Your Combat Sports Weekend for July 22-24 (Condensed+Expanded)

Another rousing, cock-punching installment of "How to Lose Girlfriends and Alienate Sobriety" by watching grown men and women punch each other for cash.  Ahhhh, I wouldn't have it any other way.

As always, premieres are italicized, while live combat sports are bolded.


Friday July 22

12:00am: Alfonso Gomez vs. Calvin Green (MSG)
2:30am: MMAthletics (FSN)
4:00am: Demetrius Hopkins vs. Michael Warrick (ESPN Classic)
6:00am: Kaizer Mabuza vs. Zab Judah (MSG)
7:00am: MMAthletics (MSG)
8:30am: Firestone Chats: Mike Tyson (ESPN Classic)
1:00pm: MMAthletics (FSN)
3:00pm: Alfonso Gomez vs. Calvin Green (MSG)
4:00pm: Strikeforce Overeem vs. Werdum Undercard (HDNet)
5:00pm: WEC WrekCage (Versus)
6:00pm: MMAthletics (FSN)
6:00pm: WEC WrekCage: Joseph Benavidez vs. Miguel Torres (Versus)
7:00pm: UFC Unleashed (Spike TV)
7:00pm: Eddie Sanchez vs. JC Candelo (ESPN Classic)
8:00pm: Ramon Flores vs. Ramon Valadez (FSN)
8:00pm: UFC Unleashed (Spike TV)
8:30pm: Best of MFC 21 (HDNet)
9:00pm: Inside MMA w/Chris Leben, Melvin Guillard, Miesha Tate & Nate Marquardt segment (HDNet)
9:00pm: Shark Fights 16 (Fuel TV)
9:00pm: Anthony Dirrell vs. Kevin Engel/Joseph Elegele vs. Lanard Lane (ESPN2/ESPN3)
10:00pm: Legacy Fighting Championship 7 (HDNet)
10:00pm: Shark Fights 16 (Fuel TV)
11:00pm: Strikeforce Challengers: Bowling v s. Voelker III (Showtime)
11:00pm: UFC Unleashed (Spike TV)
11:00pm: MMA Live (ESPN2)
11:00pm: MMAthletics (FSN)
11:00pm: Ultimate Reno Combat 26: Relentless (GoFightLive $9.99)   

Saturday July 23

1:00am:    Ring of Fire: The Emile Griffith Story (ESPN Classic)
1:00am:    Shark Fights 16 (Fuel TV)
1:00am:    Best of MFC 21 (HDNet)
1:30am:    Inside MMA w/Chris Leben, Melvin Guillard & Nate Marquardt segment (HDNet)
1:30am:    MMAthletics (FSN)
2:30am:    Legacy Fighting Championship 7 (HDNet)
5:30am:    Best of MFC 21 (HDNet)
9:00am:     A Fighting Chance: The Kyle Maynard Story (ESPN Classic)
3:00pm:    Dereck Chisora vs. Tyson Fury (PPV $24.95)
3:00pm:    Ramon Flores vs. Ramon Valadez (FSN)
4:30pm:    Ring of Fire: The Emile Griffith Story (ESPN Classic)
6:00pm:    Ramon Flores vs. Ramon Valadez (FSN)
7:00pm:    The Warrior's Cup XII Muay Thai (GoFightLive $9.99)
7:00pm:    CFFC 10: Black Eye (GoFightLive $9.99)
7:00pm:    Knock Out Cancer: Alfredo Escalara Jr. vs. Joe Hanks (GoFightLive $9.99)
8:00pm:    MMAthletics (FSN)
8:00pm:    Collosseo Championship Fighting 6: Bushido ( $15)
8:00pm:    BJ Flores vs. Nicholas Iannuzzi (GoFightLive $9.99)
9:00pm:    Bellator 47 (MTV2)
9:00pm:    SportFight X (GoFightLive $9.99)
10:00pm: Shark Fights 16 (Fuel TV)
10:00pm: Amir Khan vs. Zab Judah (HBO)
10:00pm: Rocktagon: Battle on the Bay (GoFightLive $9.99)
10:30pm: Kaizer Mabuza vs. Zab Judah (MSG)
11:30pm: MMAthletics (FSN)

Sunday July 24

12:00am: A Fighting Chance: The Kyle Maynard Story (ESPN Classic)
1:30am:    MMAthletics (MSG)
2:00am:    Shark Fights 16 (Fuel TV)
2:00am:    Kaizer Mabuza vs. Zab Judah (MSG)
6:00am:    Ramon Flores vs. Ramon Valadez (FSN)
7:00am:    Cinderella Man: The James Braddock Story (ESPN Classic)
8:00am:     Triumph and Tragedy: The Ray Mancini Story (ESPN Classic)
2:30pm:    MMAthletics (FSN)
3:00pm:    Kaizer Mabuza vs. Zab Judah (MSG)
5:15pm:    Ring of Fire: The Emile Griffith Story (ESPN Classic)
8:00pm:    A Fighting Chance: The Kyle Maynard Story (ESPN Classic)


Under the Radar: Names you know that aren't on broadcasted cards this week.

James McSweeney: vs. Lee Mein (July 22 Bully's Fight Night, Lethbridge Grandstand, Lethbridge, Alberta)

Charles Bennett
: vs. Louis Sims (July 23 KOTC Shockwave, Gold Country Casino, Oroville, California)

Brock Larson: vs. Eric Davila (July 23 Extreme Challenge 188 - Larson vs. Davila, Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Sean McCorkle: vs. Mike Hayes (July 23 Champions Fighting Alliance 2 - McCorkle vs. Hayes, US Century Bank Arena, Miami, Florida)

Efrain Escudero: vs. Mike Rio (July 23 Champions Fighting Alliance 2 - McCorkle vs. Hayes, US Century Bank Arena, Miami, Florida)

Denis Kang: vs. Seung Bae Whi (July 24 Road FC 3 - Explosion, Grand Hilton Seoul Convention Centre, Seoul, South Korea)

Shannon Gugerty: vs. Cruz Gomez (July 24 California Fight Syndicate - The Uprising, 4th & B Event Center, San Diego, California)


Best Viewing Options This Week: As ranked by a man with the discernible taste of an invalid.

1. Bellator 47: Bellator takes the cake this week.  Sure, Judah vs. Khan is a more attractive headline, but its undercard is absolutely shitty.  Compare that with a free card on MTV2, and it's a no-brainer.  Unfortunately, Bellator 47 should have been much more stacked.  Warren vs. Friere and Ben Saunders, but Bellator did a great job rebounding.  They're showing the Featherweight tourney (with Marlon Sandro!!!!), and with Ben Saunders pulling out, they have Neil Grove and Chris Horodecki getting fights.  Horodecki was a fantastic move for their first card in Canada.  Overall, worth your dollar (which is $0)

2. Amir Khan vs. Zab Judah: One man has possibly the fastest hands in boxing, one man has made his bread on making defensive boxing exciting and an art form.  The undercard is meh, but Khan-Judah still has a big-fight feel.  It's (somewhat) free on HBO.  If Khan gets past Zab, that could set the scene for Paq/May fight, or if he wants to stay at light welter, a fight against Timothy Bradley.  For Zab, that would make his sixth win in a row, and I certainly see a fight against Devon Alexandedr or Tim Bradley.

3. Ring of Fire: The Emile Griffith Story: Liz Carmouche is getting some play these days for being a gay fighter.  But imagine if she was black.  And male.  And living in the sixties.  Yeah, the openly bisexual Griffith has a fantastic and tragic story that should be followed.  How a boxer who called him a faggot died in the ring at his hands, his trying for salvation, leading to his induction into the Hall of Fame.  It's an appetzer, dinner, and dessert of a story.  You won't regret it.

4. Strikeforce Challengers 17: ZuffaForce has done an absolutely AWFUL job promoting this card.  Just fucking awful.  Casuals have never heard of Bowling or Voelker or why they're fighting for the third time.  Zuffa has instead promoted only one thing, that the fight will be in Vegas at the Palms.  Absolutely bush league.  Strikeforce Challengers used to be an oasis for us hardcores, check the live threads.  Normally nothing else was happening and we got to see underheralded fighters put on a show for their jobs.  Posters always agreed "well shit, that was so much better than I expected!  WAR STRIKEFORCE!"      But now since Zuffa it seems meh.  Voelker and Bowling are tremendous prospects.  Kaufmann (as much as a I hate her), is a former 135lb champion and Carmouche pushed the 135lb champion to her limit.  This is a clear #1 contender fight.  MOTHERFUCKING OSP!  How do you not capitalize on this guy's popularity?!  He was on Inside MMA for fuck's sake.  Evenl Adlan Amagov, one of the best European prospects is fighting and you'd never hear of it.  Awful, Zuffa, awful.

5. Inside MMA: Yeah.  Chris Leben, Melvin Guillard, Miesha Tate, and a segment from Nate Marquardt.  Definitely must-see TV.

6. Triumph and Tragedy: The Ray Mancini Story
: Anyone who doesn't know the story of Ray Mancini should watch.  It doesn't have the layers or importance of Emile Griffith, but Boom Boom has a story to tell, especially the segment about Deuk-Koo Kim.  If the end result were different, Mancini might have been the greatest lightweight in history.

7. Dereck Chisora vs. Tyson Fury:
The $25 price tag makes me have the Fitch face a little, but if you have money to burn or other means to watch it, check it out.  This is for the undisputed #2 Heavyweight in England, possibly a future fight with Haye that'll do huge numbers in the UK, and a spot in the Top-10.  Both of these guys are FANTASTIC prospects and the heavyweight division is very low on them, save for Alexander Povetkin, who seems content to fight abandoned scarecrows in desolute Russian villages.

8. Collosseo Championship Fighting 6: Bushido: I haven't wanted to pay fifteen dollars to witness a train wreck this badly since I saw two of my exes at the same bar on $1 Cuervo night.  There's no way this doesn't turn into a disaster.  Antonio McKee might be able to build a new house with all the yellow cards he'll earn and Gilbert Yvel might actually eat a referee's arm up to the elbow.  I wouldn't be surprised to see Kim Couture wander into the ring at some point saying her medicals checked out.  Canada.

9. The Warrior's Cup XII: Muay Thai!  In New York!  The state that allows muay thai, boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling, just not at the same time!  Their logic is infallable!  NO ONE DENIES THIS!  Anyway, shit, it's $10 for American MT.  It's at 7PM, so it's a nice appetizer for Bellator and Khan-Judah that evening.

10. Legacy Fighting Championships 7: This card is so lackluster it barely made the Top-10.  But it's free MMA, it's The Voice, and who knows, sometimes the unheralded cards turn out to be the best.


BV Loses You Money: Five lines that I'd take this week and probably end up begging a tranny for sandwich money after, but still.  Lines courtesy of Bodog.

1. Ovince St. Preux -225 Joe Cason

2. Liz Carmouche +155 Sarah Kaufman

3. Pat Curran -120 Ronnie Mann

4. Amir Khan -450 Zab Judah

5. Over 7.5 rounds -200 Under 7.5 rounds


Enjoy the fights, you scallywags!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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