Strikeforce: Fedor vs Henderson Predictions To Be Smart And From The Heart

The drive from Toledo, OH to Hoffman Estates, IL is 4 hours and 46 minutes of well spent gas money because this guy will be attending live. I haven't done one of these in a while and I will be adding a Smartest Pick which would be a safe bet and a Heartest pick which is gutsy but you are going with your gut for example. If you are a Tito Ortiz fan knowing he will be doing the grave digger after a 0-4-1 skid. In my to be smart section is like who I would wager money on and as far as Main card goes my record is 5-3-1 (lol at Penn vs Fitch) though I usually pick more then main card. With this set of predictions I will be doing the 5 main card fights and the only under card fight worth predicting. I start with the smart picks and then I go with the fan in me after the jump.. Soooooo let's dive in!


Fedor Emilianenko vs Dan Henderson- Fedor Emilianenko by Decision. This should be a overall good MMA scrap. If the fight isn't going the distance the outcome should be pretty predictable with Dan wining by KO or Fedor submitting Hendo. I don't count out Fedor for the KO but his past two KO's were against Arlovski (aka glassjaw) and Rogers who was hit with a thunderous shot that dropped him. I am a huge, huge, huge, Henderson fan but Dan is a mini-version of Fedor without looking for submissions on the ground. They both are good with clinch take downs and I see the weight advantage coming into play since it is 2011 now. The days of open weight bouts are dying.


Marloes Coenen vs Miesha Tate- Marloes Coenen by Submission Round 4. I see this fight kind of going like the last battle Coenen was in for the title. "Takedown" Tate will get this bout to the floor no doubt and could squeeze out a decision that way but I am betting on the fact that Coenen will use her very active guard to pull off another arm bar or triangle from her back.


Tim Kennedy vs Robbie Lawler- Tim Kennedy by Submission Round 2. Robbie Lawler is a brawler and everyone who fights him should be scared of the power that he has behind those gloves. Tim Kennedy likes to fight smart and will find a way to finish him. If not he could steal a decision away from the usual exciting Lawler.


Tyron Woodley vs Paul Daley- Tyron Woodley by decision. This is might throw up a red flag for people who say I thought these were smart picks. I am not going to use the Paul Daley can't wrestle because he does have strong takedown defense and I mean his strength. I just keep seeing a gassed Daley getting taken down later on in the fight and Dana White laughing at his monitor if he is there. I think Daley could finish the younger fighter but as far as the Strikeforce prospect list he is one of the top.


Tarec Saffiedine vs Scott Smith- Scott Smith by decision. Scott Smith has lost his last 2 bouts. So I see this as him down 2 rounds and just got tagged in the face and him looking for the kill in this fight. I don't see him being able to finish the tough Team Quest fighter and finding a way to win his FIRST DECISION.


Bobby Green vs Gesias Calvalcante- "JZ" Calvalcante by TKO Round 2. On it lists the fight with Lyle and JZ off but has recent Strikeforce acquisition Bobby Green in his place. I see JZ being able to get a stoppage and show some doubters he is the real deal.

More after the jump!!!! 


It is time for the fan side of me to get cracking in this piece. DAN HENDERSON IS GOING TO KO FEDOR INTO RETIREMENT!!!

Yeah I said it, after 3 losses in a row I think Fedor will take the money he has made and just live a nice quiet life in Russia. He maybe will stay around but Dana White is waiting to say I told you this guy was done and still wants nothing to do with dealing with him. If Hendo wins by Decision I can see maybe Fedor fighing to finish out his contract. I like Fedor a lot don't get me wrong. But I am a DIEHARD HENDO FAN WARRRRRRRR!!!!!!! Funny thing is I met Hendo at Fedor vs Rogers. I am pumped for this fight even if it could be a snooze fest to a casual watcher. I tell them to go watch youtube fights of bums.

My gut still kind of thinks Marlos can still sub Tate. But Tate has never been subbed. If the fight is boring I may listen to my heart and get all that urine out of me by going to the bathroom at the arena.

I'd like to see Robbie Lawler pick up a win so he can stay relevant. I have been a fan of him being able to finish fights for a long time. Kennedy isn't on the hot seat if he loses he is a army vet so people love him. I just hope this fight isn't Kennedy laying on Lawler.

Paul Daley is probably going to crush Woodley and break him with punches and find a way to finish him. I hope not because that dude was cool with me until the Koscheck thing because it could play a part of the negative part of MMA. I know Kos was talking mad shit but keep your cool. No one knows about Kos being a dick during the fight but they know that Daley landed a cheap shot. 

I want Scott to win but Saffiedine is no joke and this could possibly be the most exciting fight on this card. Scott finishes fights and Saffiedine is good at not getting punched and is tough and has never been stopped in his MMA career. He could pull off the upset.

JZ just beat whoever you end up facing.. The end.

SMARTEST PICK- Kennedy finding a way to win,

HEARTEST PICK- Well it is a no brainer.. Hendo for the win!!! but my heart kind of went with Woodley and I may get a loss but I think it is smart to bet against a guy who Zuffa doesn't want.

 Feel free to comment!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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