Roger Huerta vs. War Machine In the Works for November Bout

Roger Huerta will be moving up in weight for a planned contest against War Machine.

Roger Huerta is currently training in Thailand, and his camp, Phuket Top Team, broke the news that 'El Matador' has signed a contract to face the always controversial War Machine:

Roger Huerta vs. War Machine. The fight is signed!
November 26th In Texas, for an independent organization.

Roger is now training & teaching at Phuket Top Team in Thailand, his standup is now very very tidy, his mind is re-focused and he is ready to return.

They say former UFC middleweight champ Dave Menne is also fighting on the card.

War Machine says on twitter that he has agreed to face Huerta, but has yet to sign his contract as he is still scheduled to face Gideon Ray at Chicago Cagefighting Championship this October. That would be his first bout since being released from prison for assault charges.

The planned bout is going to be at 170 lbs, meaning that the former UFC and Bellator fighter in Roger Huerta, will be moving up in weight for the contest.

UPDATE: Roger Huerta talked to James Goyder over at MMAMania about this trial move to welterweight:

"I’m at that point where as soon as the bell rings I’m going back to my old style where I come at guys 100 miles an hour, basically non stop. The mentality is to take these guys to the deep end and drown them."

"What I started to realize is that I don’t have a lot of fat to lose so I was losing strength and muscle and I started to fight weak and I don’t know if I wasn't doing the weight cutting properly. I’ve fought at 170 before and at catchweights like 160, 165 and then I started dieting to fight at 155 and did very well but it started tapering of so I wanted to try this out, its like a trial run to see how I feel competing at this weight. When I train I am grappling with heavier guys and I’m as strong or stronger as the guys who fight at 170 lbs and I thought to myself, ‘I can still have the same strength at 170 lbs but I will have more speed'."

Roger Huerta (21-5-1):
Loss - Eddie Alvarez - TKO (Doctor Stoppage) - Bellator 33
Loss - Pat Curran - Decision (Unanimous) - Bellator 17
Win - Chad Hinton - Submission (Kneebar) - Bellator 13

Jon "War Machine" Koppenhaver (11-4):
Loss - John Alessio - Technical submission (rear naked choke) - TPF 5
Win - Zach Light - Technical submission (rear naked choke) - BAMMA 3
Loss - David Mitchell - Decision (split) - TPF 1

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