UFC 132: Cruz vs. Faber - Live Results and Play-By-Play

As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for UFC 132: Cruz vs. Faber. The live blog will start with the beginning of the Facebook undercard stream (6:15 p.m. ET) continuing through the Spike TV broadcast of the undercard (8 p.m. ET) all the way through the pay-per-view broadcast (10 p.m. ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

The event is headlined by a bout for the UFC bantamweight championship between Urijah Faber and champion Dominick Cruz. The co-main event of the evening is a sure-fire slugfest between the legendary Wanderlei Silva and the always exciting Chris Leben. Tito Ortiz looks to pick up his first win since 2006 when he faces Ryan Bader on the main card. Rounding out the pay-per-view is a fight between Carlos Condit and Dong Hyun Kim as well as a clash between Dennis Siver and Matt Wiman.

There is great action on the undercard featuring well known fighters such as Melvin Guillard, George Sotiropoulos, Brian Bowles and Andre Winner.

Make sure that you come back and share your thoughts as the event goes down.

Brent Brookhouse taking the live blog over for the Spike and Pay-per-view fights. Facebook undercard results can be found after the jump.

Rafael dos Anjos vs. George Sotiropoulos - Round 1 - George comes out looking to let his hands go a bit and he finally connects after slipping a punch from dos Anjos. dos Anjos is looking to get his leg kicks going early. Huge hook out of nowhere by dos Anjos sends Sotiropoulos crashing to the canvas. That was one of the widest, looping right hooks I've ever seen but it got the job done. Rafael dos Anjos wins by KO (punch), round 1.

Melvin Guillard vs. Shane Roller - Round 1 - High kick early by Guillard as he has Roller stuck going backward early. Guillard continuing to try to walk Roller down, throwing leg kicks and some right hands. Great knee to the body by Melvin and an accidental eye poke by Guillard. They give Roller a few minutes to recover. They touch gloves and restart after Roller recovers. Huge shot by Guillard drops Roller. He tries to finish but Roller gets back to his feet, another punch drops Roller again and a few punches on the ground and Shane is out cold. Huge performance by Melvin. It was a left hand that scored the first knockdown, the second was a knee followed by two punches and a series of hammerfists. Melvin Guillard wins by KO, round 1.

The PPV broadcast is live. First fight up shortly.

Carlos Condit vs. Dong Hyun Kim - Round 1 - Head kick by Kim is blocked and Condit fires back a front kick that is also blocked. Kim ducks under a strike and gets a quick takedown. Condit sweeps beautifully to get on top. Kim manages to stand up and they're back to striking mode. Very interesting exchanges early in the fight. Not much landing for either guy on the feet so far. They exchange and Condit gets a nice left hand. Condit getting the better of the striking now and he unleashes a huge flying knee that stuns Kim and then a series of punches that finishes the fight off. Carlos Condit wins by TKO (flying knee, punches), round 1.

Tito Ortiz vs. Ryan Bader - Round 1 - A lot of feeling out early with Tito flicking little leg kicks. Huge punch by Tito Ortiz drops Bader! Ortiz locks up a guillotine and Bader is forced to tap out! Tito Ortiz wins for the first time since 2006! Wow! Tito Ortiz wins by submission (guillotine choke), round 1.

Matt Wiman vs. Dennis Siver - Round 1 - No touch of gloves before they meet and both men throw leg kicks. More leg kicks by Siver and Wiman tries to get inside but he is eating some big shots. Wiman shoots for the takedown and can't get the fight to the floor but lands a few nice right hands. Siver ducks under a head kick. Siver really working the hard leg kicks though. Wiman is a little too wild in the exchanges and he's losing them because of it. Nice takedown by Wiman to the back but Siver quickly stands back up. Wiman keeps him pushed to the cage looking for the takedown. Siver defending well and even threatening a bit with the guillotine. Siver uses the threat of the choke to get separation and start to work his kicks again. Siver out of nowhere with a takedown of his own after a wild punch from Wiman. Wiman on his back looking for a kimura. Wiman ends up with a nice sweep toward the end of the round. 10-9 round for Siver, but a very competitive round.

Round 2 - Siver coming out with the kicks again before Wiman pushes him into the cage looking to drive for the takedown. Siver defending the takedown well and Wiman continues to push forward very hard. Wiman manages to finally get on top and starts to work the ground and pound with three minutes left. Wiman really looking to work the big elbows now and he is cutting Siver up with them. Siver is cut open badly. More elbows from the top and Wiman is making Siver pay for being put on his back. Huge round for Wiman. 10-9 round, but close to a 10-8 on damage alone.

Round 3 - Siver throws a kick and Wiman tries to catch it and get the takedown. Siver sprawling out nicely while Wiman continues to try to work for it. Siver manages to get his leg free and get back to standing. Head kick from Siver is blocked. Siver finally throws the spinning back kick and Wiman side steps it. Siver with a light leg kick. Wiman not having much success with the takedowns still and he lands a nice right hand but Siver gets off the cage. Wiman shoots in again. Siver defending the takedown well again but Wiman is relentless. Wiman can't complete the takedown and Siver pushes him into the cage. Wiman wraps up a standing guillotine and almost finishes but Siver gets out. Wiman tries to switch to an omoplata but Siver gets out. Siver with a kick, Wiman catches it and sweeps the other leg to get on top. Siver gets back to standing and lands a leg kick that knocks wiman down Wiman closes the round with a takedown. Very good round, very good fight but I gave the third to Siver 10-9 which gives him the fight 29-28.

Official Scorecards: 29-28 across the board. Dennis Siver wins by unanimous decision.

Wanderlei Silva vs. Chris Leben - Round 1 - Leg kick from Leben early now Silva is firing back. Leben lands an uppercut an a few hard punches and Wanderlei is face down and out. Violent shots from Leben just got him a huge win. Chris Leben wins by TKO (punches), round 1.

UFC Bantamweight Championship: Dominick Cruz (c) vs. Urijah Faber - Round 1 - Cruz walked away without touching gloves after the ref instructions. Nice right hand by Cruz right away and Faber misses a head kick. Faber ducks under and almost gets a big slam but Cruz stays standing. Faber takes his back standing but still can't get the takedown. Nice punch by Faber as they separate. Cruz landing some nice shots with his punching. Faber with a right hand. Faber still trying to get the timing while Cruz fires the jabs and leg kicks. Nice punch by Faber as he runs in to close distance briefly drops Cruz. Cruz back to his feet now. Nice punch by Cruz and back to the heavy leg kicks. Huge uppercut by Cruz now. Cruz using his unique angles and a nice uppercut. Nice right hand now by Cruz. Urijah bulls him into the cage. They exchange punches and Faber with a nice knee and elbow against the cage. The round ends and it was a very close round. I'll go 10-9 Cruz but could see it for Faber with ease.

Round 2 - Both men come out quickly. Cruz working his angles, Faber looking for the opening to shoot in. Nice left hand by Faber. He keeps throwing the head kicks but they're not getting through. Very nice left hook and straight right hand by Cruz. Nice right hand by Faber lands hard. Leg kick by Cruz lands solid. Nice jab by Cruz backs Faber up. Cruz back to the leg kick. Faber with a sharp right hand. Cruz with a nice takedown out of nowhere and Faber scrambles to his feet and lands a solid shot. Now Cruz with a pair of solid shots. I've got it 10-9 Cruz, but this is a great fight.

Round 3 - Faber continuing to try to find his timing. Cruz shoots in, can't get it but lands a nice couple strikes and gets back out. Great combination by Cruz and now a solid head kick. Now a right hand lands. Faber charges in with a punch but gets tagged. Faber shoots in, gets the takedown, almost gets the back, Cruz scrambles and ends up on top, Faber gets up and in the separation lands a nice right hand. This action is tremendous. Faber with a nice right hand but Cruz tags him with a jab. Cruz shoots in, Faber tries to take the neck but can't Cruz continues looking for the takedown and the round ends. 10-9 Cruz again but every round has been competitive.

Round 4 - Hard right hand by Cruz has Faber going backward. It's a lot more of Cruz's funky movement as the round wears down and Faber seems to be getting to Cruz less as the fight wears on. And as I type that Faber lands a nice combo and a right hand that briefly drops Cruz. Cruz comes back with a solid hook and knee to answer later in the round. 10-9 Faber.

Round 5 - Big knee by Cruz and Faber lures Cruz in acting hurt. Nice elbow and punch by Faber. Cruz back with a hard shot. Cruz shoots in for the takedown. Cruz gets it and takes Faber's back. Faber stands up. Faber almost catches Cruz's neck when he shoots again. Takedown by Cruz again and Faber scrambles to his feet. One minute left in the fight and Faber with a right hand. Another takedown by Cruz and Faber stands right back up again. Nice kick by Faber and the round ends with Cruz looking for the takedown. 10-9 Cruz gives him the 49-46 win on my card but a highly competitive fight that ranks among one of the best I've seen in the past few years.

Official Scorecards: 50-45, 49-46, 48-47 all for Dominick Cruz. Dominick Cruz retains his UFC bantamweight championship via unanimous decision.

***Dallas Winston here. Today is my birthday, and my present is live blogging the UFC 132 Facebook prelims on the best MMA website in the game. Anyone who asks how old I am will be insta-banned. We should be ready to roll shortly.

Donny Walker vs. Jeff Hougland

R1: They touch and it's on. Low kicks early by Hougland. He ducks under the Superman punch and nails a strong double into Walker's closed guard. Hougland postures up, throws a few lefts, and passes guard, but only for a moment. Short forearm from the guard by Walker. Hougland responds with one to the body from the top. Hougland presses Walker against the cage, pops out with a flurry of punches, and snares the neck to drop back for a guillotine halfway through the round. Walker is free and looking to pass Hougland's guard. Hougland drapes a leg over the shoulder, seeking a triangle, but Walker slips loose. D'arce attempt by Walker, but Hougland defends and closes his guard, then spins for an armbar, and takes top position when Walker reacts. Walker quickly transitions to a kneebar, and ends the round with a few elbows to Hougland's head. 10-9 Hougland by a close margin

R2: Hougland opens with duo of low kicks, then a high kick. Right to the body left hook for Hougland, who then charges with a three-piece. Hougland busy with kicks and punches, and leading the exchanges. Spinning back-fist by Hougland, then two more low kicks. Hougland can't hit the duck-under takedown on a Walker high kick, but plants a nice knee from the Thai plum. Left hook and right high kick from Hougland, still the busier fighter. Walker gets the better of an exchange then cracks a low kick. Flying knee attempt from Hougland accidentally lands low on Walker, and Mario Yamasaki stops the action momentarily. Double jab from Hougland, then two more. Straight right and left hook from Hougland land cleanly, and he catches Walker's neck and drops for another guillotine. First arm-in, then Hougland sinks the no-arm-in guillotine and cranks hard but the bell sounds. 10-9 Hougland

R3: Walker comes out swinging, but eats a counter while pressing Hougland against the fence. Walker lands a nice knee to the body in the clinch, and Hougland, perhaps shooting a sloppy double, ends up in his guard. Hougland swivels for an armbar, but Walker picks him up and plants him on his head. Hougland switches to the triangle, but Walker backs out of trouble. Yamasaki stands the fight halfway through the round. Hard low kick, right hand, and another low kick from Walker. Hougland shoots a half-hearted double again and ends up in guard. Walker attacks the neck from Hougland's half-guard. Hougland fends it off and hits a nice sweep from deep-half, taking top position with one minute left. Ineffective strikes from both. 10-9 Hougland

I have the fight 30-27 for Jeff Hougland. One judge has it the same, the other two score it 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Jeff Hougland.

Andre Winner vs. Anthony Njokuani

R1: One-two by winner, then a left downstairs. Low kick by Njokuani. Strong counter by Njokuani on a Winner combo. Lead left hook from Winner, Njokuani responds with a long one-two. Spinning back-elbow from Njokuani is blocked by Winner, who goes to the body with the left again. Hard low kick from Njokuani, then a two-piece followed by a knee. Triple jab by Winner. Njokuani lands another left counter to the body, then snaps a hard left kick to the body, then another. Njokuani with another spinning back-elbow that Winner reads. Another counter-hook to the body from Njokuani, then another. And again, with another hard left kick to the body. To the body and following up with a left hook that wobbles Winner, and Njokuani goes into a striking rage of knees and punches while Winner hunches over and absorbs it. Njokuani throws the entire kitchen sink at Winner, who amazingly doesn't drop and recovers just before the bell. 10-8 Njokuani for a raw beatdown

R3: Winner seems to have all of his faculties, coming out with a few fast punches. Lead left-hook by Winner, then a right head-kick from Njokuani is partially blocked. Beautiful combination of punches launched by Njokuani, who again closes the combo with a knee and swarms Winner against the fence. Winner recovers quickly and circles out to open space. The counter to the body is there for Njokuani again, who then hits a trip for a momentary takedown, but Winner is right back to his feet. Quick intervention from Yves Lavigne after only a moment against the fence clinching. Hard lead left hook lands by Winner. Njokuani with two low kicks, then a front kick. Right hand to left high kick from Njokuani. Winner hesitant and only throwing single strikes. Another spinning back-fist attempt is easily anticipated by Winner, who then eats a clean straight left hand. 10-9 Njoukani

R3: Left high kick by Winner is blocked, as is the following two jabs. Stomp kick to the knee by Njokuani. Nice left to the body by Winner. Njokuani targeting the lead knee with another stomp kick, then a left low kick. Njokuani switches stances as Winner goes high with the kick. Njokuani hurls a one-two capped off with a high kick. Back to orthodox, Njokuani plants a hard kick to Winner's thigh, then stalks with more punches and a high kick. Winner out of ideas halfway through the round, only throwing sporadic single left hands. They trade low kicks. Njokuani tries to snare a leg and take Winner down, but Winner defends, circles off the fence, and bombs a nice left hook. Knees from Njokuani in the clinch, who circles free with one minute left. Njokuani busy and mixing it up with punches and kicks; high and low. 10-9 Njokuani

I have it 30-26 for Njokuani. Two judges agree, the other has it 30-27, making Anthony Njokuani the winner by unanimous decision.

Brad Tavares vs. Aaron Simpson

R1: Body kick from Tavares lands and inspires a Simpson double leg, but Tavares has the whizzer against the fence. Simpson tries to pull him off the cage and drop levels, but Tavares keeps the whizzer to stay afoot. Simpson holding Tavares on the cage with not much action. This stalemate goes on for two minutes while Lavigne broke the first fight up in 20 seconds. Rosenthal steps in with just over two minutes left. Low kick from the Hawaiian, then a big right that may have landed. Simpson wings a flurry and bull-rushes Tavares against the cage again, throwing three-inch knees to the thigh. Simpson explodes for a throw but Tavares won't have it. Simpson molests him with nothing but control against the fence with almost no offense. Finally a few knees from Tavares and a big right from Simpson at the bell. No offense = 10-10

R2: Low kick by Simpson, but he's tagged hard with a counter from Tavares. Tavares bangs another right hand off Simpson's head, causing the wrestler to stumble a bit, but Tavares gets wrapped up charging in. Simpson threatens to take the back from the clinch, but Tavares spins face-to-face and we're back to the fence-game. Tavares gets double-unders and unloads a knee, but Simpson plants him back on the cage. Tavares with underhooks again, circling Simpson against the cage and going for a double leg of his own. Simpson defends, Tavares gets deep on a double and lifts Simpson off the ground for a slam. Simpson springs right back up and threatens with a guillotine, and Tavares crouches down to counter, and Simpson switches to a D'arce. He lets it go and sweeps a forearm across the pocket, then holds Tavares against the fence. I'm equating Tavares's heavy strikes and slams with Simpson's steady pressure for another 10-10

R3: They trade hard punches and Simpson is holding him against the fence, but this time Tavares pushes him away and lands a nice combination in the center. Simpson charges but Tavares almost counters with a hip throw before they get there. Simpson recovers and we're back to the fence-match; same position. Simpson goes for a throw from body-lock, but Tavares defends again. Left hand in the clinch from Simpson is blocked. Simpson sneaks in a trip with the body lock and this time gets Tavares down and takes his back when he stands back up. Simpson trips again, Tavares stands right back up. Simpson only attacking with control, and Tavares negating everything. Simpson drops for a double; Tavares sprawls. Rosenthal separates them with forty seconds left. Overhand right by Simpson misses, but he transitions to a legit takedown. Tavares is right back to his feet. Yes, fight fans, this is the first fight I've ever scored three 10-10 rounds. I have it a draw, as neither fighter demonstrated superiority, and negated each other's offense equally.

Unsurprisingly, the judges favor control with 30-27's across the board for the winner by unanimous decision, Aaron Simpson.

Brian Bowles vs. Takeya Mizugaki

R1: Right low kick by Mizugaki is the first significant strike to land. Twice the left jab of Bowles is slipped and countered with a Mizugaki right. Another right low kick from Mizugaki. Bowles pawing with the jab and circling into Mizugaki's power hand. Methodical pace to start this one. Mizugaki counters with two on Bowles' next left hand. Right low kick from Mizugaki, then a left hook to the body. Mizugaki sharp on Bowles jab. Bowles unloads a big three-piece, then catches a body lock when Mizugaki tries to counter and pushes him into the fence. Over-under clinch now where Bowles lands nice knees to the body. I have Mizugaki landing the more effective strikes. 10-9 Mizugaki

R3: Double jab by Bowles. They trade rights, but Mizugaki follows with a low kick. Two jabs get through for Bowles, then a short right hand to a ducking Mizugaki. Nice one-two by Bowles, who is finding his rhythm and keying off the jab. Mizugaki counters the next one. Hard low kick by Mizugaki. Glancing left hook by Bowles. Bowles catches the low kick and clips Mizugaki with a right and they hit the canvas and Bowles immediately has his back with the body triangle. Mizugaki fighting off the rear-naked choke with wrist control. Bowles throwing right hands from the back until the horn sounds. 10-9 Bowles

R3: It looks like Bowles tells his corner his right hand is broken in between rounds. Bowles takes the clinch and pushes Mizugaki against the fence and lands short knees to the ribs. Mizugaki breaks the clinch and hurls a right. Jab from Bowles, then a beautiful double-leg. Mizugaki sprawls but Bowles slips around and climbs onto his back while Mizugaki stands and maintains wrist-control. Bowles holds onto his back with hooks in, and the position is a stalemate for over a minute. Yamasaki intervenes with just less than one minute left. Mizugaki now pressing with hard right hands, Bowles being intelligent with backward footwork and the jab. 10-9 Bowles

I have it 29-28 for Brian Bowles, one judge sees it the same, the other two have it 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision, Brian Bowles.


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