Lineal Champions Part 3: Elite Xtreme Combat

Here we are with the 3rd entry of the 'lineal champions' where we track who the lineal belt holders of each of the promotion's divisions would be by tracing who lost to who up to the present day. Elite Xtreme Combat, or EliteXC, will be the subject of this entry. The organization is best remembered for their CBS network deal and their heavy promotion of MMA hopeful Kimbo Slice. The promotion was founded in 2006 and on October 20th, 2008 they announced the ceasing of their operations.

EliteXC crowned champions in the Heavyweight, Middleweight, Welterweight, Lightweight, and Bantamweight divisions. It should be noted though, that their Bantamweight division was 140 pounds, but considering that it was won by a formally featherweight fighter, I'll simply refer to it as the '145 pound title'.

Heavyweight - Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva won the first EliteXC Heavyweight title when he defeated Justin Eilers. He would eventually lose it in Strikeforce to Fabricio Werdum. Werdum's next loss would come at the hands of Alistair Overeem.

Current EliteXC Heavyweight Champion: Alistair Overeem

Middleweight - Murilo Rua become the first EliteXC Middleweight Champion when he defeated Joey Villasenor. He would lose the title in his first defense to Robbie Lawler. Lawler's next loss would come in a 182 pound catchweight fight with Jake Shields. This is where a point of contention is risen. Should a catchweight fight, and not an actual middleweight bout, with a fighter who had never fought at middleweight before, count in terms to trading off the lineal middleweight title? 182, after all, is still within the confines of the 185 pound division limit being 171-185.

If you believe it should count, then Shields became the new champion, and to this day has not lost at middleweight, and with his apparent permanent move back to welterweight, it would appear that this title is discontinued for the time being.

If you don't believe the catchweight of 182 should count, then Lawler retained the title, and did not lose an actual middleweight contest until he faced Ronaldo Souza, who's next loss recently came at the hands of Luke Rockhold

Current EliteXC Middleweight Champion Option A: Jake Shields

Current EliteXC Middleweight Champion Option B: Luke Rockhold

Welterweight - Jake Shields won the first EliteXC Welterweight title when he defeated Nick Thompson. He would formally defend the title against Paul Daley and lineally defend it against Martin Kampmann. Then he lost it to UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre.

Current EliteXC Welterweight Champion: Georges St-Pierre

Lightweight - KJ Noons won the EliteXC Ligthweight title when he defeated Nick Diaz via cuts. He did not lose a fight at Lightweight until facing Jorge Masvidal in Strikeforce.

Current EliteXC Lightweight Champion: Jorge Masvidal

145 - Wilson Reis become the first 'Bantamweight'/140/145 pound champion of EliteXC when he beat Abel Cullum for the title. He would then enter into Bellator's Featherweight Tournament and lose to eventual winner Joe Soto. Soto's first career loss would come at the hands of Joe Warren.

Current EliteXC '145' pound Champion: Joe Warren

The current EliteXC lineal champions are Alistair Overeem, Luke Rockhold, GSP, Jorge Masvidal, and Joe Warren. That's it for this entry, but if you missed the earlier two formal parts, as well as the sort of start-up piece dedicated solely to the insanity that was the UFC Heavyweight title, I shall shamelessly plug them here. UFC Heavyweight Crazyness, Pride Lineal Champions, and IFL Lineal Champions


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