Why the hate for Jon Jones?


I will keep this intro short and to the point. As we near what I consider one of the most exciting match-ups in recent memory, I have seen countless attacks on Jones. There is an overwhelming amount of hate for the guy, despite his incredible athletic ability, his natural physical and technical gifts, his near-unparalelled skills and despite never putting on a boring fight.

In each and every Jones fight, we, as MMA fans, are rewarded by seeing something that drops jaws and produces 'awe' throughout the living room, bar, party, etc. Whether it be flying knees, spinning elbows, superman punches, a huge array of spinning, flying, jumping (insert verb) kicks, suplexes, and an endless number of other "holy crap batman" moments.

I hope this is not construed as fighter bashing. This is simply to highlight the Jones hate epidemic sweeping the MMA community.

Below are just a few comments I have come across highlighting the disdain for him. All will remain anonymous.

"He’s one of those fighters that no matter what, I just don’t like."

"I like that Dr. Phil seems to know immediately that Jones is a tool."

"I liked it. I can’t stand Jones though and hope that somebody crushes him."

"It don’t matter who wins Johnny cocky Jones is a douchetard and his day will come."

"I don’t know who I want too lose more. Captain Cocky or the Memphis Gangster."

"shut up and get knocked out!"

"Can Jon jones Sound anymore like a lil beeotch?"

"What a sack of shit…His rebukes sounded whiney and childish"

"Disike both, hate Jones slightly more"

"I hope Rampage breaks Jones face! Bad!!!!"

"come on rampage, kill this motherfucker off my fucking tv"

"I say guys who like Jon Jones like so called rappers who wear tight jeans and can’t decide if they like guys or girls." - attacking fans now too. this comment makes a TON of (non) sense.

"Wow, what an arrogant snob."

"Lol, it's literally impossible to make a Jones thread and not have at least one person saying the word arrogant. It just can't be done." - so very true. add in the words, fake and douche and you got it.

"Jones might just be the bigges tool in the universe. i hate him. i hope he is the first octagon death."

"fu@k jones. kill em page."

"i hate jones face." - good one. ya.

"Dude, everyone hates Jon Jones. Wtf are you talking about?"

"He’s one of the top 5 most hated on fighters on this site." - I wonder what the other 4 are.

"He comes across as a fake ass douche"

"Craziest part is when he was coming up and still humble, I really liked him. I’ve never turned so quick on a fighter before" - I wonder what caused the transition? was it one moment? was it a serious of things? maybe refusing to sign replica belts pushed him over the edge?

"It doesn’t give him an edge, it makes him a dick."

"It’s bewildering that Jon Jones is the most hated person in MMA. I can see why people may not like him but now it’s gotten to the point where everyone thinks this guy is a dick." - Someone else sees this strange phenomenon as well.

" egregiously cocky, and something about him just rubs me the wrong way and comes off a bit fake, which makes cocky things all the more unnerving."

"Even as a fan of Chael Sonnen, I can not stand how cocky Jones is at times." - Now that is saying a lot, damn.

These quotes are just a few of the hundreds I come across at various websites, blogs, forums. the hate is palpable. Words like douchebag, fake, arrogant, phony, cocky, and hate are the most frequent. I would love to see a word cloud of all the comments regarding Jones. That would really be something. and by something, i mean garbage.

I find this so strange because I actually like Jones, and from an entertainment standpoint, he's almost un-matched. I can understand the cockiness complaints, but he is the youngest UFC champ in history, and ascended the ranks rediculously quick so I do recognize that he does have some maturing and adjusting to do. As for the phoniness, again, I think he is just young and unsure of who he is meant to be in the public eye. Its not easy to be 24, the UFC world champ, and get thrown into mainstream media, tv, newspaper, articles, etc so I can sympathize with him from that stand point. And if any one of us were that gifted, and got that far that quickly, I'm sure it may go to our heads too.

I just wanted to open up a discussion on the reasoning behind all this, and what events specifically caused the shift. Just a year ago everyone was high on the guy, now there is an overwhelming hate epidemic plaguing him.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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