Dan Hardy could potentially be a Mastermind Troll

*This is not fighter bashing. Simply a look at a potentially mastermind plan*

March 26th, 2011. An amazing job of match-making by beloved Joe Silva. 

Anthony Johnson vs Dan Hardy. This is a fight for the fans in the truest form. Two guys who come to bang. All signs point to one man knocking the other man out in an all out war on the feet.

We saw that, for about 3 minutes. Then it happened, the wrestler remembered "oh hey, I can wrestle, this guy can't." and when the fight went to the ground (shockingly, from a strike, not even a takedown) it remained there for the better part of the next 12 minutes. A very unsatisfying fight from what we had come to expect.

Hardy was not pleased, he returned to the woods of Nottingham and researched an opponent who would not exploit this aspect of his gameplan. Apparently they have the internet out there because he got to tweeting and called out Chris Lytle, a man who wouldn't enact such an effective gameplan.

After a very respectful twitter callout, the two men came to a gentlemens agreement. They would meet in the middle of the octagon, throw caution and most of their training out the window and slug it out.


Secretly I think Dan Hardy realizes how he can ensure he won't get his walking papers. It won't be through a dramatic knockout, he's been on the wrong side of that one... no, it will be by wrestlef***ing Chris Lytle into a lopsided decision.

"Fool me once, shame on...shame on you... well if you fool me you can't get fooled again." - George W Bush

An astute Dan Hardy must have been watching the American News and learned very quickly. He was lured into a fight he couldn't win with Rumble, now he will do the same to Chris Lytle... Much like the honorable Georges St. Pierre surprised Josh Koscheck and the world after bringing an incredible wrestling pedigree to their first fight, I think Dan Hardy's got an ace up his sleeve.

He's going to make Chris Lytle wish he never had a Twitter account. He's going to win this fight not on the feet, but on the ground. Through a combination of his elastic limbs to protect him from being submitted and the absolutely bashing of anyone who really chose to mix their martial arts against him, he's going to troll his way to a unanimous decision.

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