Bellator 47 Live Play-by-Play and Results

As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results and commentary for Bellator 47.  Our live blog will start with the beginning of the MTV2 broadcast (9 p.m. ET) so be sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.    

I will be posting live play-by-play and results here as well as at my usual home, Gals Guide to MMA.

Tonight brings us the semi-finals in the featherweight Summer Series tournament.  The two semi-final fights are Pat Curran vs. Ronnie Mann, and Marlon Sandro vs. Nazareno Malegarie. The winners of those fights will face each other for a chance at the featherweight belt.  Rounding out the televised portion of the event is a heavyweight bout between Zak Jensen and Neil Grove, and Chris Saunders vs. Chris Horodecki in lightweight action. 


SBN coverage of Bellator 47


Zak Jensen vs. Neil Grove

Round one:  They open with some vicious punches from both men, and Jensen has Grove down quick.  Grove ends up on top of Jensen with some nasty nasty gnp.  Grove grabs Jensen's leg and goes for an ankle lock but can't quite get it.  Both guys are throwing shots and Grove finally lets the leg go.  Jensen goes for a triangle but Grove is out of it.  Now Grove is destroying Jensen with gnp, and finally the ref stops it!  Neil Grove def. Zak Jensen via TKO, 2:00 of round one.


Chris Saunders vs. Chris Horodecki

Round one: Saunders opens with a kick and a spinning backfist that connects.  He lands another kick but Horodecki lands a combo at the same time.  They clinch up on the cage, with Horodecki trying to take Saunders down.  He gets the takedown, and Saunders fails to get rubber guard.  Horodecki gets side control and tries a guillotine, but Saunders is out of it.  Horodecki back on top, but Saunders is up and against the cage again.  They trade knees and Horodecki gets the takedown again.  Saunders gets an arm to try for a kimura, but loses it.  Horodecki is landing some shots to the body but is mostly just keeping Saunders down.  End of the round.  I give it to Horodecki for control, probably 10-9.

Round two:  Saunders gets Horodecki on the cage and lands a knee, but Horodecki moves forward and gets a takedown.  Saunders gets a guillotine but Horodecki is out of it quickly.  Horodecki on top again, keeping Saunders down and landing some body shots.  And the ref stands them up.  Saunders lands a leg kick, Horodecki answers with one of his own.  Horodecki lands a kick and follows with a decent punch.  They clinch, and trade knees.  Horodecki gets a takedown again, and he's back on top landing shots to the body.  Horodecki manages to get half guard, but isn't doing much more than controlling Saunders on the ground and landing the occasional punch.  End of the round.  Another for Horodecki, for the same reason.  10-9.

Round three:  Horodecki opens with leg kicks, Saunders answers with a combo followed by a kick to the body.  Horodecki takes Saunders down again.  Saunders tries briefly for an armbar but can't get it.  Saunders is up now, Horodecki holding on to him and keeping him on the cage.  The ref separates them finally.  Saunders runs in, Horodecki takes him down but Saunders has a guillotine.  He lets it go pretty quickly, and Horodecki is back on top in Saunders' guard.  Saunders tries for an arm again but can't get it.  Horodecki in half guard again.  Now Horodecki gets the mount, Saunders is trying to keep him tied up as much as he can.  Horodecki moves to half guard and is landing punches to the body as the round ends.  I give the fight to Horodecki 30-27.

Chris Horodecki def. Chris Saunders via unanimous decision, 30-27.



Marlon Sandro vs. Nazareno Malegarie

Round one:  Malegarie comes out swinging first but isn't connecting with anything.  He finally connects but Sandro answers back.  Sandro clinches Malegarie but they move apart quickly.  Sandro lands a good body shot, then a right then another.  Malegarie shoots but can't get the takedown.  Sandro is landing nasty punches and Malegarie looks like he might be cut already.  Malegarie shoots for a single but Sandro gets clear.  Malegarie lands a left but Sandro keeps mving forward.  Malegarie misses with a head kick.  Sandro is landing combos, and is just looking more effective in the standup than Malegarie.  End of the round, 10-9 Sandro.

Round two:  Sandro is already landing more and better punches than Malegarie.  Malegarie shoots, doesn't get the takedown.  Sandro's combos are landing more accurately than Malegarie's shots.  Malegarie is swinging wild now.  He's landing, but not as well as he needs to.  Sandro gets a takedown and is in half guard, then they're back up.  More of the same, Malegarie is landing punches but Sandro is landing better.  Sandro gets Malegarie against the cage, then takes him down.  Malegarie is up.  Sandro lands a jumping knee to the head, then gets a single and takes Malegarie down quickly.  They're back up, and the round ends.  Another for Sandro, 10-9.

Round three:  Malegarie opens swinging wild.  Sandro connects with a left.  Sandro lands a leg kick that puts Malegarie down briefly.  Sandro clinches up, they trade some knees then separate.  Malegarie still swinging wild and not connecting like he needs to.  Sandro is just better on the feet than Malegarie.  Malegarie is still in the fight and still moving forward.  Sandro clinches him on the cage.  Malegarie tries to trip Sandro but can't do it.  Back to the center of the cage.  Another jumping knee from Sandro, and that's the fight.  I give that one to Sandro, 30-27, but that was a great fight from both guys.

Marlon Sandro def. Nazareno Malegarie via unanimous decision, 30-27.


Pat Curran vs. Ronnie Mann

Round one:  Curran opens with a leg kick.  Mann answers back with a combo.  Curran lands some good punches, Mann connects with a leg kick.  Both guys are throwing heavy shots that aren't quite connecting yet.  Curran is moving forward, but neither fighter is really landing yet.  Curran lands a good left, and has Mann against the cage.  Mann lands a knee while Curran gets the takedown.  Mann is working rubber guard.  Curran twists out and stands up, then is back to half guard.  End of the round.  I give it to Curran for the control at the end, 10-9.

Round two:  Mann lands a leg kick, Curran misses with a flying knee.  Mann throws a combo followed by a leg kick, and eats a punch in the process.  Curran tries another flying knee but doesn't quite connect.  Mann lands a left then a kick to the body.  Another jumping knee from Curran that doesn't land.  Several swings and misses from both men.  Curran lands two body kicks, Mann with a good right.  Curran tries the flying knee again.  Mann with a good leg kick, and Curran tries the flying knee again.  Curran tries a takedown, Mann gets a guillotine, but the round is over.  I give it to Curran 10-9.

Round three:  Mann comes out a little more aggressive this round.  Curran misses with the flying knee.  Mann connects with a good left, then a leg kick followed by a kick to the body.  Curran is now feinting, and throwing single punches, while Mann is throwing combos.  Mann is looking better this round but still not quite good enough.  Another flying knee attempt by Curran.  Folks, we're going to see Curran vs. Sandro in the final.  Mann isn't letting go like he needs to.  Mann gets a takedown, tries a guillotine, but the fight is over.  Curran, 30-27 in my book.

Pat Curran def. Ronnie Mann via unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27, 30-27.


So there we go, Pat Curran vs. Marlon Sandro for the featherweight final.

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