Obligatory Drunken Post-Event Booking

You all know the routine.  Man drinks whiskey, man watches fights, man thinks he's the best booker on the planet.

On with it!

For Jake Ellenberger, the man of the hour who didn't sucker-punch Jake Shields when Shields was trying to apologize, I think his puts him on the championship-tier.  He's just won five in a row over great competition, and did what Carlos Condit, Dan Henderson, and Georges St. Pierre couldn't do.  He finished Jake Shields.  Pyle-Howard-Rocha-Pierson-Shields could be good enough for a title fight, but I say give him the winner of Koscheck-Hughes, and if he wins, he gets a SHITLE TOT!


For Jake Shields, even though I've never liked the guy, I feel for him and he needs a second chance.  The UFC trajectory is absolutely perfect for a fight with Paulo Thiago after his massive career-jump in Brazil.  I watch his entrance every day, by the by, and he plays it so cool.  Shields vs. Thiago is excellent, and it makes the second most sense out of this entire rant behind....


.....Alan Belcher vs. Rousimar Palhares!  Honest to Christ, when I was thinking of who to pair Belcher with, I fucking giggled with glee like a goddamn girl scout selling her first box of Thin Mints when I thought of Paul.  Don't forget, Belcher was supposed to main-event a Fight Night against Maia before his eye problems.  The winner gets into the title mix easily and has a Leben, Stann, Sonnen, Okami, Bisping, Miller, Maia, or Munoz on the way.


For Erik Koch, he's still one fight away from a shitle tot.  Chad Mendes has been the number-one contender for some time and has dibs.  So for him, he gets his choice of either the Aldo-Florian loser, the Quan/Elkins winner, of if he really wants a high-profile fight, he can wait for the Hominick-Jung winner.  Or he could try his hand against Mike Brown or the Phan-Garcia winner.  Either way, I see Koch as the #2 contender behind Mendes, so it's on him.


Evan Dunham got back to his winning ways in a fantastic scrap with Shamar Bailey.  He couldn't finish him, which is troubling.  A fight against someone that will take the fight to him like Edson Barboza, Jim Miller, or Ross Pearson would be awesome.


Ken Stone saved his job, and the oft-concussed ATT gymnast should either have a fight against Raphael Assunção or Yves Jabuoin


TJ Waldburger needs to fight Erick Silva and that's that.


Since the UFC likes to protect their TUF winners, I don't know what they want to do with Court.  They could play it kinda safe and give him a Constantinos Philippou, or maybe they dial it up with a Dan Miller.  Maybe they find a middle ground with Jorge Rivera or a Ring/Boetsch loser.  Perhaps Ed Herman?

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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