Jose Aldo Believes That New Challenges Lie Ahead in Featherweight Division

Image via UFC

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo did an interview with Tatame recently that touched on a few different topics. One was that his camp wants him to stay in the gym, and that the media will have to come to him. Another was the issues he had before the Mark Hominick fight. And he also spoke about future title challengers after Kenny Florian and Chad Mendes. First, on the rumor that he wouldn't talk to the media until UFC 136 actually went down:

What happened is that Andre (Pederneiras) doesn't want me to leave the gym to travel and all those things. People must understand that being a professional fighter is a real job, like any other. And people can't take a day off frequently. I have to be here every day, from 9am ‘till 9pm, besides the weekends.

But any journalist that want to schedule and go there for a story (at Nova Uniao gym, where Aldo trains), I'll be glad to host them. I guess it's great the space fighters have conquered on the press lately. It's a big thing for the sport. I'm just forbidden to stay away from home and my daily routine of trainings. I came here today (in Sao Paulo) because I said I'd come a long time ago.

On the Hominick fight:

I had some trouble making the right weight, but that’s not that unusual. I had a feet infection due to a cut, that was the problem. One thing led to another, and I was really damaged. There were many things involved, it was my UFC debut, and I can’t lose focus. It was a fantastic fight, a perfect debut on the organization.

And finally, what he had to say when asked if he had cleaned out the division if he's able to defeat Florian and Mendes:

Both athletes are high level challenges. I don’t believe they’re the last challengers I’ll have. Featherweight division is one of the most complicated and tough classes in UFC. Every day there’re new great fighters. I don’t know where these guys come from (laughs).

He's right in that regard. The UFC did have to fast-track Florian because they haven't done a great job of creating challengers for Aldo since the merger, but with Tyson Griffin dropping to 145 as well along with the signing of Hatsu Hioki, there's at least some hope for a viable future challenger down the road. Aldo will begin by defending his featherweight title against Florian at UFC 136.


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