Bellator 48: Live Results and Play-By-Play


As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for Bellator 48. The live blog will start with the beginning of the MTV 2 broadcast (9 p.m. ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

The event is headlined by the featherweight tournament final between Marlon Sandro and Pat Curran. Also on the card, Bellator heavyweight champion Cole Konrad battles UFC veteran Paul Buentello in a non-title fight. Seth Petruzelli, most famous for his TKO win over Kimbo Slice, will fight former UFC heavyweight champion Ricco Rodriguez. The final fight scheduled for the MTV 2 broadcast is a lightweight fight between Juan Barrantes and Rene Nazare.

It is one of the better cards in the young history of Bellator so make sure to come back during the event and share your thoughts as the event goes down.

The MTV 2 Broadcast is live. First fight up shortly.

Juan Barrantes vs. Rene Nazare - Round 1 - Nazare is upwards of a -1500 favorite here and he is blasting Barrantes with punches early. Nazare is tagging him with punches and a big head kick that buckles Barrantes' knees. Barrantes tried to trade with him in a flurry but Nazare had the far better accuracy. Nazare with a takedown and there is a lot of blood coming from around the nose of Barrantes. Barrantes tries to get his legs up for a triangle or armbar but Nazare avoids any trouble at all. Nazare looks for a guillotine as the round ends but can't finish it. 10-8 Nazare, Barrantes did nothing.

Round 2 - Barrantes tries to come out aggressive but Nazare is just tight with his defense and lands a few strikes before getting the takedown. Nazare working effectively from inside the half guard of Barrantes. Barrantes is eventually able to sweep the much better Nazare but they end up back standing. Nice uppercuts by Nazare hurt his opponent but he elects for another takedown. THe round ends and it was another clear one for Nazare.

Before the third round begins the doctor calls an end as Barrantes' eye was completely swollen shut.

Rene Nazare wins by TKO (doctor stoppage), round 2.

Seth Petruzelli vs. Ricco Rodriguez - Round 1 - Feeling out briefly before Ricco throws the headkick which gets blocked. Ricco running in looking for the takedown and can't get a clinch established. Petruzelli with a right hand that gets through. Spinning back kick by Petruzelli lands right to the cup and we're on a break while Rodriguez recovers. They restart and so far Ricco just looks like he may be far too slow to get anything done. Ricco tries to jump in and eats a punch. Rodriguez falls to his back and now Petruzelli is on top but he makes Ricco stand back up. Ricco continues pushing for a takedown and can't get it and now he gets tagged a few times and he looks very tired. Petruzelli with a nice right hand. Petruzelli with a few spinning backfists and a right hand and Ricco drops! Petruzelli follows up with huge ground and pound, continuing until the referee calls a halt. Seth Petruzelli wins by TKO (strikes), round 1.

Cole Konrad vs. Paul Buentello - Round 1 - Konrad pumping his jab out there without really landing it but now lands a nice jab and a few leg kicks. Buentello isn't really letting his hands go and continues to eat leg kicks as he is giving Konrad no reason to not be comfortable. Buentello finally lands a left hand but then backs off. Two jabs by Buentello but he eats another leg kick. Uppercut by Buentello just misses. Leg kick by Konrad again and another jab. The round ends and it was all stand-up and 10-9 Konrad.

Round 2 - Buentello looks like he intends on being more aggressive and Konrad keeps looking to jab. Buentello just keeps trying to move away and is not exploiting the openings Konrad is leaving which is very frustrating to watch. This fight has been awful in a totally different way than anyone expected. Finally Konrad shoots and he can't get the takedown. Konrad continuing to work the leg kicks. Buentello misses with the uppercut again. 10-9 Konrad again, I guess.

Round 3 - Konrad lands a punch roughly a minute in and Buentello falls to the ground and Konrad is on his back landing punches. He looks for a choke but can't get it. Now Konrad is just on top landing a few punches and will likely look to ride out the rest of the fight. They're stood up with a little over a minute left and there is some loose tape on the glove of Konrad and again they're restarted. Buentello throws a few jabs at the very tired Konrad. Uppercut again by Buentello misses. 10-9 Konrad again. Bad fight.

Official Scorecards: 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 all for Cole Konrad. Cole Konrad wins by unanimous decision.

Marlon Sandro vs. Pat Curran - Round 1 - Both men throw right hands that miss, they're trading but neither man lands hard until a Sandro leg kick. Curran tries for a jumping knee and eats a big right hand for his trouble. Leg kick by Sandro. Left hand lands for Sandro and he lands an uppercut after. Sandro is landing early and that may force Curran off his game. Body kick lands for Curran. Sandro is wide (as he usually is) with his strikes from time to time but has not gotten caught by Curran yet. Body kick by Curran lands. 10-9 Sandro

Round 2 - Leg kick lands for Sandro. Sandro lands in an exchange and in another exchange both men land but Curran lands harder. Right hand by Sandro lands. A right straight and an uppercut that follows both land for Sandro. Three punch combo by Sandro. Curran has a cut on the outside of his left eye. Curran misses a head kick. Nice body kick by Curran lands. Head kick lands for Curran and Sandro goes down! Follow up punches by Curran and it's over! OH MY! that was insane! Pat Curran wins by KO (head kick, punches), round 2. 

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