MY $39 UFC 133 Experience Part 1:

If your brave enough and get to the bottom of this humongous article, please give me a comment and if you find it a good read; do reccomend it :) thanks!


So I was browsing my favorite MMA site, the one, the only, Bloody Hellbows. I do put the occasional comment in, a good amount of pic/gif comments and do the Late Night Fights series which hasnt been around much having such a busy summer. When i stumbled upon the post about TixIQ. My girlfriend lived in the depths of South Jersey (by Camden) which is about 15 minutes from Philly and the sports complex. So i decide to check out the link and see if there is any mind blowing prices. Hot Damn! $39 tickets, and 2 of them! I was so there. As a veteran of UFC 111 and UFC 128 i was used to paying $150 a ticket and when your a pre med major going to a World Top 40 university, money is kinda hard to come by (damn tuition). So i nabbed them! Didnt even think twice. The ride is going to suck (i live in Central Jersey. Right by Piscataway which is well known for being the first town in US history to have 3 NFL 1st round draft picks in 2 years) Less then 48 hours later im barreling down the NJ Turnpike about 80 zooming down to see what would turn out to be a great night of fights!


Even more good news, when me and my girl get there i come up with a brillant devious idea. Not all of the attendants are paying attention and doing their jobs. Section 112 attendant is apparently dropping a deuce because noone is guarding it. We make a mad dash and sneak all the way to the bottom of 112. B-E-A-utiful view of the Octagon. Not too close either where its hard to see the action. See the following screenshots:


Below i have another screenshot, and a full compilation of every fight!



Rafael Natal vs Paul Bradley

Natal/Bradley was a good if not over exciting fight. I was really impressed with Natal's takedown defense. Bradley showed me some good punches in the second round when he clipped Natal and used it to get the take down.

My scorecard: 29-28 Natal
The Judges: 29-28, 29-28, 30-27 Natal

Mike Brown vs Nam Phan

This was a tough fight for me to have a rooting interest. I liked both guys. Brown came out and immediately put Phan in an awful quarter crucifix, quarter mount, quarter something else, and then used his left hand to just pummel him. It was the type of round i can cite when people say "wrestling is boring". This was offensive wrestling and a good ol fashioned ass whupping. Round 2 was a different story as Phan came back strong with good takedown defense and hard punches. The third was more of the same as Brown faded a bit to end the fight.

My scorecard: 28-28 draw
Judges Scorecard: 29-27, 29-28, 29-28 Brown

Ivan Menjivar vs Nick Pace

Not a whole lot of notes about this fight. Pace just didnt do enough beyond his few spurts of serious offense. For most of round 2 and 3 he spent alot of time back to the fense just absorbing whatever wacky technique Menjivar felt like using at the time. Alot of fans scored the 3rd round for Pace based on the 2 solid knees, but i dont think they overrode the good work Menjivar did in the first 3 minutes. If either of the 2 knees had gained a knockdown it would have been a different story. I feel the judges got it right this time.

My scorecard: 29-28 Menjivar
Judges Scorecard: 29-28, 29-28, 29-28 Mejivar

Johny Hendricks vs Mike Pierce

This was my most anticipated fight on the "Facebook" card. I have always been high on Hendricks and Pierce showed alot of promise from the Fitch fight. This fight lived up to expectations as it featured alot of good striking exchanges between the two. Neither fighter was ever in stoppage danger but i attribute that to both fighters having good striking defense.

My scorecard: 29-28 Hendricks
Judges Scorecard: 28-29, 29-28, 29-28 (split) Hendricks

Chad Mendes vs Rani Yahya

This fight sucked, plain and simple. Mendes threw some good punches in the first but was content to toss Yahya around and throw short shots the last 2 rounds. The guard passing front flip was cool but it felt purposeless. As a Mendes supporter and backer when people call him a boring wrestler, he looked like a boring wrestler tonight.

My scorecard: 30-27 Mendes
Judges Scorecard: 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 Mendes

Matt Hamill vs Alexander Gustafsson

Hammer Hamill is a fan favorite among me and my group of friends. I love watching the guy and i rooted hard for him watching UFC 130. But i would tell anyone and everyone that would listen that Gustaffson would blow the doors off of him. And for one good reason, Phil Davis. Gustafsson displayed excellent takedown defense against Davis and then has been training with him for the past 12 months. This was a stylistic nightmare for Hamill and a showcase fight for The Mauler.

My scorecard: 10-9 Gustafsson (before the stoppage)

Rory MacDonald vs Mike Pyle

Rory MacDonald is for real! I was more impressed by MacDonald getting back to his feet more then anything. Pyle is an excellent wrestler and for Rory to minimize damage and return to his feet was a great sign for his future. Once Rory got on top, he started throwing bombs! and Accurate in his bomb throwing was Rory, huh Joe?

Jorge Rivera vs Costa Phillipou

Very underrated fight, i liked it alot. It was a war of attrition and there was alot of heart, and good technique in it. Costa setting up an omoplata attempt right after being taken down was my favorite part. All in all i think Costa did enough to take 2 rounds.

My scorecard: 29-28 Phillipou
Judges scorecard: 29-28, 28-29, 29-28 (split) Phillipou

Dennis Hallman vs Brian Ebersole

Brief fight, lots of action in a little amount of time. I was worried that Superman would Supersubmit SuperArrow in his SuperTiny Tights. But Ebersole perservered and DAMN did he throw Ground and Pound. Jon Fitch should pay attention. Great finish by Ebersole and he has become a fan favorite already.

Vitor Belfort vs Yoshihiro Akiyama

"The Quickest, The Fastest Hands. Vitor 'The Phenom' Belfort". And he certainly lived up to this moniker. What i can understand is not giving Vitor an immediate rematch against Spider Silva. What i cant understand is why everyone thinks he has nothing for Spider if there were a rematch. Everyone remembers the KO but look at this segment of the fight and i see a even, exciting matchup.




Rashad Evans vs Tito Ortiz

So close, i saw Tito drop for the guillotine and i thought he had a chance. But as soon as i saw Rashad get to half guard he was as safe as he needed to be. Tito fought his heart out and i commend him for it. This was a close fight and he had his moments. I hope he gets his retirement fight against Stephan Bonnar or Igor Pokrajac and gets to go out a winner.

My scorecard: 10-9 Evans (before the stoppage)


Best part of having seats were not allowed in: cant get up and buy ridiculously expensive food!


Part 2: The photo gallery we took, whenever my gf gets around to it lol

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