Your Combat Sports Weekend (August 12-14)

Folks!  Um....I have nothing to follow that.  Perhaps I shouldn't have led off so eagerly.  Alas, it is a FANTASTIC weekend for combat sports!  Woot, I say!

Friday August 12

12:30am    MMA Live (ESPN2)
1:00am    UFC on Versus 4 (Versus)
4:00am    Clinton Woods vs. Tavoris Cloud (ESPN Classic)
5:00am    Emile Griffith vs. Nino Benvenuti (ESPN Classic)
4:00pm    Titan Fighting Championship 19 (HDNet)
7:00pm    MMAthletics w/Team Takedown (FSN)
8:00pm    Cristian Favela vs. Jesse Vargas (FSN)
9:00pm    Inside MMA w/Shaquille O'Neal, Jon Jones (HDNet)
9:00pm    UFC Unleashed (Spike TV)
9:00pm    FNF: Antwone Smith vs. Kermit Cintron/Antonio Cervantes vs. Dannie Williams
10:00pm    Best of It's Showtime (HDNet)
10:10pm    UFC Unleashed (Spike TV)
11:00pm    Strikeforce Challengers: Gurgel vs. Duarte (Showtime)
11:20pm    UFC Unleashed (Spike TV)
11:30pm    Best of MFC 23 (HDNet)

Saturday August 13

12:00am    Best of Legend Fighting Championship 3+4 (Fuel TV)
12:00am    Inside MMA w/Shaquille O'Neal, Jon Jones (HDNet)
1:00am    Best of It's Showtime (HDNet)
1:00am    Best of Legend Fighting Championship 3+4 (Fuel TV)
1:30am    MMAthletics w/Brittney Palmer and Jarrad Page (FSN)
2:30am    Best of MFC 23 (HDNet)
3:00am    Inside MMA w/Shaquille O'Neal, Jon Jones (HDNet)
4:00am    Best of It's Showtime (HDNet)
5:30am    Best of MFC 23 (HDNet)
2:00pm    Cristian Favela vs. Jesse Vargas (FSN)
4:00pm    Best of It's Showtime (HDNet)
5:30pm    Inside MMA w/Shaquille O'Neal, Jon Jones (HDNet)
6:00pm    WEC WrekCage (Versus)
6:00pm    Gleason's Gym Long Island Championships Day 1 (FREE
8:00pm    Blood and Sand X ($15
9:00pm    MMA Fight Pit: Genesis (Pay-Per-View $30)
9:00pm    Alejandro Lopez vs. Teon Kennedy (FSN)
10:00pm    Abner Mares vs. Joseph Agbeko (Showtime)
10:00pm    Fight Night Round XVI: Combat at the Cabaret ($15

Sunday August 14

3:00am    Pound For Pound (ESPN Classic)
3:00am    Alejandro Lopez vs. Teon Kennedy (FSN)
2:00pm    Gleason's Gym Long Island Championships Day 2 (FREE
2:30pm    MMAthletics w/Brittney Palmer and Jarrad Page (FSN)
2:45pm    Ring of Fire: The Emile Griffith Story (ESPN Classic)
3:00pm    WEC WrekCage (Versus)
5:00pm    M1 Grand Muay Thai Championship ($10
7:00pm    Alejandro Lopez vs. Teon Kennedy (FSN)
8:00pm    UFC on Versus Pre-Fight Show (Versus)
9:00pm    UFC on Versus 5: Hardy vs. Lytle (Versus)
11:30pm    UFC on Versus Post-Fight Show (Versus)


Under the Radar: Names that aren't on American broadcasted shows this week.

Mario Miranda    vs. Jason Zentgraf (Fight Night Entertainment: Combat at the Cabaret, Swinomish Casino, Anacortes, Washington, August 13)

David Tua        vs. Monte Barrett (TelstraClear Pacific, Manukau City, New Zealand, August 13)

Michael Katsidis    vs. Michael Lozada (Gold Coast Convention Centre, Queensland, Australia, August 13)


Best Viewing Options: A man who respected Tito Ortiz for the first time in the 10+ years he's been fighting attempts to make you see entertainment his way.

1. UFC on Versus 5: And not for the goddamned main event.  I personally like Lytle and Hardy a lot, but as far as title implications go, this fight is SIXTH on the card.  Yes, sixth.  I'd put five fights before this one when it comes to title implications.  Miller-Bendo should be the main event, but Dana loves him STANDANDBANG more than showcasing a future Lightweight title contender and a former WEC Lightweight champion.  I'm including the pre and post-show in this.

2. Strikeforce Challengers Gurgel vs. Duarte: Once again, the main event is screwed up.  This time, there's not a suitable fight that should be main eventing, but the main event is horrible.  Gurgel vs. Duarte shouldn't even be main eventing a regional card.  The thing is that this card is actually exceptionally deep all the way down to undercard fights.  Moving this fight down and having something like OSP vs. Jardine as the headliner would be MUCH better.

3. Abner Mares vs. Joseph Agbeko:
The Showtime bantamweight tourney finally comes to a close with two guys that are gonna fucking scrap.  I wish the undercard was better, but alas, the main event should make up for it, even if its a short affair.

4. Best of It's Showtime: YES!!  With K-1's troubles this year, It's Showtime has established itself as the top kickboxing organization in the world right now.  Excellent play by HDNet to put together a "Best Of", since It's Showtime has put out quality cards this year.  Definitely worth your view even if you DVR it.

5. Emile Griffith vs. Nino Benvenuti: Those of you that enjoyed Ring of Fire (and I appreciate you watching my suggestion) should love this fight.  Emile fighting with the undisputed Middleweight strap on the line.

6. Inside MMA: I don't like either Bones or Shaq, but still, it's Bones and Shaq.  You should probably watch.

7. Friday Night Fights: Kermit Cintron, flake as he is, can still be entertaining when he wants to be.  For MMA fans, Kermit has a solid wrestling background and is often referenced (by himself, as well) as a boxer who could make the move to MMA if he wanted to.

8. Gleason's Gym Long Island Championship: From one of the most famous boxing gyms in the world, they're expanding their reach and putting on some shows in LI.  Free boxing from a fantastic gym?  Yes, you should watch it.

9. M1 Grand Muay Thai Championship: LIVE!  From the Commerce Casino in the City of Angels.  At ten bucks and at 5PM EST, it's a nice appetite whetter on the rare combat day of Sunday.

10. MMA Fight Pit: Genesis: Listen.  I adore Indy MMA, that's a big part of this entire column.  Indy MMA is gorgeous.  In my wrestling faze, all I loved was indy wrestling.  ROH (2005-2007), CHIKARA, PWG, etc... and I would support them unfailingly.  I cannot justify thirty fucking dollars for a Houston Alexander-Razak Al-Hassan main event.  Shark Fights's PPV effort had 10x the star power and matchups.  If this card was on HDNet (as it should be), I'd tune in glefully, but thirty dollars?  Almost the cost of a UFC PPV?  Thirty dollars more than a Strikeforce event?  Gah.


BV Loses You Money: Five lines that I'd take this week that will inevitably crumple like Tito's midsection.

Last Weekend's Hangover:
If you put down $100 on each of my predictions last week, you'd have today:
BV Lost You: $191!
On the Year: +$14

This Weekend:

Agbeko-Mares +265 Under 11.5

Chris Lytle -110 Dan Hardy

Jim Miller -155 Ben Henderson

Cole Miller -405 TJ O'Brien

Jason Reinhardt +255 Edwin Figueroa


Your YouTube Finale: Someone who's still waiting for Cheap Seats to come out on a gigantic DVD set begs you to watch some garbage he enjoys.

An oldie, but a classic:


Bisping's Island (via chaplinshouse)

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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