UFC 135 printable pool sheets: It ain't a party 'til someone loses money


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Hey friends. I thought I'd post these for anyone like me, who has moderate to large gatherings on fight night and wanted to have a pool for UFC 135. I've been doing these for a couple years and find they are a great way to get people involved in even the most boring of bouts + get a fun atmosphere going on. We usually do $20 per sheet (couples often go in together on one), winner takes all — but feel free to mix it up your own way.

It's pretty straight forward, but on another MMA site (with far less intelligent users) I always got a few questions, so, after the jump I'll explain a few FAQs and include the PDF link, if you want to print some of your own.

Download link for sheets:


Firstly, you'll need a score keeper/banker. The top part of the sheet rips off so drunk people can keep score/remember who they picked without bothering the official scorer every two minutes. The bottom part of the sheet has a name spot on the top right corner (make sure it's filled out when you receive it). The bottom part of the sheet is the official entry though; "No exceptions!," is how I roll.

Scoring/rules are all on the top of the sheet in fine print. Biggest thing newish people to MMA have trouble understanding is the decision pick. If the fight ends inside 3/5 rounds, you don't get points for round if you picked decision (a decision is actually round 4 or 6, I guess is the best way to describe it). I've also had people convinced all you have to do is pick decision for every fight and you'll win every time, which I applaud and love to watch as their card goes up in flames within the first two fights. 

We also added a 5 point bonus for picking all 5 fighters on the card correctly. You can choose not to include that, but I like the added drama, and rewarding someone for getting the most important thing right, five times in a row.

You'll want to print it on 8.5x14 paper (legal size).

Prepare to have some wanker who knows jackshit about MMA or someone's gf (who picked the more attractive fighters) to win 80-85 per cent of the time. Hope you enjoy.

Anything else you wanna know, just hit me up in the comments. Also if you end up doing one and have suggestions on how you made it better, I'd love to hear that too.

All the best,


P.S. - The arbitrary fightmetric stats located next to each fighter are just there to confuse my enemies prior to battle, but they are the actual current stats from the website, for each fighter.

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