The story of Yuki Furudate

- Can you remember where you were on February 5th, 2006? Yuki Furudate can. Furudate was lying smack dab in the middle of Tokyo's Korakuen Hall, amidst the crowds and the lights, watching her budding MMA career as well as the large wager that could have bought her family's freedom slip away right before her eyes....

There's many variations of the story of Yuki Furudate floating around in the MMA-Multiverse; most involve the Yakuza. Other's go much darker...but all the stories tell of a youth born into a bad situation and forced to fight her way out of it (kind of like an American MMA movie, except in Japan. And with a female. And real. Reaally realzies). Yuki's family were of the slums. The poorest of the poor, and seen dispensable to those who took advantage of them the most. Things got bad when debts got high enough to be running out of enough hours in the day to work them off. 

In November of 2004, the debt collectors came to collect but the was no money to be collected. The Furudates were given one year to come up with the money, while the parents and eldest son would work slave labor as a repayment for the debt extension. Yuki, the youngest daughter, took to prize fighting in a desperate attempt at making money. But even in Pride's hey-day, the purses paid to female fighters on small shows just couldn't pay the debts off that kept her family's lives in peril. So Yuki began betting her fight purse on herself, a risky move that paid off. Yuki kept winning, and the purses and winnings kept growing. Then November of 2005 came, and so did the collectors.

The Furudates didn't have the money. Little Yuki jumped between her parents and the goons, and begged for them to give her family until February. Little Yuki Furudate has made quite the name for herself as an undefeated mixed martial artist, and had earned herself a step up to the big paydays of the big show. Yuki had contracted a match at Deep 23: Impact against Deep veteran and top contender Miku "Supernova" Matsumoto. If Yuki bet everything she had saved on herself to win, she would have more than enough to repay her family's debts. She could pay the men extra. The collectors, knowing of Yuki's undefeated record in the ring, agreed to give her family until February to come up with the money.

Sadly for Yuki and her family, Miku Matsumoto was a fighter who would move on to establish herself as one of the best to ever step into the ring. Yuki was dominated by Miku that night. She lost everything she had gained over the past year. She would never fight again. Nobody knows what exactly happened to the Furudates, but thats generally the case with such predicaments.

Ok, guys, I can't do this... Everything I just wrote was but lies and propaganda. All I know is that Yuki Furudates was undefeated, met Miku in the cage, and never fought again. I'm not necessarily saying that the above portrayal isn't what really happened. But I'm not saying that it iseither. What I'm saying is that I made it up. But hey, somebody has to make up everything for there to be anything, right? 

I really just wanted to bring you a taste of Miku Matsumoto. I'll be bringing you Miku's real story and videos over the next week or so. She's a legend of the sport that many Americans sadly haven't had the pleasure to see. She makes a fan scoff at the notion that a female fighter cannot be just as skilled (or more so) and just as exciting as a male fighter.

So if you read all that, go watch the fight at this link here. You'll spend much less time watching the fight than reading all that shenanigans above!



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