guard position looking to crank for a guillotine choke from on top half-guard. Gabi has Penny's leg elevated like a leg Turk.

Gabi slips out of half-guard and has side control. Gabi is working an Americana, one of her go-to moves in competition. Gabi maintains pressure and hip-cuts to stop Penny retaining guard. Gabi manages to power through with the Americana to get the tap. Gabi Garcia def Penny Thomas by Americana.

Ida Hansson vs Hannette Staack

Both women are looking to hand fight and get in close in the early stages of this match. On the ground now and Hansson is playing sit up guard but Staack is able to flatten her on the ground to half-guard. Staack passes to mount. Staack looked like she was setting up an arm-triangle but Hansson defends. After some turning Staack is able to take Hanssons back with double unders and a bar-arm 1-on-1 grip. We're still in the non-scoring half of the fight. Good defense attempt by Hansson but Staack is able to remain on top. Staack put back in half-guard by Hansson.

After some good counters and escapes both end up in 50/50 with both looking for heelhooks. Staack looks like she finishes on points though there may have been a tap. Will have to confirm. Hannette Staack def Ida Hansson by Points.

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