MMAmania vs Bloody Elbow: Event 3 wrap up.




     UFC 132 was the event that marked the half way point of our season. It was an event where leadership was questioned, and an event where troops were united and finally in full force. An event that saw much pre-event trolling involving threads of green and images of deceased felines, unavoidably culminating in the both popular and despised "banhammer" rearing its ugly head. We ask that a moment of silence be taken for brothers A.K. and Dragon.

     This event seemed to bring the best and worst out of both factions giving the evening a certain anticipation that maybe, just maybe the war was upon us. Even with the rallying cry of their leader ensuring all 10 members of Team Elbows picks to be made the results stayed the same with Team Mania securing their 3rd victory in a row winning by their smallest margin to date and staying undefeated for the season.

      Make no mistake about it, Team Elbow has officially left the "we don't care" mantra to their lurkers. The pre-event fanpost seemed to undoubtedly guarantee at least attendance. The efforts to distract showed that Team Elbow was game to turn things around, and give credit where credit is due, Team Elbow placed 1st and 2nd in this event while not placing higher than 3rd in the previous 2. It just simply was not enough. Mania stayed both consistent and strong with stellar performances from Ulf_Murphy, NNR, and Two_Words to round out the top 5. Sealing their fate Team Elbow finished in 3 out of the last 4 spots beating only our wild card Jay who has stated is vying for 1st or bust to win his money back in our own pool as he is out of the running for a top 3 spot.

     It will be interesting to see how Jay and other maniacs strategy in our own pool affects their performance in this one as we round out the final 3 events. Is Jay just making excuses for a poor showing or is this a legitimate strategy that could have game changing consequences in the Battle to end the War? Will Team Elbow completely throw in the towel after suffering such a humiliating defeat, or will they become stronger then ever after coming so close to tasting victory? Any maniacs feel their 146 pt lead is reason for an early celebration or is the wounded Team Elbow more dangerous than ever? Can Team Elbow win at least one event in the season? As always please check my math grammar, the results of this event are below with both the 1st and 2nd event totals after the jump. Hope you all had a great 4th of July!





UFC 132 - Event 3 Breakdown:

1st - Horselover_Fat - 82 Team Elbow

2nd - MostDiabolicahater - 80 Team Elbow

2nd - Ulf_Murphy 80 Team Mania

4th - NNR - 78 Team Mania

5th - Two Words - 77 Team Mania

6th - ViolentMike - 65 Team Mania

7th - JohnDanaherHair - 61 Team Elbow

7th - Freenow82 - 61 Team Mania

9th - Chicubs23 - 60 - TeamElbow

9th - PHISH_NATION - 60 Team Mania

11th - lowellthehammer - 53 Team Elbow

12th - amadeus - 52 - TeamElbow

13th - RolloTomasi - 51 Team Elbow

14th - BNF - 50 Team Mania

15th - DetroitDrew - 49 Team Mania

16th - Zino - 44 Team Mania

17th - Milk217 - 42 - Team Elbow

17th - Daygeaux -42 TeamElbow

19th - Zakkree - 39 Team Elbow

20th - Jayw27 - 31 Team Mania

Team Mania: 595 ------- Team Elbow: 562




Total score after 3 events:

Mania - 1846 

Elbow - 1700






 UFC 131 - Event 1 Breakdown:

1st - Two_Words - 98 Team Mania

2nd - ViolentMike - 87 Team Mania

3rd - Daygeux - 86 Team Elbow

3rd - DetroitDrew - 86 Team Mania

5th - Lowelthehammer - 81 Team Elbow

6th - Zakkree - 80 Team Elbow

6th - Horseloverfat - 80 Team Elbow

8th - Zino - 70 Team Mania

9th - Jay - 69 Team Mania

10th - Freenow82 - 68 Team Mania

11th - PhishNation - 67 Team Mania

12th - UlfMurphy - 65 Team Mania

13th - RolloTomasi - 63 Team Elbow

13th - JohnDanahersHair - 63 Team Elbow

15th - MostDiabolicalHater - 61 Team Elbow

16th - Milk217 - 60 Team Elbow

16th - BNF - 60 Team Mania

18th - Amadeus - 58  Team Elbow

19th - NNR - 27 Team Mania

20th - ChiCubs - 0 Team Elbow


Team Mania: 697  ---- Team Elbow: 632




UFC on Versus 4 - Event 2 Breakdown:

1st - BNF - 80 Team Mania

2nd - PhishNation - 70 Team Mania

3rd - NNR - 68 Team Mania

4th - MostDiabolicalHater - 64 Team Elbow

4th - UlfMurphy - 64 Team Mania

6th - Zakkree - 61 Team Elbow

7th - Horseloverfat - 60 Team Elbow

7th - ChiCubs - 60 Team Elbow

9th - RolloTomasi - 58 Team Elbow

9th - JohnDanahersHair - 58 Team Elbow

11th - ViolentMike - 55 Team Mania

12th - Daygeux - 54 Team Elbow

13th - Lowelthehammer - 53 Team Elbow

13th - Freenow82 - 53 Team Mania

15th - Jay - 44 Team Mania

15th - DetroitDrew - 44 Team Mania

17th - Milk217 - 40 Team Elbow

18th - Two_Words - 39 Team Mania

19th Bigger Zino 37 Team Mania

20th - Amadeus - 0 Team Elbow


Team Mania: 554  ----- Team Elbow: 508

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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