Mike Pyle on Rory MacDonald: 'I'm Going to Break Him'

via www.themmanews.com

UFC welterweight Mike Pyle was given an opportunity to write a blog for ESPN, and he comes across as pretty brash and confident throughout the whole entry. He discusses his bout with English fighter John Hathaway at UFC 120, and promises to steal the hype away from Rory MacDonald when they meet at UFC 133. As you can see, he's pretty sure of himself:

So, it comes as no surprise to learn that a lot of people are backing this kid Rory MacDonald to defeat me on Aug. 6 at UFC 133. I'm sorry, but I'm not letting a kid who still gets ID’d stand in my way of getting a welterweight title shot. A lot of these kids get a lot of hype built around them and they receive a lot of praise through potential rather than any real achievement. John Hathaway was the same, just before I beat him at UFC 120 in October. John was a very talented fighter who had just beaten Diego Sanchez, and many people expected him to just walk right through me in his hometown of London. It never happened. Instead, I went out there and dominated him for three rounds. The crowd went silent as a library and John lost his unbeaten record.

He then talks about the idea that he could be perceived as a stepping stone by these prospects:

The UFC like to build stars and they like to invest a lot of time and effort in these young kids coming through. It makes sense and I get it. What I don't understand, though, is why anybody would think the likes of Hathaway or MacDonald can use ME as a stepping stone to the next level. That will never happen in a million years. I am not the guy you want to face if you're carrying that kind of hype and expectancy with you.

Let's be honest, I was winning fights when Hathaway and MacDonald were rushing home from junior high to play with their Pokemon.


Regardless of age, I feel that I'm a much better fighter than MacDonald right now, and I'll prove that on the night. MacDonald will be in there with a bigger, stronger and more experienced fighter and he won't know what to do. I'm going to break him …

Pyle (21-7-1, 4-2 UFC) has really turned it around since going 1-2 to start his UFC campaign, but he's going to have a very rough time with MacDonald at UFC 133. I understand being confident, but he better not take Rory lightly.


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