OFFICIAL: 2011 UFC Heavyweight Grand Prix Tournament Finals!

The wait is over, the Journey is nearly complete.  What has been a battle of EPIC proportions will come to a conclusion at UFC 137!!!

Much credit has to be given to Dana White, Joe Silva and the UFC Brass (or GOLD as I like to call them) have brought us the conclusion to the UFC Heavyweight Grand Prix in RECORD time!!!!




Lets recap:

January 22, 2011: UFN 23 UFC Fight for the Troops II saw Matt Mitrione and Pat Barry compete and win their quarterfinal bouts in two outstanding dogfights vs Tim Hague and Joey "The Mexicutioner" Beltran, respectively.  As a war of words broke out there was much hope that the two would meet in the Finals of the tournament.  Above all else, they looked fierce, scary and ready.

March 26, 2011: UFN 24 UFC Nog vs Davis rounded out the quarterfinals with two more epic fights when Christian Morecraft simply OBLITERATED Sean McCorkle and Jon Madsen was pwned by Mike Russow.

With all quarterfinals in order, we saw 3 of the 4 fights get early stoppages, the FIREPOWER in these contenders was unquestionable.  Though Pat Barry went to a decision vs Mexicutioner, the powerful K-1 Fighter's heart was unquestionable.

Of course, the nature of the Grand Prix was to expect the unexpected.  Naturally, Dana White and Joe Silva threw the proverbial wrench in the machine by placing the dangerous Chieck Kongo in the mix by facing Pat Barry.  It was a great move to showcase the deep striking talent of the UFC HWs. 

The competition was FIERCE, the Momentum was gaining!!!

June 26, 2011: UFC LIVE: Kongo vs Barry
The fans were amazed at the reception of the Grand Prix, while others failed to judiciously move their tournaments forward, the UFC DELIVERED placing the UFC HW GP as the MAIN EVENT of UFC on VS 4. 

What was an amazing showing by Meathead was trumped by the one of the greatest come from behind victory in MMA.  Kongo, battling the mighty Barry, was on the verge of defeat, yet when all hope was failing, he fell back to his K-1 Roots, and delivered his mighty uppercut to instantly knock out the master of leg kicks.  Alas, the bitter rivalry brewing between Barry and Mitrione would not come to fruition...Expect the Unexpected indeed!!!

The fans immediately lit up twitter, while Matt Mitrione told Ariel Helwani that he was honored to gain entry into the finals






As we asked, so we received:

October 29, 2011: UFC 137 Nick Diaz vs GSP

Chieck Kongo and Matt Mitrione will face off in the FINALS of the UFC HW Grand Prix!  Get ready folks, it's been an amazing journey, the world has been waiting!

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