GSP vs. Diaz is actually too good to be true

Everyday when I get to work and load up Bloody Elbow, I fear I will see the one fight I look forward to more than any other, GSP vs Nick Diaz, being canceled for some reason.

I just think of GSP as not overrated but as the perfect fighter. His only flaw is that he is too good at everything. I am not going to make this into a "GSP is a bitch because he doesn't finish fights" piece. I have said that too many times as an ignoramus. I realize now that it doesn't matter whether he finishes fights or not because his next fight completely ruins his strategy.

Where do you fight Nick Diaz when you are GSP.

GSP trains with Freddie Roach, he allegedly has fantastic boxing. We've seen his headkicks, the superman punches, and while not one overhand right connected against Jake Shields you know he can wing them like he's Chuck Liddell. He's got amazing wrestling. He allegedly had incredible Jiu-Jitsu as well.

But I just don't know what he can do to safely fight Nick Diaz. If he stands with him, he's gonna get into a real fight with a guy who I'd say has the best boxing at 170lbs. If he takes him down, he's now facing a Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu black belt on the ground.

Everytime GSP is on Countdown to UFC ### and claims his opponent is the most dangerous opponent he has ever faced, I think this time it is true. There's nowhere that GSP can enact his "I will hit him where he's weakest" gameplan. GSP should be scared, because he won't be able to take Diaz to places where he's unable to attack him. If they stand, he'll move forward and just bang with him. If he takes it to the ground he's taking it where Diaz could be at his strongest.


I could say the same thing again and again but I think I've made the point, there's nowhere he can take this fight where he can play it safe. I think this is a nightmare match up for GSP and I thank god every morning that we get closer to the fight without it being scrapped.


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