How UFC 33 could determine the fate of UFC 133

ToledoMMA here to bring up a interesting point of view going into Saturday night's event. 3 of the fighters on this weekends card were involved in the fight card 100 UFC's ago (numeric order). The main event of UFC 33 was Tito Ortiz vs Vladimir Matyushenko in one of the UFC's most uneventful cards in their history. The outcome?? Tito Ortiz beat up a wrestler for 25 minutes to hold on to his UFC LHW championship. All 5 fights on the main card went to a decision that night. Now do I think some of the luck from that card could have tainted UFC 133? Well in answer to that I would say I wouldn't have took the time to type this if I didn't.

Here is the ere parts about it..

The Main event was set to be a clash between Tito Ortiz and guess who? Vitor Belfort who will be fighting in the co-main event at UFC 133. This weekends event wasn't for a title but the main event had a change to it. While Vitor at the time of the injury to his arm to prevent him from fighting Ortiz at UFC 33 was coming off a 4-1 run in PRIDE FC with decision wins over notables Gilbert Yvel and Heath Herring. The last fight he has before that was the knockout win over Wanderlei Silva. Vitor was then forced to wait in the wings while Tito played contract limbo with the UFC and decided a big money fight with Ken Shamrock was worth more then a fight with Vitor or up and coming contender Chuck Liddell

The co-main event at UFC 33 was a Lightweight title fight between this weekends main card fighter in Dennis Hallman vs Jens Pulver. Pulver went on to defend his title and won a unanimous decision. After this fight it took Hallman close to 3 years to get another shot in the UFC where he lost to Frank Trigg and then a year later to Jorge Rivera.

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Each fighters career took a turn for the odd around UFC 33. After Tito ran through Ken Shamrock he went on to lose his title to Randy Couture. He then faced off with Chuck Liddell and lost by punches. After that Tito did put together 5 wins in a row before losing another fight with Liddell and starting that 0-4-1 streak that he went on before the Bader win.

Vitor had some up and down success losing to Liddell but beating M. Eastman and then hurting the eye of Randy Couture to win the title only to lose to Couture and then dropping a fight to non other then Tito Ortiz. He went back to Japan after that fight and lost a couple battles with Alistair Overeem and lost a fight to Dan Henderson in which Vitor tested positive for a banned substance. After a couple Cage Rage wins. He then decided to drop to middleweight where he picked up some wins until losing to Anderson Silva in his last fight.

Dennis Hallman had mixed success in and out of the UFC and he lost his last 3 UFC bouts before he got another chance in 2009 where he then lost to John Howard. After that fight he picked up wins against ex UFC fighters Ben Saunders and Karo Parisyan in his current stint with the UFC.


With all this being said do I think the some same things could happen close to 10 years later? My answer is maybe. I think Tito will win vs Rashad Evans by decision or lose by decision. Vitor Belfort will fight so he will have that breaking the curse but I see him in a decision battle fight. and Hallman to win or lose by decision. So I do feel UFC 33 has doomed us into seeing at least 3 out of 5 decisions in UFC 133's main card.

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