Jon Fitch Speaks His Mind: 'I'm Irritated'


UFC welterweight Jon Fitch is normally pretty calm and doesn't talk a lot of trash, but he recently did an interview with where he doesn't hold back at all. He discusses why he didn't get the fight with B.J. Penn at UFC 137, then goes on to trash Nick Diaz and explain that he's sick of being passed over. It's quite possibly the best Jon Fitch interview I've ever seen. He starts with the Penn situation:

"Well, you know...BJ's healthy and I'm not. They wanted to get him active and be active, because he kinda has a lot of buzz on him right now, and they can't schedule me a fight, being injured. I know they won't sign me until I get cleared by the doctor, which is gonna be August 9th, I mean August 16th. So I'm kinda in no man's land. I tried to save the fight and I tried to wedge myself in there and make sure I didn't get skipped over, because I was injured and I didn't want to get forgotten about. You know, through twitter.

You know, me and BJ verbally agreed in October when I'll be healthy, but I still don't medical clearance, I don't have doctor clearance, I'm still suspended through the commission. And the UFC, it's never been their policy to sign fights if someone's not eligible to fight through the commission.  I just couldn't sit by and wait and watch my fight leave and go away, because I'm left with nothing. I tried as hard as I could to secure the fight with BJ, but it happens when you're hurt and you're on the shelf."

He does have another opponent in mind though:

"I think Martin Kampmann might be a smart fight right now. He's the only guy I can think of right now who's healthy and who doesn't have a fight scheduled, and has a big name and is a very tough opponent."

When asked if he would ever fight Josh Koscheck, he was pretty adamant that he wouldn't:

"Not gonna happen. I'd rather murder everyone and spend the rest of my life in jail."

After talking about how he screwed up in the first fight with Penn ("I dropped the ball, I f**ked up")Then things get good. He just goes off on Nick Diaz:

"He's the only man that's ever talked sh*t about me, and he talked sh*t about me when he was protected by not being in our organization. He's not protected by that anymore. I feel that his recent career is very padded. He fought at 160 against some very small guys, and he fought at 170 against guys who couldn't wrestle. I've never had anyone talk sh*t about me, and I don't deserve to have sh*t talked about me."

Interviewer: "What did he say?"

"He was just insulting my style. Well, f**kin...if you can't beat my style, then you suck. Sorry. If you can't beat it, you can't beat it."

He also didn't like that Nick talked so much trash about the UFC. The interviewer then phrases a question about Nick Diaz with the words "if you fight", and Fitch corrects him, and talks some more:

"Me and Nick Diaz are gonna fight. We'll fight."


"He has no takedown defense, anybody who can even wrestle a little bit can take him down all day long and hold him down. And I don't see you as a complete fighter if you can't f**in stay off your back."

And he finishes up with a strong statement:

"I'm irritated. I'm pissed off. I wanna hurt some people. I wanna finish a lot of people and I wanna do it in style. I'm tired of being skipped over and I'm tired of being ignored, and it's time for me to make some noise."

Stong words indeed, and completely out of character for Mr. Fitch. Personally, I like it. Fitch has done everything with the utmost respect so far, and where has it gotten him? Sometimes talking some smack is beneficial in MMA. We'll see if this new Fitch gets him anywhere. You can catch the whole video below the jump, and I highly recommend watching it.

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