The Off-Topic Post

Why yes, I do have too much free time on my hands at the moment, why do you ask?

As you may have guessed, I'm having a slow day and an using this opportunity to take a minute to ask more about you shmoes as well as volunteer some about myself. From my end, this post will have very little to do with MMA, and if the mods feel this should be baleeted, please do so without fear of making me email nate again whining about you mean jerks.

Who are you? I don't mean your real names. I know those that have since come to work here at SBnation have changed their nicks to reflect their status as actual for serious reporters/bloggers, but since I am not among those (until Nate or Geno or someone else hires me), I don't really have a leg to stand on asking that. I mean what do you do in life? What makes you... you? Did you play sports? Do you trane ufc? Are you some 15-year old kid who is intelligent and precocious enough to avoid having those tendencies stand out and get banned from here?

Me? As I'm standing here typing this at work on a dull afternoon, I'm keeping half an eye on the young man browsing the Nas section of the music store I help run. I'm one of two managers of a mom-n-pop record shop. We sell CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, posters and vinyl amongst other small accessories (button, headphones, record needles, incense). I listen to nearly 100% awful music all day long, and to prove it, here's a screenshot of the playlist at the moment:

Bleh. The only songs on there at the moment that I would ever listen to of my own volition are Stevie, MJ and the Fugees. What, I'm 32? The Fugees were hot when I was a teenager. Hell, has it really been 15+ years since the Fugees were any good? Damn. The Score was 1996... please feel free to put an age joke in the comments. I feel I deserve it.

I follow, in order: football, MMA, baseball and basketball. I've attended an MLS game, but it was mostly at the request of friends. I don't care about hockey all that much, either. I'm from the NYC area and have lived at basically two addresses my entire life if you exclude eight semesters away at some tiny college in PA. I lived in the upper west side of Manhattan until I was 13 and I moved to Jersey City with my dad (long story. I do not get along with my mom very well). I've lived in what is essentially NY's sixth borro since 1992. As such, I follow all the NY area sports teams, even in those sports I don't really care about.

Yes, I like all the NY teams. I like the Mets and the Yankees, the Jets and the Giants.

I can hear you say "THATS BULLSHIT" already, but I never hated Steinbrenner or the team. Don't blame me for being from a city awesome enough to support multiple teams in the same sport.


So how about it, fellow BEletist regulars? Care to share some few things with each other on an otherwise slow Tuesday?

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