Chael Sonnen "Fedor is inexperienced in MMA"

Chael Sonnen is certainly a man who is no stranger to controversy and speaks his mind. With UFC Rio coming up this weekend Chael is attempting to derail the title run of Nemesis Anderson Silva and plans by doing it via the corner of Yushin Okami. He recently partnered up with the Japanese fighter and has been helping him train for his rematch with the UFC middleweight champion. We had a chance to briefly speak to Sonnen as he lets us in on how training has been going for Okami, talks his match coming up with Brian Stann, Fedor, Jon Jones vs. Rampage and Dan Henderson.

FHTV: What is your favorite brand of cereal? (a 13 year fan asked us if you could answer that)

CS: Cinnamon Toast Crunch

FHTV: If you could punch any two people straight in the face living or dead (could be historical figure) who would it be and why?

CS: Ryan Picrella, He knows why and Hitler. I hate that he escaped punishment through suicide.

FHTV: How long will you be staying in Rio?

CS: I will be here until the fight (Silva vs. Okami) is over.

FHTV: Given the subject matter of some statements you make, do you ever get heckled or have you been heckled in Brazil?

CS: I have always had a blast in Brazil, I’m open to meeting new people where ever I go. The show sold out on the first day, so the fan presence will be awesome.

FHTV: How is Yushin looking and what have you two been working on to prepare him for anderson silva?

CS: He looks great. He beat Anderson before, he will beat Anderson again.

FHTV: Would you consider Yushin a good friend now?

CS: My Brother.

FHTV: Do you agree with a statement dana white made about Yushin being the best fighter japan has produced?

CS: Oh clearly. I think the only other fighter from Japan to get a title shot was Uno, so there isn’t much room for an argument here.

FHTV: Chael, you are known for your interviews and sometimes controversial comments you make, is there ever a time you have said to your self “whoops, maybe I shouldn’t of said that?”

CS: Yes. I told a media outlet that my favorite color was blue, but I’m not sure that it is. I should have thought that through a little more.

FHTV: Given your time away since you last fought, are you worried you might have some timing and conditioning issues coming into your fight with Brian stann? What are you doing mentally as well to prepare from such a long lay off?

CS: Yes, I will for sure. I’m working as hard as I can, but I will be at my best.

FHTV: What are you thoughts on Jon Jones/Rampage and how Rashad matches up with those two.

CS: Rampage is the real deal, nice to see a guy that isn’t scared in that division. Jon Jones is on fire and running low on guys to get fans excited about. Anyway you match those 3 up is going to be good for the sport. I think Rashad has gone to a new level himself.

FHTV: You trained with Cesar Gracie for a bit, how does you feel about Nick Diaz/GSP?

CS: The build up will be great. Those guys are a lot of fun to watch. Nobody in the sport has been able to keep Georges’ pace and Nick will be the first.

FHTV: As a past teammate of Dan Henderson, what did you think about the win over Fedor?

CS: Fedor is a really nice guy and seems like a great person. He is also very inexperienced in MMA and it was a surprise to see him take on somebody with as much success as Dan. I visited with Fedor on and he has a lot to offer outside of just competing. I wish him the best.

FHTV: There are Rumors about Hendo coming back to the UFC. What are your thoughts about how he will fair at 185 and/or 205?

CS: Dan will do great anywhere he goes, he always has. He sets a good example for the guys in the locker room, does what he says he will do, whether he feels like it or not. He Competes with anybody, anytime.

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