BE Civil War: Team Spinning Fish discussion thread




Hello! I thought I'd make a post for our glorious team, dubbed "Spinning Fish" for reasons I have yet to understand myself. As of right now, everyone is registered on playground and in the proper camp, so we are good to go.

Here is a complete list of our team members:

Horselover Fat (captain)

Ulf Murphy




Monte Fisto


Body Triangle


Empty Thoughts

Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist




Dark Carnival 220


I urge everyone to make sure to have preliminary picks made for at least the next two-three events done at all times. You can always go back and change your picks an unlimited amount of times, all the way up to the morning the day of the event. This is good thinking, in case something unexpected happens (computer crash, illness, forgetfulness, etc). I cannot stress this enough; ALWAYS have preliminary picks made for future events well in advance.


Please feel free to use this post for any questions or general banter. I hope you liked my new and home-made "lets mutherfukers" picture. Let's do this!

UPDATE: After suggestions from the team, I've decided to collect e-mail addresses after all. I have a new mail set up, that when sent to, will forward to all members of the team. This way we can have some sort of communication out of public, if need be. I cannot write the forwarding mail here as it would undoubtedly be sabotaged by our rivals, but I would ask of you to either e-mail me directly: g04tb0y at gmail dot com (yes those are zeros and fours), or write your address in a comment to this post. Please remember to include your BE user name if you e-mail me! If you do not want to receive any e-mails from other team members, just say so, and I will keep you off the list and only store your information for emergencies.


Horselover Fat

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