1st Off I want to Apologize for not Screaming "Lets mutherfukers!" as Round 1 began... I honestly thought it was Hilarious! and would have possibly gave me the win in Round 1...   But Unfortunatley I asked if that would be a problem and I got a stern "NO It's Live on MTV2"...  Boooo!  ='(


I also want to say that Bloody Elbow is without a doubt my favorite forum now. You guys are all Fucking hilarious and have a Great Sense of Humor! If we were in High-school and I had to pick a click to chill with it would be you! LOL

Thank you guys for all the kind woulds, funny as hell comments, and above all Thanks for the Luv & Support! MMA is one of the hardest sports in the world, and staying on top, staying on a win streak, and making every fight exciting for the fans is HARD AS HELL... Damn near IMPOSSIBLE...  But I train my ass off every single day to try and achieve these accomplishments.. hoping that eventually it will lead me to a World Title. 


This fight is 1 down and 2 to go... I didn't even go out and celebrate even though I feel it might have been deserved. I am on a mission to Win this tournament and Get my Shot at the Bellator Gold. I am flying back to Florida this morning.. I will relax and recover, then come Monday morning it is back to the grind. 4 weeks away from Round two of this tourney and I'm not playing around. I am involved in something that some might consider crazy including top fighters in the world... it is far from easy to fight this much back to back... but i personally think it is the coolest and most bad ass thing I have ever been apart of in my life. I always wanted to be apart of a tournament ever since a kid as the first UFC's began that way... Once MMA got banned I was like DAMMIT! Then it was brought back and the tournament format was scrapped... very rare minus maybe the PRIDE tournaments... which were AWESOME!!!!

I can't believe I get to tell my kids how crazy I was...  damn right they will RESPECT ME!  HAHAHA


Anyways thanks again and I hope you all enjoyed the show....   What people might not have seen or realized is in the 1st round the takedown slam I did was strictly out of complete anger and rage that literally triggered spiratically BERSERKER style because right before it he knee'd me right in the nuts hard as hell. If you look at my face I was seriously enraged and tried to impale him through the canvas... lol   He was a tough guy and kept exploding, bumping, and bridging out of my sub attempts. I heard he might have tapped in the second but have yet to see the video... not that it matters cause I like the finish i got. I seriously have been working diligently on my wrestling and BJJ and consider myself a complete fighter. I and comfident in my skills cause as a fighter you have to be but I work very hard to make sure I have the skills to finish the fight no matter where it may go... JKD Concepts baby! I go with the flow like water... Bruce Lee may you Rest In Peace. 


Once again if you guys want to keep up with me and my training, fighting, and life in general you can follow me on twitter  @bensaundersmma you can friend request me on Facebook and/or please "Like" my Facebook Fan Page


Finally anyone looking to Represent you can order my Official "Killa B" Walk-Out T-Shirt by Yoked Up Apparel

I personally helped design the T-Shirt the line is taken from what of of my all time Favorite Lines in a movie. Smokey from the movie "FRIDAY" if you have yet to see this flick... stop what your doing and goto rent or buy it. It's a classic! lol

You can always purchase the Original KB Wear T-Shirt off my Official Website as well.  The site will also be update this week by TSM Studio not only are they good friend but they are AMAZING at what they do... anyone needing any Web or Multimedia needs def check them out. They work with some of the Top Athletes, Celebs, Musicians you name it.  =)


P.S. I LUV YOU GUYS... No Homo...  lol   Just hope you still have the same Luv & support even if I ever under-perform. ;P

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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