My first roll.


*note: The Jump isn't working for me.  As in I cannot get any text after it, so I'm sorry in advance*

It's been a while since I posted my last BJJ entry.  Work, girlfriend and more work have gotten in the way of that, but all that is behind me.  If you haven't been following my journey, I'll give you a tl;dr version:

1) I train at OAMA under Matt Hache.

2) I'm a one stripe white belt now with 2 months of training.

3) I love to play defense and wait for my openings.  Or so I thought.

Last night Matt gave me my first stripe, and with that I was allowed to roll.  At OAMA, we roll with the gi 4 times a week, and no gi on friday nights.  I just got home from my first roll ever, and holy crap are my arms tired.

The night started like any other, I walked into the main room and a couple of blue belts were already rolling.  I stretched and looked around for someone my size, but before I could approach anyone a two stripe WB asked me to roll.  Cool.   We started with me playing top, and one thing I have realized about myself (which I'm sure is normal for someone with 2 months training) is that I'm not great at passing the guard.  This guy was clearly experienced and was playing some sort of spider guard with me, something I've never seen before.  I did manage to get him into half guard, where he swept me into a collar choke.  I rolled out and broke his grip, but now he had me mounted.  Awesome.  He opened my gi, which told me he was going for a cross choke, so I went to defend and then he rolled into an armbar.  I defended, which put me back into his weird spider guard.  By now I was in total survival mode, with a solid dose of "what the fuck is happening" mixed into my thoughts.  He swept me, we scrambled and suddenly he is on my back.  He manages to get a collar and extends.  Tap.  

I wasn't so let down by this.  It was my first round of rolling ever, and I defended a plethora of submissions.  I have to defend my collar though, something I learned the hard way tonight.  I took a round off to collect my thoughts before approaching the same guy for round 2.

This time I pulled guard right away.  I didn't want to mess with his guard and I have confidence in my own.  He had good posture, but was shorter then me by about 6 inches so I went to work to break him down.  I was able to sweep him into mount, which he quickly turned into half guard.  I probably had some chances to get a submission there, but I've never worked half guard so I'm somewhat limited from that position.  I was able to get into side control, which eventually led to a scramble and again this guy is on my back.  He was like a little monkey and I was a giant banana.  I defended my collar and was able to get back into his guard, which I passed.  The bell went and the round was over.

I didn't get tapped.  We can build on this.

Next round someone else approached me to roll, another two stripe white belt who was much bigger then me.  I will eventually be competing at 167, this guy was easily 181 or higher.  My arms were exhausted by then, and after an uneventful 4 minutes and 30 seconds, he finally powered through a choke that I tapped to immediately.

One thing I've learned...don't crank subs like that guy on me!  It hurts.  I felt I held my own against a bigger opponent so I was happy with myself.  By this point I had only rolled with people who had siginificantly more experienced then me.  That's a good thing, but I needed to know where I stood with the people at my level.  I spotted a one stripe WB with about 4 months experience who was also about my size.  I asked him if he wanted to go for a round and he said sure.

I pulled guard again and went to work to isolate an arm.  He tried to pass several times, which I defended and maintained my guard.  About two minutes in, I was able to isolate his left arm and shot my legs up for a triangle.  I cleared the right arm, pulled my ankle and locked it in.  Only problem?  I didn't bring the left arm over.  Crap.  As I worked to do that, he went to stack me.  I felt his weight go, shifted my own and swept him into a mounted triangle.  It took me a second to realize what I had done, but I still had to finish him.  I readjusted the triangle and worked for a cross choke.  I got a deep grip on one side, went for the second but before I even had it, I feel a tap on my thigh.  Wow.  My first submission finish ever, and I did it with a mounted triangle.  What a feeling.

I sat out a round to catch my breath, and with one round left the guy everyone just calls "Jacare" is asking is anyone wants to roll.  He competes at 181, and has two golds in two tournaments as a WB.  No one is saying anything, so I think "what the hell" and offer to roll.  

He tells me he wants to work with me on his back, so he gives it to me.  You know how when Anderson Silva drops his hands, you know you are fucked because he no longer see's you as a threat?  Well Jacare just dropped his hands, and I'm Yushin Okami right now.  In about 40 seconds, he gets out, passes my guard, gets mount, cross choke.  Tap.  "You wanna go again?"  he says.  Uh, sure.  I get into his guard, we work for about 30 seconds and bam, armbar.  "Stay tight"  he says.  I thought I was tight.  "One more" he says.  Ok, sure.  Now he's in my guard, which I defend for about 10 seconds before he passes into side control.  He works for an arm, but the bell goes.  "Good roll" he says.  "You too" I squeak out, still trying to figure out what just happened.  

My last lesson learned of the night...I'm just a baby in this sport.

So, I have 46 days to get my game together before I compete in the Ottawa BJJ open on October 15th.  I'm entered into the 167 gi divison, which I'll probably weigh like 165 for.  I have faith that I can fix the giant holes in my game in 46 days.


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