Chris Horodecki Talks Bellator 47 Fight With Chris Saunders


Some pretty fortunate circumstances landed WEC and IFL vet Chris Horodecki on the Bellator 47 card tonight where he'll be facing Chris Saunders. He was scheduled to take a fight in Windsor, Ontario last weekend, but his opponent backed out and he was left in the lurch. Horodecki did an interview with Brian Hemminger at MMA Mania discussing how that led to this Bellator opportunity, and a bunch of other stuff. Here's how he ended up in Bellator:

Chris Horodecki: Yeah, it was kind of a whirlwind of events that went down with the Border Wars show. I had about four opponents drop out and it was kind of a whole lot of misfortune happening. It got to the point where the commission basically said, "screw the fight," because they went through so many opponents to approve and everything was falling through. My fight got called off the Monday before. Fortunately for me, the next day I was able to get onto the Bellator card and get set go for this show. One door closes and another door opens. I'm a firm believer in that and that's what gonna happen with the show on Saturday. 

Brian HemmingerHad Bellator talked to you at all before the injuries happened or was this just a perfect timing window for you?

Chris Horodecki: It was perfect timing. I'd been in contact with Bellator before but I was going to fight on the Border Wars show because a friend of mine was promoting the card and also I had a lot of teammates on the card. I had about five of my teammates from my Adrenaline gym in London, Ontario and from Tapout Las Vegas with me on the card. It hit really close to home and it was really good. This things happened and I'm in love with it.

After talking about his last bout with David Castillo, Brian asks him about getting to fight in his home province of Ontario:

Perfect man, it's perfect because being the "away team" for so many years, having to travel and be all over the place, trying to get those fights in. Having that ability to have friends and family come, finish my camp in my house and then drive over to the arena, it's awesome. It's a great feeling. I'm really at peace and I'm really comfortable right now. I just couldn't be more excited. It's been a long time coming. I've been involved in this sport for 11 years and I'm so happy we finally got to this after so many years of being the "away team."

He then discusses his opponent tonight in Casino Rama, Chris Saunders:

He's a tough guy. I've seen his fights. He's got strength on his feet and he's got a pretty well-rounded game but like you said, he hasnt' fought anyone like me and I'm gonna show it come fight time. He's coming to my backyard and I've got a lot to defend here and I'm up for it man.

After saying that he's on a two-fight deal with Bellator, he goes on to talk about fighting on TV and his camp, specifically about his long-term partnership with Shawn Tompkins. It's a great read that will get you prepped for the Bellator 47 card tonight, so head on over to Mania and check the rest of it out.

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