Why not Silva v. Shields?

To get my own bias out of the way, I'd like to see Silva fight GSP.  Yes, GSP would be a significant underdog. So what?  Not only GSP and Silva 1 and 2 PFP right now, they are also arguably 1 and 2 P4P of all time.  They're only 15 pounds apart! Stop thinking and overanalyzing and just make it happen!

Let's say that's not possible.  I'd like to see Silva move up to 205 and fight someone like Shogun or even Phil Davis - a really big and powerful wrestler.  Could he handle that?  What about Jon Jones?  I'd be interested.

But if he stays at 185, I think the number one conteder should not be Stann, Sonnen or Henderson.  It should be Jake Shields.

I know this seems crazy, but to me, it seems crazy that everyone is saying that Silva should rematch against Henderson at 185.  Henderson lost to Shields!  Remember? Shields has also beaten Okami, the same guy that Anderson was clowning around with on Saturday.  Not so long ago, Shields was arguably the 2nd best 185er in the world.

But when he came over to the UFC, instead of fighting Anderson (which, after beating Henderson, he would have been entitled to do) he dropped to 170 and hasn't looked very good. He squeaked by Kampmann (Fightmetric called it a draw) and he had absolutely nothing for GSP other than eye pokes.

Here are three factors which I think make Shields an interesting opponent for Silva:

1) Good takedowns (he's looked bad at 170 in the UFC, but he looked better at 185 in Strikeforce)

2) Great chin (survived heavy shots from Henderson and GSP) and

3) Great jiu-jitsu

None of this is to say that Shields would BEAT Silva.  He'd be a big underdog.  But ANYONE under 205 would be a big underdog to Silva.

And to be clear, I understand why there isn't more mainstream interest in this fight.  I also know that Shields is going to fight at 170 again in a couple of weeks.  But I am a little confused why I never, ever see Shields mentioned in all of the endless discussion over who Anderson should fight next.  

It isn't the fight I want to see, but if Anderson Silva stays at 185, it could be worse.

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