UFC 135: Josh Koscheck on Matt Hughes - 'His Days Are Numbered'

Image via UFC

Josh Koscheck is back with his third and final blog for sportsnet.ca, and while he's still a bit over the top and combative, he doesn't come across as abrasive as normal. He's honest about the fact that he likes to get into his opponent's head, but he does give his UFC 135 opponent Matt Hughes his due respect. All in all, the following paragraph is refreshingly honest from Kos:

I like stirring things up with my opponents, everyone knows I do that, but it's hard to do that in a couple of weeks. I'm not trying to disrespect Matt Hughes. The fact is he's done a lot as a representative of the sport, he's been a great champion, and we actually are a lot alike in that we both say what we think and feel and who care if anyone likes it or not.

But Hughes "big-timed" me by not fighting me when he was a main eventer and champion. It wasn't personal, but he thought he was above me at the time and maybe he was. I get it. Maybe I big-timed the other guys the UFC asked me to fight, but I wanted a name and said I wanted to fight someone else. That's life.

But he thinks this will be Matt's last fight:

And I stand by what I said. Matt Hughes isn't a top fighter anymore. He's dangerous, he can take me down and pound on me, but if I am going to get back up there and look at a second title shot I need to be able to get past the Matt Hughes of 2011.

Hughes's time has passed, and his days are numbered until Saturday and then I think he will walk away from fighting. He's been great, but that only gets you so far in this sport.

And he finishes the blog with a parting shot worthy of a main-event heel in pro-wrestling:

If people don't like me, who cares, I keep it real. Don't tune in. Actually, do tune in and see if I actually do get my ass kicked.

I said this after the last blog too, but I'm impressed by these. Koscheck seems better suited to sharing his thoughts with the written word than he is when he's speaking. Maybe people just can't get past the hair, I don't know, but he's never been able to get a message across to me because I've been too busy thinking he has nothing interesting to say. This changed my mind.


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