An Open Letter to Matthew Roth



Dear Matthew,

Since you seem to have become a member of staff at BE (although you're not on the front page staff list) and the prospect that you may produce more vomitous pieces is increasing, it seems necessary to address a few things.

You seem to have two modes of writing; one is the factual 'reporting' style piece such as the Armed forces combat report you did the other day, which as a piece of writing is definitely adequate and was something I could bring myself to enjoy.  I even commented on that piece how you seemed to demonstrate something akin to a respectful tone towards the women fighters and who could fail to notice the whole load of other factual pieces from you that have been posted on BE recently.  I doubt there can be many complaints about this kind of contribution.

The second is this kind of attention grabbing, 'News International' type of low bitching snarkery which we haven't seen much of on BE and is one of the reasons BE is a quality site favoured by many - it doesn't pander to rubbing people's faces in excremental troll-bile from staff.

Anyone unfortunate enough to encounter your micro-tenure on BE Radio (so what happened there?) may be aware of the tendency for your quite magnificent ego to swell from your mouth at unwarranted and numerous occasions.  Perhaps the kind of ego that makes you believe that you are so much better than others that you can actually write an open letter of the bilious kind,  which appears to demonstrate a certain taste for judgemental vitriol rather than a humorous barb as you may position it.

I should be clear here in saying that I'm not necessarily saying the critique inherent in these latter pieces is actually incorrect, merely that the form of your attack comes across as gutter-sniping and unncessary (a bit like this you say... no really?).

I recall on your single BE radio broadcast (or was there more than one?) that you pretty much shat on WMMA (something many may agree with) but which I commented at the time was poor from BE where a certain standard of commentary and dialogue is what many have come to enjoy, as such it was a relief when you were no longer present as a participant.  I now note in your role as a staff member here on BE that you are offering your predictions on the upcoming Strikeforce 135lb title match, even though you revelled in your disinterest on WMMA a few months back, slightly disingenuous wouldn't you say? Or a change of heart? If I recall correctly your tone at the time was that of WMMA being something you wouldn't use to wipe your faecal crack with.

But let's cut to the chase here, I am hoping that you are not going to be a permanent addition to BE in a way that just generally lowers the tone and brings the value and level of BE down to some of the cack on other sites. 

It maybe amusing to you and something that generates comments to write 'open letters', but BE caretakers have to assess the overall impact of something like this.  It is both a fine line and a slippery slope, some pieces that resemble this kind of thing can be genuinely brilliant, but Nate knows BE will never be an advertiser's golden ticket, so there's no need to pander to cheap traffic trollery.

Have you left Headkick legend or what?

If so, much more of this type of sputum and you'll need to head back...

Your biggest fan,


\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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