Lineal Champions Part 6: Dream

Here were go with part 6 of 'lineal champions'. Today we are focusing on Dream, which is interesting because it is still a functioning, active Japanese MMA promotion. Dream still has most of it's formal champions intact, but this is an informative piece about the lineal title holders, the people who beat the belt holders, and the people who defeated them and so on and so forth...

Dream has crowned champions in the Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, Middleweight, Welterweight, Lightweight, and Featherweight divisions.

Heavyweight - Alistair Overeem knocked out Todd Duffee to be crowned the Dream Interim Heavyweight Champion. End of story.

Current Dream Heavyweight Champion: Alistair Overeem

Light Heavyweight - Gegard Mousasi won the Dream Light Heavyweight Grand Prix to become their first champion in the division. He has not lost since.

Current Dream Light Heavyweight Champion: Gegard Mousasi

Middleweight - Gegard Mousasi won the Dream Middleweight Grand Prix to become their first and only champion in that division, but later vacated the title and moved up to Light Heavyweight. No Middleweight Champion has been crowned since.

Current Dream Middleweight Champion: None

Welterweight - Marius Zaromskis won the Dream Welterweight Grand Prix to become their first Welterweight Champion. He then lost the title lineally, but not formally, to Nick Diaz, who has not lost since.

The formal title stayed with Zaromskis though, but he is not the lineal title of the original belt.

Current Dream Welterweight Champion: Nick Diaz

Lightweight - Jaochim Hansen won the Dream Lightweight Grand Prix to become the first champion of the division. He would lose the title immediately to Shinya Aoki. Aoki's next loss at Lightweight would come to Gilbert Melendez. Aoki still holds the formal title.

Current Dream Lightweight Champion: Gilbert Melendez

Featherweight - Bibiano Fernandes won the Dream Featherweight Grand Prix to become the first champion of the division for Dream. Fernandes would then lose the title lineally and formally to Hiroyuki Takaya. Takaya would then lose the title lineally to Robert Peralta in a preliminary Strikeforce fight, Peralta was eventually brought over to the UFC. Takeya still holds the formal title.

Current Dream Featherweight Champion: Robert Peralta

So, because Dream is still around and has yet to fold, unfortunately there is a schism in 3 different weight classes, where the champions have lost their titles lineally to other opponents, but formally still retain them due to promotional doundaries. But this write up is about lineal champions who by record, are the champions in spirit, as opposed to the guys who still hold the belts that don't have much weight.

The lineal Dream Champions stand as Alistair Overeem, Gegard Mousasi, Nick Diaz, Gilbert Melendez, and Robert Peralta.

The formal champs remain as Overeem, Mousasi, Marius Zaromskis, Shinya Aoki, and Hiroyuki Takeya

If you had fun with these, there are plenty that came before to check out and more then a few still coming. The lineal history of the UFC Heavyweight titles, Part 1: Pride Lineal Champions, Part 2: IFL, Part 3: EliteXC, Part 4: WEC, Part 5: Sengoku

Comments, constructive criticism, and of course the precious 'recs' are more then welcome. Have a good one.

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