How to Watch ADCC World Submission Fighting Championship 2011

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Want to watch the 2011 ADCC World Submisison Fighting Championship? The two day event this weekend is taking place at the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham, England and is available exclusively on Pay Per View at with commentary by 2x IBJJF Pan Ams Bronze Medalist and ADCC Trials Bronze Medalist Shawn Williams along with Caleb and Budo Jake from BudoVideos.

The two day event featuring hours of coverage and over a hundred matches costs $30 but order before tomorrow and you can watch at the discounted price of $24.95.

Those who order the Pay Per View will be able to watch in High Definition, as well as be able to rewatch the ADCC on demand from Budo Videos when the two day event is over.

Just head on over to to order now.

Find out who is competing, and who missed weight and are out of the tournament after the jump.

SBNation Coverage of ADCC 2011

Ranyi Yahya missed weight by 9lbs and is out of the competition. He has been replaced by Rafael Dos Santos in the -65.9kg category. Earlier today and according to Braulio Estima's Twitter, UFC veteran Rousimar Palhares had missed weight but has another chance to weigh in to compete in the -87.9kg category. I asked ADCC within the last hour since this post published about Palhares and they have said he is not out. ADCC for the first time has had weigh ins the day before competition, and the day of each competition round (Saturday and Sunday).

A schedule for the competition times has yet to be announced. The countdown for Budo Videos coverage suggests a start of 12 p.m. GT / 7 a.m. ET / 4 a.m. PT


Mario Sperry vs Renzo Gracie
Jacare Ronaldo Souza vs Braulio Estima
Tournament competitors:


Rafael Mendes
Greger Forsel
Marko Ramos
David Marinakis
Tetsu Hadairo
Jeff Glover
Bruno Frazzato
Timo-juhani Hirvikangas
Ryan Hall
Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles
Rani Yahya
Baret Yoshida
Robson Moura
Tom Barlow
Justin Rader
Jeremy Umphries

Jorge Britto
Vagner Rocha
Davis Hart
Sanshiro Nakakura
Enricco Coco
Murilo Santana
Daniel Strauss
Marcelo Garcia
Leo Vieira
JT Torres
Kron Gracie
Augusto Mendes "Tanquinho"
Claudio Calasans
Jason Manly
Kyle Griffon
Vitor Estima
Clark Gracie

André Galvão
Marko Helen
Cameron Rowe
Jeon Doo Kwang
JJ Holmes
Zbigniew Tyszka
Pablo Popovitch
Rafael Lovato jr
Romulo barral
Rousimar Palhares
Sergio Moraes
Paulo Filho
Dan Schon
David Avellon
Gunnar Nelson

Xande Ribeiro
Kari Peltola
Joseph Lee Baize
Igor Praporshchikov
Animal Anzai
James Poupolo
Augusto Ferrari
Kamil Uminski
Rodolfo Viera
Joao Assis
Dean Lister
Radek Turek
Antonio Peinado

Fabricio Werdum
Janne-Pekka Pietiläinen
Mario Rinaldi
Mick Wilson
Sekine Hideki
Gabriel Vella
Mateusz Juskowiak
Jeff Monson
Bruno Bastos
Roberto "cyborg" abreu
Vinny Magalhaes
Geraldi Rinaldi
Fereira Jose Junior
Alexander Trans
Lucio "Lagarto" Rodrigues
James Brasco
Rodrigo Artilheiro
Jarrod Bunch
Rodrigo Artilheiro
-60kg Women

Luanna Alzuguir
Lara Jayne Ng
Hashi Takayo
Cathilee Albert
Michelle Nicolini
Sara Svensson
Krya Gracie
Rosi Sexton

+60kg Women

Hannette Staack
Fiona Muxlow
Penny Thomas
Talita Nogueira
Devi Ahuja
Gabi Garcia
Cris Cyborg

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