HDNet Fights: Legacy Fighting Championship 8 Results and Live Discussion

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Tonight is kind of a big night for HDNet. Their show "Inside MMA" celebrates its 200th episode with guests Pat Miletich and "Big" John McCarthy looking back at the past 200 shows and also dissecting the "who's who" of MMA at this current time. After the show wraps up, HDNet will take you live to Houston, TX where Legacy Fighting Championship 8 is taking place with a card headlined by Pete Spratt taking on Jorge Patino for the 170lb title. The co-main event is Andrew Craig vs Eric Schambari. As with all cards, Bloody Elbow will be hosting a play by play and commentary of the event. Please join us for a night of fights and discussion. The card starts at 10pm ET only on HDNet. 

Full card after the jump...

Rashon Lewis vs Ricardo Talavera

Round 1: Lost internet, got nothing for this round. Sounds like Ricardo Talavera won it pretty handily. 

Round 2: Rashon has been stalking in the second round with leg kicks. Ricardo pushes forward and clinches against the cage. Ricardo has underhooks and finishes the takedown ending in side control. Rashon stands up but Ricardo has a tight anaconda choke. Lewis survives and starts throwing some massive punches as the round ends. Nice round for Ricardo but Rashon ended as the aggressor. 10-9 Ricardo Talavera

Round 3: Rashon opens the round with a spinning back kick. And again. Neither land but both dazzle the crowd. HOLY CRAP A THRID ONE! This guy is wild! Okay he goes to the legs with kicks. Ref looking for more action. Another leg kick by Lewis. Talavera coming forward and he receives a jab to his grill piece. Sounds like Talavera is down two rounds. He's only got 30 seconds left and he's not doing anything. What's with this guy? Terrible. TERRIBLE! Round ends with Ricardo Talavera shooting a takedown. 10-9 Lewis. Neither looked really good. Let's see what the judges say. 

Official Result: Rashon Lewis by Split Decision (30-27 Lewis, 29-28 Talavera, 29-28 Rashon Lewis) LOL WHAT?


Larry Crowe vs Ike Villanueva

Round 1: Ike is the first to strike with some wild punches. Larry Crowe looks a bit more technical with his strikes. Crowe shoots the double and gets the fight to the ground. Crowd is chanting for Crowe who is trying to create space. Crowe passes and gets half guard. Villanueva regains full guard. Larry Crowe is active from the top but nothing is landing with any effectiveness. Crowe is active on the ground but hasn't landed anything. Villanueva sweeps to his feet and just rag doll tosses Crowe to the ground. He lands a knee as Larry Crowe is on his way up. Crowe shoots in and receives a knee to the guts for his troubles. He backs Villanueva against the cage and they are fighting from the clinch with 30 seconds left. They separate and fight in the clinch as the round ends. 10-9 Larry Crowe for ground control.

Round 2: Crowe lands a quick right to the jaw. Villanueva throws wild punches coming forward. He clinches against the cage. Crowe and Villanueva trade punches. Crowe looks to be a bit tired with his mouth wide open. His hands are low too but whatever guy throws a high kick and knocks out Ike Villanueva. HAHAHA WHAT? Larry Crowe with an awesome headkick knockout. 

Official Result: Larry Crowe by Knock Out (Head Kick)


John Malbrough vs Jeff Rexroad

Round 1: Malbrough working the legs with an outside and inside kicks. He's got the Thai clinch and is landing knees to the body. Fight is on the ground. Rexroad is working mission control. Rexroad has the ability to lock a triangle if he can free his left leg but he's just not doing it. Working for an omoplata but he doesn't complete it. Rexroad working from the bottom. Malbrough isn't really doing much from the top. No idea how the ref isn't standing them up with this kind of inactivity from the top. Malbrough stands up and Rexroad rolls through to a knee bar but doesn't attack the legs. Malbrough is in side control. He's not doing anything with the position. 10-9 Malbrough but Rexroad was definitely impressive. 

Round 2: They touch gloves and Malbrough with some kicks. He's dropped by Rexroad and Jeff is now workking from full mount. He's got his back with hooks in. Some punches to the face and Jeff Rexroad locks in the choke quickly. That was a nice second round by Jeff Rexroad. 

Official Result: Jeff Rexroad by submission (Rear Naked Choke)


Steve Garcia vs Steven Peterson

Round 1: Peterson gets the fight to the ground after some wild punches by both fighters. Peterson locks in a standing guillotine and keeps trying to lift Steve Garcia up. He finally jumps guard after not finishing one the feet and locks it in. Steve Garcia is forced to tap to the submission early in the first round. Nice win for Steven Peterson. 

Official Result: Steven Peterson by submission (Guillotine Choke)


Andrew Craig vs Eric Schambari 

Round 1: The HDNet Fight gauge reminds me of the Marvel Comics cards that were around in the mid 90s. Eric shoots a fast takedown and slams him to the ground. Schambari attempts to step over to the mount but is blocked by Craig. He's working elbows against the thighs. Craig scrambles and is working his way to his feet. On the way up he is kneed to the legs a few times but nothing too significant. Schambari brings the fight back to the ground and has Craig's back. He gets his hooks and starts to work for the choke. He doesn't have the forearm under the chin and Craig survives. Andrew Craig survives and stands up. High kick. He's lands and wobbles Schambari. He's just going off on the rib cage as the round ends. Nice ending by Andrew Craig. 10-9 Andrew Craig for Damage. 

Round 2: Schambari shoots a takedown but lands face first. Craig lands some punches. Left hook by Schambari. Leg kick by Craig. Schambari with another sloppy shot. Schambari with another shot and he's kneed int he face for his troubles. He pushes the fight against the cage and lifts Craig up and completes the takedown with a slam. He can't keep his position and Craig gets back to his feet. Craig is stalking and lands a high kick that drops Schambari again. Craig follows him to the ground and is tied up. Another slam by Eric Schambari. He hasn't done anything with the take down. 10-9 Andrew Craig

Round 3: High kick by Craig again. Schambari isn't protecting his head at all. I think he's bleeding out of his right eye as well. He shoots and puts Craig on his back. Working from the half guard Schambari is starting to look for the key lock. He needs to lock his hands and this is a great submission. He loses it and is looking to pass. Craig gets back to his feet and lands a solid shot that opens up a cut over the left eye. Schambari is looking for another takedown but Craig hits the switch and then gets the head/arm choke. Uses it to pass to mount. From mount he's just slamming Schambari to the ground and landing some hammer fists. Schambari stands up and almost gets caught in a guillotine. Craig with a jab. Head kick but it doesn't land clean. Schambari drives forward as the round ends. 10-9 Andrew Craig. 30-27 on my cards. 

Official Result: Andrew Craig by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)


Jorge Patino vs Pete Spratt

Round 1: Macaco chants as the fight starts. Sloppy leg kick by Jorge Patino. Does Hooters count as a blue chip sponsor? Patino is more aggressive coming in with strikes and kicks. Patino backs against the cage and Spratt is teeing off. Nothing lands cleanly. Patino was playing possum. He shoots forward and is working for a takedown. Patino does well with circling away from Pete Spratt's power. Right hook just barely misses Patino's chin. Spratt with a kick to the ribs. That sounded like it hurt. Head kick by Spratt. And again. 10-9 Pete Spratt. 

Round 2: Sloppy combo and then shot by Macaco. He eats some elbows to the ear while working for his takedown. He finally gets the fight to the ground but Spratt pops back up. Spratt gets the fight to the ground and is working from Macaco's guard. Spratt stands and Macaco looks like the Thinker from Green Acres. Sloppy upper cut and then a dive for a leg lock from Macaco. Patino faking shots causing a lot of noise but nothing happening. Spratt with the high kick and then combo which doesn't actually get through. Nice body work by Spratt and Patino comes forward with a combo as the round ends. 10-9 Spratt but not a good round by either. 

Round 3: Leg kick by Macaco. Body kick by Spratt. I don't even know what happened. Spratt threw a kick and Patino came forward with a wild Brazilian combination. He drops Spratt and then swarms. He's working a rear naked choke. Spratt survives and stands but Patino is riding his back. Three rounds in and is this THE MACACO? WOAH how the mighty have fallen. Spratt escaped but he's back to the ground. Patino is working another sub. Both are exhausted. This is some sloppy fighting. War is probably a bit of overstatement. I'd say more like the MMA equivalent of the PGA senior tour. 10-9 Macaco. 

Round 4: They hug it out. What's going on? They aren't doing anything. BOOOOOO!!! These guys are so tired this isn't looking good for anyone. Body kick I guess lands low? They trade kicks. Upper cut from Spratt. Patino falls when he comes forward. Patino throws a wild hook and then ducks for a double leg. He drives forward and works against the cage. He gets it to the ground but Spratt rolls through. Patino with a combination that lands. What are Trigg and Schiavello talking about saying that Spratt has Macaco on the ropes? Shin kick lands for Spratt, right hand lands for Patino. Boring round I guess for Spratt 10-9?

Round 5: They hug it out again. A Pete Spratt/Macaco bromance coming soon starring Paul Rudd perhaps? Spratt punches the belly. Lazy punches and kicks. Again, this isn't a good fight. Think WNBA equivalent of basketball. Patino comes forward with a takedown but Spratt runs away and creates distance. I think the Voice said "Lazier than Forest Whitaker's eye"? Patino gets the takedown and has Spratt's back. Can he lock the choke? I don't think so. He's got a minute left and Spratt is looking to stand up. Patino with some powder puff punches. He gets mount and then Spratt gives his back again. Spratt stands and then slams backwards as the round ends. 10-9 Patino. 48-47 Spratt on my card. 

Official Result: Jorge Patino by Split Decision (48-47 Patino, 48-47 Spratt, 48-47 Patino)

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