FanPost Betting Game Recap: UFC 133



Well dreamers, the Tito Ortiz gravedigger encore dream died last night in spectacular fashion as Rashad Evans destroyed The Huntington Beach Bad Boy in the 2nd round with a hideous knee to the body and punches. Dennis Hallman wore awesome tights and then got knocked into next week by Brian Ebersole's nasty ground and pound. 

Vitor Belfort knocked out his second opponent in his last 3 fights with blatant strikes to the back of the head. Alexander Gustaffson and Rory MacDonald TKO'd their respective opponents as well, albeit with legal strikes. Because of this, they did not get KOTN. Way to follow the rules, knuckleheads.

With that out of the way, let us get to the reason we all came here. The results of the BE Betting Game!

UFC 133 Points Top Ten:

Camp Rank Points Player Picks
 1 85 D_O View Picks
 2 74 RolloTomasi View Picks
 3 72 cfalyboga View Picks
4 70 sandiegomma View Picks
5 68 FSU_Rugby View Picks
5 68 MostDiabolicalHater View Picks
7 66 beachbum7568 View Picks
7 66 lanky6 View Picks
7 66 crazybones View Picks
10 65 kaploop34 View Picks
10 65 kookla View Picks
10 65 lowellthehammer View Picks
10 65 milk217 View Picks
10 65 beghanbeible View Picks

UFC 133 Wagers Top Ten:

Camp Rank Earnings Player Wagers
 1 $66,533 kcjmac VIEW
 2 $13,730 Pookie_Gnome VIEW
 3 $9,866 termin8r199 VIEW
4 $9,152 SleezyStevie VIEW
5 $9,149 tremblay6 VIEW
6 $7,743 Symbul VIEW
7 $7,448 lanky6 VIEW
8 $7,033 crazybones VIEW
9 $4,642 Horselover_Fat VIEW
10 $3,683 Remo VIEW

Bloody Elbow vs. MMA Mania ------ UFC 133:

Team BE

74 RolloTomasi

68 MostDiabolicalHater

65 lowellthehammer

65 milk217

60 DayGeaux

57 Horselover_Fat

55 chicubs23

48 JohnDanahersHair

47 zakkree

Amadeus: 0 points


Team Mania

Ulf_Murphy - 61

NNR - 66

DetroitDrew - 56

ZINO - 66 BNF - 57 Two_Words - 60 PHISH_NATION - 51 ViolentMike - 38 jayw27 - 45 freenow82 - 55




16 points. 16 FUCKING POINTS!!!!!!! We lose by 16 points with 9 guys against 10. Jesus Christ Monkeyballs can we please get it together for fuck's sake?!?!?!?! If we win an event before the end of this season I will post a hilarious video of me doing something incredibly stupid in the Fanshots so everyone can point and laugh. 

Suggestions for this video (like it will ever have to be mae because we are awful) will be taken in the comments and then we will have a poll forthcoming. God damn I hate us so much right now.

If you want to join us for UFC on Versus 5 you need to go to and create a free account and join the group.

Important: Please make sure your MMA Playground login name is the same as your BE name or as close as possible.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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