Anderson Silva vs. Unicron and other UFC 134 Thoughts

~Want to know how dominated Anderson Silva is?  When thinking about writing a fanpost outlining who I thought all these guys should fight next, my mind drifted to a plant-eating robot planet from a 1980s cartoon.  Or maybe Thanos?  Mum-Rah?  Doomsday?  Okay okay, you get the point.  But its to the point now where the middleweight division really should just have two champions . . . Anderson Silva and the #1 contender.  They should give that contender a silver belt just to have something.  And this isn't to say I went into this fight trying to convince myself Okami had a chance . . . we all knew how this would end.  Anyone picking Okami was either a) praying to make some serious cash, or b) a born contrarian just looking for an argument.  The fact is the closest Silva has come to losing was Chael Sonnen and he still won.  Now they can keep feeding him challengers . . . Sonnen could talk himself into a big buy-rate rematch, Stann could be sold on his story, and I guess Munoz could get a shot.  But seriously?  There is literally NOTHING left for him to do in this division.  There is only one fight left that really matters for Silva . . . and that would be Jon Jones.  How do we get there?  Jones will finish Rampage and then take on Evans.  If he gets by that, we see Silva.   As for Silva, I would give him a light heavyweight fight against the again red-hot Dan Henderson to build this up.  Seriously folks, what else is there for Silva to do at 185lbs but clown people?

~No, Shogun Rua does not deserve an imediate title match.  He got DESTROYED by Jon Jones, and just because you KO a Forrest Griffin who has already admitted his mind isn't in it anymore doesn't change that fact.  I want to see Shogun go on a sustained run of dominance to prove he is the top contender but also to prove he can stay healthy.  As for Griffin - I don't even know if he wants to fight anymore.  As for Shogun, there isn't much out there for him now as everyone is tied up except for two guys:  Tito Ortiz and Dan Henderson.  Ortiz is game but I think he's earned a rest.  I know above I just laid out some fantasy booking, but I'm not the booker in the UFC.  I could see Shogun vs. Henderson and a test for both guys and a big name headiner.  This is the kind of fight that makes me glad the UFC is going to 5-round non-title fights.  

~Was it me or was Edson Barboza more flash that substance?  Look, Pearson is a real tough fighter but hasn't put it all together.  He was touching Edson's face over and over, and Barboza is going to have to rely on more than just spinning kicks when he starts moving up in this really dangerous and deep division.

~Big Nog became a young man again before our very eyes.  I remember watching the opening and saw that Nogueira is only 35 and I was stunned . . . he's only five years older than me but he looked ancient.  Then when the fight was over, the smile on his face - you could see how much this meant to him - he looked so young.  I love that Nogueira is back, he's one of the true warriors of MMA.  My temptation is to see him fight Brock Lesnar, but I suspect Lesnar will take on a little softer competition (Schaub?) for his comeback.  I think the idea of Minotauro Nogeuira vs. Alistair Overeem (should he sign) could be a mammouth fight.  

~Luiz Cane could really use some time back in the minors to tighten up his game.  Florian was pointing out over and over how low he was keeping his hand and Nedkov come over the top an stanky leg'd him as good as Zab Judah.  Nedkov didn't particularly impressed me, he couldn't get a takedown and he just swung - but Cane couldn't keep his hands up and got caught.  Oh well.

~Dan Miller is a grown-ass man.  It drives me crazy to think that Dan Hardy keeps getting chance after chance even though he's been beaten convincingly four straight fights but Dan Miller might get cut now.  Oh, and Rousimar Palhares, a really great fighter, needs to get his head in the game.  Against Marquardt he complained and got knocked out for it, and in this fight he stopped fighting even though the referee did nothing to indicate the fight was over and almost got knocked out again.  He has all the tools, but he just keeps making these glaring mental mistakes.

-Thiago Tavares beat Spencer Fisher . . . ok.  Not sure where either of these guys go.

~I REALLY enjoyed Kenny Florian on commentary.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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