Shooto Brasil Mounts Event to Benefit Brazilian Special Police Watch on HDNet


This is a post by Patrick Tenney. Kid Nate got confused. 

This Thursday night Shooto Americas puts on it's very own version of "Fight for the Troops" this time benefiting Rio De Jeneiro ‘s very own B.O.P.E. (Batalhao de Operacoes Policiais Especiais or Special Police Operations Battalion). It will replay for HDnet audiences Friday night at 10pm EST.

Rio's Batalhao de Operacoes Policiais Especiais specializes in high risk operations typically undertaken in the favelas around the city, they're typically characterized by the unique symbol they fight underand their propensity to wear all black gear.  Two recent films have been made detailing fictional BOPE operations (Trope de Elite and its sequel), popularizing the polarizing organization some say may cross over the line in its use of force.  The B.O.P.E. is currently being utilized by the city of Rio to create a safe environment for the impending rush of tourism to the city for the 2016 summer Olympics, and this event benefiting the organization could use all the help it can get.

The B.O.P.E. is a specially trained unit that undergoes some of the most grueling training possible before being initiated into the unit, they undergo significant hand to hand combat training along with their weapons training; one of the men I owe most of my own Jiu Jitsu growth to operates currently as a hand to hand combat instructor for the B.O.P.E. when he's not taking a month or two off to come up to the U.S. and beat the crap out of me and the knowledge into me.

Needless to say, the B.O.P.E. in Rio is very much linked to mixed martial arts, being required to train in it for their operations and personal safety; the B.O.P.E. has its own training facility at its HQ but as you can see in the picture below they also have a link to the Nogueira brothers for their training (also pictured is the man I spoke of earlier who never smiles in pictures and also needs to shave... don't tell him I said that).

Andre Pederneiras, one of the leaders of Nova Uniao and also president of Shooto Americas announced the full fight card outlined below this past Wednesday, the card features some mainstays of the Brazilian MMA scene (some having been in the UFC and some looking to get their shot) as well as many members of the Nova Uniao. 

Headling the event will be a bout between perennially "rising" light heavyweight fighter Glover Teixeira who is coming off of a huge win against Antonio Mendes for the Shooto South America 220 pound title recently on August 5th, he'll be up against professional highlight reel star Marvin Eastman who is coming off of a win over Api Hemara.  We'll also be treated to a match between Ronys Torres who in my own humble opinion was cut from the UFC far too early and is still an extremely hot prospect at lightweight as he's finished 5 consecutive stoppages in the first round recently.  Rodolfo Marques, only recently signed to Dream will be up against Jesse Brock who will be looking to outwrestle the bantamweight star and not get kicked in the head as he was against Demetrious Johnson.   A special undercard attraction will be between two not yet named B.O.P.E. officers and Argentinean MMA fighters Juan Pablo Cordoba and Guillermo Teze.  


Fight Card:

- Glover Teixeira vs. Marvin Eastman;

- Ronys Torres vs. Akbarh Arreola;

- Hacran Dias vs. Eddie Hoch;

- Johil de Oliveira vs. Haroldo Cabelinho.

- Rodolfo Marques vs. Jesse Brock

- Unnamed B.O.P.E. officer vs. Juan Pablo Cordoba

- Unnamed B.O.P.E. officer vs. Guillermo Teze


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