TWIQ: MMA Quotes for the Week of September 4 - 10

Nick Diaz lost his opportunity to fight Georges St. Pierre at UFC 137, but will now fight B.J. Penn on that same card. Photo by Dave Mandel for


"I don't know why he did not show up. Maybe he has personal issues." - Georges St. Pierre, on Nick Diaz no-showing UFC 137 media obligations in Toronto, Canada. Nick wouldn't skip out on Vegas, would he? (Winnipeg Free Press)

"Nick is extremely happy about the opportunity to fight GSP. Nick is going to be there tomorrow, and we'll go from there." - Cesar Gracie, Diaz's trainer/manager. (MMA Junkie)

"I'm a little bit mad, because it's a little bit unfair. I missed days of training to come here. Plus jet lag and everything." - St. Pierre. Look at him, already making excuses with the jet lag. Fighters, amirite?

"I'd be a liar if I was standing up here telling you I didn't know what I was getting into when I made this fight. ... I expected some problems and some headaches, but I didn't expect this." - UFC President Dana White, after Diaz skipped the second press conference in Las Vegas. Fool me once... (MMA Torch)

"Who in the room is really shocked and can't believe this is happening right now?" - White. The lone dissenting voice was quickly escorted from the media room by Zuffa security. (MMA Torch)

"I don't see Nick Diaz calling me up and saying 'Hey listen, I'm sorry, gimme the fight back.' That's just not Nick Diaz." - Dana White (MMA 30)

"I'm sorry I didn't make it to the beauty pageant." - Nick Diaz, while driving around in his Honda. (Youtube)



"Nick Diaz can't handle the pressure of a main event of this magnitude, that's what I think." - UFC President Dana White, sensitive as always.

"I talked to Dana about this before, and I think a big problem with all of this is Nick has social anxiety. He doesn't like to go and be away from home. ... He doesn't feel comfortable being around people." - Cesar Gracie (MMA Fighting)

"It's something he probably needs help for, I think. I think that's why he self-medicates himself with the marijuana. That's my amateur opinion." - Gracie. Nick Diaz smokes marijuana?

"If you don't want to do it for yourself, do it for your family and your kids. It's a little bit selfish thinking the way like that." - Georges St. Pierre (MMA Torch)

"I was ready to do some boxing, and they didn't like that. So they got me outta that, and they got me in the fight with GSP for the same money, or more money, or whatever. But now it looks like they get to save money, and I don't get paid, and I'm locked in a new contract. ... All these dealmakers making deals. All I know is I'm ready to fight." - Nick Diaz, fear and loathing.


"I think he has more respect for B.J. He isn't a juice head and he actually tries technique in a fight." - Cesar Gracie, after the UFC re-booked Nick Diaz against B.J. Penn. Reportedly, a fight with Florida-based fighter Oscar Tropicana was nixed. (Middle Easy)

"You know there's like four top guys in the world right now -- Georges, Condit, me and Diaz -- so I guess everybody just looks at it like they can't advance if they take any other fight. That's the fight game, strictly business." - B.J. Penn, leaving one glaring name off the list. (SHOOTMedia)


"Don’t believe everything you read.  For me to do something (violent), you have to do something to me first." - Brett Rogers, alleged wife abuser. I'm sure Brett had a very good reason for inflicting the injuries described in this police report on his wife, Tiuana. (Full Contact Fighter)

"It’s over and done with.  My attorney is taking care of business and making sure things are straight and that I’m home where I need to be so I can provide." - Rogers, who not only has not denied beating his wife, but admitted as much to police before they arrested him.

"They could have given me a little more respect. I got out of jail and tried calling them, but no one picked up the phone or returned my calls.  I felt like people were just avoiding me, so I gave up." - Rogers, on Zuffa's response to his arrest.

"Dana White needs to man up and pick up a phone." - Rogers. Ah yes, nothing like the alleged wife abuser challenging the manhood of others.


"This February, the wait is finally over – the UFC is coming back to Japan." - UFC President Dana White (UFC Press Release)

"I would never accept his word again." - White, after allowing Georges St. Pierre to use the world "JAQXZ" in a game of Scrabble.


"It's like a cancer patient, like a dying cancer patient. That's how I feel like the organization is. We're just waiting for it to die, to pass." - Muhammed Lawal, on Strikeforce. Shout out to all the people that died. (MMA Fighting)

"It's harder for your opponent to read you if your hands are at the waist." - Anderson Silva, describing how I play live poker. (Veja via Bloody Elbow)

"I told UFC I'd do it, and if Matt Hughes is man enough, he'll step up and do it." - Josh Koscheck, who is rumored to step in for Diego Sanchez at UFC 135. (USA Today)

"I don't really get it. What could you possibly learn? A guy's got a couple hands, a couple feet and he's going to use them all in the ring." - Chael Sonnen, on allegations that Jon Jones had spies in Quinton Jackson's camp. (MMA Fighting)

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